Food truck business plan with calculations

Approximate dаta:

Initial costs-from 2 100 000 $.
Payback period-4-6 months.
Recommended area-8 m2

  • The status and development of the market
  • Features of food truck as a business
  • Where to start? Format selection
  • Concept
  • Car
  • Design
  • Equipment
  • Branding
  • Menu development
  • Registration
  • Profitability and return on investment
Note: this business plan, like all others in the Business plans section, contains calculations of average prices, which in your case may differ. Therefore, we recommend you to make calculations for your business individually.

In this article we have made a detailed business plan of food truck with calculations.

The status and development of the market

The street trading market has been under constant stress since 2011. Operators of street food by the beginning of 2016 was less than three times. There are several reasons:

Increasing demand for stationary cafes-the main role played by shopping centers, where people spend more time than on the street
The policy of local authorities-the recent demolition of the stalls confirmed the fact that the authorities are aimed to clean the city from street food outlets and are reluctant to agree on new facilities
Low quality food-street food has acquired stereotypes and in the minds of the majority exists as an extreme (and unsafe) measure to satisfy hunger
With all this interest in mobile cafes increases. Coffee shop, pizzeria or Burger on wheels — a new format, which has yet to compete with the classic fast food for first place in the ranking of HoReCa destinations.

Food-as the embodiment of street food, stands aside from the already bored formats. This fresh trend, which came from the West, is promising for both novice entrepreneurs and those who decided to go beyond the stationary business and "go to the people." Food truck is a cafe on the basis of a truck. Auto-equip, doing inside the kitchen, mounted restaurant equipment, outside renderout and put in heavy traffic.

Features of food truck as a business
The truck
Yellow food truck selling fast food

— Mobility. Food truck is not waiting for the client to come, but goes to him himself. Knowing about the accumulation of the target audience in a certain place, a cafe on wheels comes there and offers its product.

- Savings on construction and rental. There is no investment in the search for premises, repair, redevelopment and design project. Taking into account the increased prices for rental real estate — this is a serious help.

— Quick payback. When serving 100 people a day, the food truck will pay off in an average of 4-6 months.

- Quick access to the market. When buying a ready-made food truck project, which includes a car, a set of equipment and inventory, branding and design, it is possible to enter the market in just 45 days. This is enough to install the equipment, develop a menu, arrange the car and choose a place.

Where to start? Format selection

You can watch a video on how to open a food truck:

Food truck is interesting not only for its unusual form of sales organization, but also for the approach to the quality of dishes. There is nothing from street food of the past that guaranteed the consumer gastritis. Food truck offers delicious, fresh and quality food and drinks.

Popular food truck formats

— Cafe. The menu - at least 20 positions of coffee, coffee drinks, cocktails, smoothies. From food — desserts, sandwiches, pastries. The main thing — an expensive and powerful coffee machine that brews real coffee, superior drink from vending machines.

— Pizzeria. Pizza is prepared in the kitchen of the food truck, the menu-at least 10 items + salads, drinks and ice cream.

- Burger. Burgers today in the trend, but to build on the giants of this segment, you need the author's recipes.

— Steak. The main thing for this format-good meat. The rest will make a good grill and frying surface.

Food truck with professional equipment is suitable for cooking sushi, noodles, pasta, baking, pies, Ossetian pies, etc.

For an approximate calculation of investments take the project food truck "Burger" from the company "MAPLE". Recommended area-8 m2, made on the basis of the car BAW.

This is a step by step guide to starting a business. In the case of food truck in the concept necessarily addresses the following issues:

Where to stay?

Today, the legislation of the Russian Federation does not regulate the activities of food trucks. Although the bill on the status of mobile cafes has been prepared and is under consideration by the Federation Council. While this is a white spot, but still to the food truck requirements similar to stationary power plants.

First of all, you need to decide where the food truck will be located. There are several options:

- Take part in the auction for the provision of municipal land. But, as practice shows, lots in the form of plots go mainly to large trading networks for seasonal or permanent activities. And in Moscow, the placement of a food truck on municipal land is prohibited.

- Rent a private area. This option is real and profitable. You rent a plot at the shopping center, entertainment complex, business center and get the visited point, as well as access to utilities, bathrooms, etc.

- Participation in events. With the organizers of festivals, fairs, food festivals, concerts, picnics is a lease. The amount of rent depends on the scale and status of the event. Price range - from 3 000 to 30 000 $. per day. But the patency is different — the first provincial food market will be visited by only 200-300 people, and a large rock festival-more than 20 thousand.

It is important to calculate the capacity of the food truck, that is, the maximum number of dishes per unit time. In order to avoid queues and long waiting for the order, you can rent a corner and additional equipment from the organizers, as well as hire temporary staff for the accelerated operation of the object.

— Unauthorized trade. At your own risk, you can put food-truck in any public place, but it is fraught with administrative responsibility and loss of permission to operate.

Which car to choose?

Food truck selling burgers
Red food truck selling burgers

The make and capabilities of the car depend on the business goals.

— BAW optimal to work within the boundaries of Metropolitan areas — parks, streets and squares of cities, recreational areas, beaches. Convenient, maneuverable and compact machine.

- Gazelle is suitable for overcoming average distances and work in rural areas, sanatoriums, boarding houses, holiday homes, in small towns. Gazelles are available for events in other areas. The wide dealer network across all Russia guarantees fast repair of the car in force majeure circumstances.

