How to open a beauty salon from scratch-step by step instructions

Hello, dear readers of our site. Today in the section Business ideas article on how to open a beauty salon. Among my friends there are successful entrepreneurs in this field. Again, just opening a beauty salon is not enough. We need to invest in its development, promotion and, of course, in advertising.
How to choose the concept of the salon-types of beauty salons
Types of beauty salons

How to start opening a beauty salon for a novice businessman?
First of all, you need to think about the concept of the institution. In other words, to determine what services will be offered in the salon, their level and class, how many masters will need.

These questions will be answered by marketing research-sociological surveys and other statistical indicators that give an idea of the solvency and needs of future customers. A good option of the study is to visit the nearest salons and find out how things are going there, adopt positive techniques and draw conclusions about the demand for services.

One of my friends told me how they often went to the salon competitors, all asked what and how, watched the interior design, asked about the services provided. The fact is that after the opening of a beauty salon by my friend, the attendance of the neighboring salon fell sharply. As they say, everything is known in comparison!

If you ignore this information, you can open a budget institution in the area where people are accustomed to the services provided at the highest level.

Beauty salons are divided into the following levels:

Economy version-salons that provide inexpensive services for manicure, hairdressing, some cosmetic procedures. Different low-cost repairs and equipment. Cosmetics are simple in composition and cheap. The level of qualification of the staff is low.
Business class-this is the room with a good finish. Services are presented in a wide range, but their prices are higher than in the previous version. Specialists are qualified at a decent level. Cosmetics of famous brands. Equipment and furniture are in the middle price category.
VIP-class, Luxury, Prestige. Such salons have the highest level of service. The decoration of the room is expensive and presentable. Cosmetics only elite class. A lot of services, as a rule, are performed by masters of the highest qualification at a high price.
Luxury class is different from the prestige of the use of unique techniques in the provision of various services. Accordingly, the prices in such stores are much higher. VIP – Lounges, as a rule, closed. Differ individual approach to each client.

New to the salon business is better not to think about the opening of luxury, prestige or VIP. If only he does not have a famous master in mind or the brand is already promoted.

Far-sighted, experienced entrepreneurs first open a budget version of the salon in one city. Then gradually, if the case open a few business class in the neighboring towns. Masters gain experience and in parallel are trained constantly on courses. The businessman has money to buy expensive equipment, and on the basis of the middle class salon he opens a luxury or prestige institution.

Now it is fashionable to call your beauty salon "beauty Studio"or" beauty boutique".

Requirements for the location of the beauty salon
What you need to open a beauty salon
Successful entrepreneurs in the field of hairdressing and salon business assure that 90% of success depends on the right place. How to open a beauty salon in a good place?

It is necessary to pay attention to the popularity of this place, that is, its patency.
It is important that there were no other similar salons with the same set of services.
The entrance to the salon should be from the roadway, sidewalk, but not from the yard.
If you rent a room in the business center, it is not necessary to choose the first floors, the main thing that the salon can be easily found. You need to take care of the sign not only outside the building, but also inside.
To open the salon in a residential building, you need to ask permission from all residents and fix it in writing.

The cost of renting in shopping centers is usually expensive. Therefore, with all the temptation to create a salon in a crowded place, it is necessary to take into account some points:

Number of people coming to the Mall;
The average price of the goods in the boutiques, and how it relates to the average check of the future salon; for example, if the Barber shop economy class status, and the surrounding boutiques offer luxury goods, the rent in this shopping center is impractical.
The client flow in the shopping center is not the clients of the salon, so to attract people you will still need advertising and other tricks.
Beauty salons of the average level is better to place in a residential area of the city. For the center, the opening of an institution with an expanded range of services and a higher average check is suitable.

Beauty salon equipment
Where to start opening a beauty salon

The choice of equipment depends entirely on the choice of the concept of the institution.

For economy class salons, the minimum that is required is:

chair, spinning for the client;
large size mirror;
tool shelves and racks;
water heater;
sink, combined with the chair.
If the salon has manicure services, you should buy:

comfortable seats for master and client;
hand baths;
lamp with UV rays for drying gel varnish;
autoclave for sterilization of instruments.
Beauty services will require the acquisition of:

special chair;
mirrors with shelves and lighting;
refrigerator for cosmetics;
tool locker;
special daybed;
sinks with hot and cold water;
apparatus for carrying out procedures.
To save on the purchase of equipment is better to make an order via the Internet.