- MAZ has a large, multi-functional and productive kitchen on the basis of a powerful but economical tractor. This car prepares large amounts of food per unit time. Food truck on MAZ is ideal for use in mountainous areas, in any climatic zones, at a considerable distance from the main base. 

What is the target audience?

The characteristics of the client
The needs of the audience
Channels of communication with the audience
The purpose of visiting the food truck
What is the project environment? 

Infrastructure of the territory where there is a food truck
Competitive environment
The presence of a number of entertainment or sports areas, educational institutions, pedestrian streets

Number of staff and authority
Work with semi-finished products or own production
Staff recruitment and training 
Equipped food truck
Equipped food truck, ready to cook.

Refitting a car or buying a ready-made food truck
Equipment selection
Prospect of development

Seasonal or permanent business
Extend to network
Creating your own brand
For food truck choose light classes of trucks, where there is enough space for installation of equipment and personnel.

Approximate prices for common cars for food truck:

BAW-1 625 000 $.
Gazelle - 1 835 000 $.
Mercedes-2 305 000 $.
Volkswagen-3 248 000 $.

Food truck design is a significant cost item. There is a difficulty in connecting the machine and equipment to engineering networks. For example, take electricity.

If the food truck works autonomously, that is, semi-legally, without paying anyone rent, it is equipped with either a generator or a Converter. And the, and another costly and with their defects. The generator must meet the power requirements of the equipment in the kitchen and at maximum load it will last only 5 hours.

Car for food truck
The layout of the equipped car under the food truck

The Converter also works on batteries, and that it was enough for a working day, the car is often wound up, and this inevitably leads to engine wear and gasoline consumption. The most reasonable way out is to connect to the network.

Another problem point — ventilation and air conditioning. Kitchen food truck-a small room. The concentration of equipment and people per m2 is almost extreme. Heat in the room and air pollution by combustion products are unacceptable.

Draft food truck with the placement of equipment and interconnection to utility networks is an average of 100 000 $. With the complex equipment of the food truck in the company "MAPLE" this service is free.

The set of equipment is designed for the production and sale of burgers, sandwiches, rolls, Panini, French fries, tea and freshly brewed coffee beans. Capacity-40-60 people per hour.

Equipment (prices in $ly)

Counter freezer hicold — 69 490
Table refrigerated pizza refrigerated counter — 68 590
Desk work island-12 327
Boiler " Convito — - 5 280
Frying top AMITEK-39 242
Deep fryer AMITEK-9 357
CAS — 10 692 scales
Filling station for French fries-155 760
Coffee Machine Saeco Odea Go Black-35 100
Capacity full-length sink-9 325
Solid wall shelf - 2 263
Table production wall-10 675
Wardrobe-3 050
Inventory (prices in $Lyakh)

Capacity Luxstahl stainless steel GN 1/3 (12 PCs.) - 7 488
Capacity Luxstahl stainless steel GN 1/1 (10 PCs.) — 7 760
Chef's knife-624
Universal knife-395
The blade chef — 427
Cutting Board-617
Capacity of polycarbonate-2800
Polycarbonate cover-1 544
Pepper mill - 1 656
How to open a food truck
Car selling food on wheels

The appearance of the food truck is the basis of success. Food truck should attract attention, stand out on the ground, differ from competitors, inform the consumer about the product.

The branding includes:

Development of corporate identity (logo, color, font, character)
Production and installation of signs, awnings, roof structures, etc.
Car pasting
The basic cost of the service is 25 000 $.

Menu development
The author's approach to the menu of the food truck will allow to build up from competitors. This is especially true if the food truck is near the shopping center, where many similar operators on the food court. The invited chef will develop a menu to meet the requirements of the business and the possibility of equipment. The average cost of menu development - from $ 40 000.

Approximate basic menu " Burger»

Double Burger with egg and pork cutlet
Chicken Burger
Roll with omelet and bacon
The pork Burger
Roll with omelet and pork cutlet
For food truck optimal form of ownership-IE. Its advantage:

Quick registration of individual entrepreneurs, including through the Internet
State duty - $ 800.
The Statute does not require, the authorized capital, stamp and settlement account
Registered only for one person
The maximum penalty for administrative liability - $ 50 000.
Fixed payment to the Pension Fund when the income is not more than $ 300,000 in 2016 – 19 356,48 $. Over $ 300,000. + 1% of the excess amount, but not more than 8 minimum wage + contribution to FMS 3 796,85 dollars.
There is no report for the equipment used in a business
You can freely dispose of funds in the current account
Economic decisions are not recorded
Simply liquidated (closed)
Optionally open a Bank account
For registration of SP are necessary

Application for state registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur.
A copy of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation
The document confirming payment of the state fee in the amount of $ 800.
Documents to obtain permission for activities in the CPS

Garbage disposal agreement
The contract for the supply of water
Staff health books
Food certificates
Legal information about IP
Information for the area of consumer protection
Profitability and return on investment
The maximum payback period of the food truck at the start of the season-4-6 months. If after six months there is no payback, then:

Wrong location
No individual style and UTP
The poor quality of food
Unsuccessful menu
Margin on burgers, fries, sandwiches is 200-250%. This is not the highest rate for HoReCa because profits in fast food make attendance.

The average check is $ 350.

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