Supplies for beauty salon
All the details of opening a beauty salon

For one skilled master hairdresser it is necessary to buy such set of tools:

combs, different in form and purpose - 4 PCs – ;
scissors straight-3 types;
hair brushes - 3 PCs – ;
milling scissors-2 types;
razor dangerous - 1 PC – ;
hair coloring brushes;
towels, napkins;
Curling iron of different thickness;
Hairdryer - 2 PCs — 
Do not forget about all consumables: shampoos, liquids for coloring, Curling, treatment.
Requirements for personnel in the beauty salon
How much does it cost to open a beauty salon from scratch

There are no special requirements for the education of employees, if we are talking about not licensed household services salon – cosmetic and hairdressing (makeup, bikini design without wax, manicure, massage, eyebrow correction, etc.). Everything is at the discretion of the owner of the institution. If he is interested to master had qualifications and diplomas, or he is on your own risk recruiting staff, and then monitors its work.

As for the cosmetologist, the requirements are very strict. The position can be taken only of the doctor-dermatologist with a specialty "Therapeutic cosmetology". It can perform:

hardware tattooing;
deep and medium peels using chemical compositions;
anti-aging treatments with injections.
Cosmetologist can work in the salon with secondary medical education in the specialty "Nursing in cosmetology". On the hands of should be an appropriate certificate. Performs the following procedures:

surface and chemical peels;
gentle hardware cosmetic procedures;
medical makeup.
Medical books should be provided to all employees of the beauty salon. To be guided in terms of hygiene they should SanPiN and rules of consumer services of the population.

In the Regulation on the licensing of medical activities there is a point according to which the salons producing medical services should have a leader with higher honey. education.

In addition to the masters in the beauty salon need the following staff:

client Manager;
If necessary, then the seller, for the implementation of hair care products, skin, nails.

To reduce staff turnover it is necessary to stipulate all conditions before hiring and adhere to such rules:

the establishment of a system of growth for young professionals;
constant opportunity for masters to improve their skills;
make sure that the new masters have customers;
send experienced staff to master classes.
Must be its own article of the cost of training masters. This is important for the prosperity of the beauty salon. Specialists will be aware of all new trends and will be ready to meet all customer needs.

How much does it cost to open a beauty salon — total costs
How much money do you need to open a beauty salon

How to open a beauty Studio from scratch to make a profit? You need to correctly calculate the total cost of starting a business. But naturally the following question arises: how to calculate how much it costs to open a beauty salon? Let's take the example of opening a hairdressing salon economy class calculate the approximate costs.

repair - from 150 thousand dollars;
purchase of furniture and equipment: hair dryer, sinks, clippers, chairs, cabinets, etc. - up to 300 thousand dollars;
cosmetic products (Curling, styling, painting, shampoos) napkins, towels - all with a margin of 2 months - from 150 thousand dollars;
advertising costs: flyers, signs, banners-from 30 thousand dollars;
salary for employees (depends on revenue) - 40-60 thousand dollars;
accounting services, the introduction of taxes - up to 13 thousand dollars.
Total: about 700 thousand dollars.

Will the costs be recouped quickly? The cost of haircuts in this type of salon is about 200-350 dollars. The price depends on the region of Russia. In addition, the master perform-laying, painting, Perm. These services are more expensive from $ 500. If the institution is popular, it is visited by 20 customers per day. It turns out that the revenue for the day will be from 4 to 10 thousand dollars. For a month - from 120 thousand dollars on condition of 7 day working week. If we take the minimum value, the investments will pay off in 2 years.

How much does it cost to open a beauty salon of elite class? Investments in this case will increase by two or three times compared to the usual salon. But the price of the service will be higher in the same time. Payback periods will be the same, if not faster.

In order not to work at a loss, you need to adhere to the following rules:

Profit in the pure form of any service should be 30%, not less.
The number of regular customers within six months of the institution should be 60 percent of the total number of visitors.
If you are selling cosmetics, then it must generate 20% profit.
To calculate the salary of the master, a scheme is used: 10% of sales and 30% of the cost of the service. At the initial stages of the salon salary is charged regardless of the workload of the staff. Otherwise, it will be difficult to keep the masters.
Administrator as a bonus-1% of the total profit of the salon.
When falls the rate of production of one of the wizard, check to see if it works for yourself, and if they have a conflict with the administrator.
We must be prepared for the fact that in the first months will have to work at a loss – the costs will be more than income.
There are times when the staff sub-menu of expensive cosmetic products for cheaper or even make them invisible theft. To prevent such actions, you need strict compliance with the cost per customer. It is useful to have a daily account of consumables.

Is it profitable to open a beauty salon? Definitely Yes, if a businessman has studied the marketing plan, knows what to interest the client, paid enough attention to effective advertising. In this case, the flow of customers will provide a good profitability.

Beauty salon business plan
To work, you will need to make a business plan for a beauty salon, so that you have all the calculations were in front of your eyes.

Also, you may need a business plan if you take a loan for the opening or development of a beauty salon.

To do this, you will help 2 articles:

How to make a business plan;
Structure and sections of the business plan.
How to attract first customers to a beauty salon
Beauty salon as a business

Consider 4 types of advertising that can be used for a beauty salon.

Advertising booklets - should be beautifully and colorfully decorated. It is better to carry them to nearby houses on mailboxes. Customers who live nearby-the most important, because they become permanent.
The sign on the outside of the building should be placed so that the name of the cabin can be seen from a distance.
Electronic reference 4 geo and 2 GIS. You can add your beauty salon to these systems for free and they will definitely bring new customers.
Advertising on local television. It is better to advertise some event, for example, an action in the salon or its opening.
For the development of the customer base in the future, the best advertising for services in the field of beauty is "word of mouth". Therefore, professionalism and creativity are important. Service should be on the principle-the client is always right, so that the person wanted not only to return to the salon, but also advised his family, friends and colleagues.

Help you!

Effective online advertising for a beauty salon, hair salon or nail salon

Problems at the stage of opening of the salon
How to open a beauty salon to make a profit

To understand all the subtleties of opening a beauty salon, you need experience, and where to get it, if a businessman is a beginner. And at the opening stage, he faces a number of snags. Next, we present the most common problems and ways to solve them.

Where to buy equipment for a beauty salon
It is best to attract special firms-suppliers. They have all documents confirming safety and quality of devices and other equipment. The businessman will definitely not have problems when checking.

Search for masters in beauty salon
First, you need two specialists who will be able to carry out the full range of services of the institution. In special schools, you can recruit young masters, easily trained a certain style. After the salon will gain a client base, and all systems will work stably, you can expand the number of seats and recruit more staff.

Obtaining permission from state authorities
To open a beauty salon you need permission from the Territorial property management, SES, fire inspection. How to quickly open your beauty salon from scratch, if you have a long time to delve into all the nuances of collecting documents for these organizations and the preparation of the premises. You can contact a specialized company that will take care of all the problems associated with the state authorities and the collection of documents for them.

Bad idea of how much money it takes to open a beauty salon
Often, an entrepreneur does not know what the real amount he needs and gets into trouble with a shortage of funds at certain stages of opening.

To answer the question of how much it costs to open a beauty salon from scratch, you need to make a detailed business plan. For convenience, hire a special company that will calculate all cost items, risks and possible profit.

Correctly calculate the costs and then you will know how to open a beauty salon to make a profit.

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Advantages and disadvantages of opening a beauty salon franchise
The profitability of the salon

The opening of the salon by franchise or in another franchise is an opportunity to acquire the right to bear the name of the promoted beauty salon.


organization of work and detailed business plan are provided by the parent company;
sometimes advertising costs are also borne by the representative of the franchise.

strict compliance with the instructions of the main company;
the owner of the salon has almost no right to vote.
Another thing is when the entrepreneur himself deals with the question: how to open a beauty salon from scratch and is the only leader to whom no one has the right to specify how to do business. But there is a minus in comparison with franchising – a lot of competition due to the lack of promotion of the brand.
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