Detailed business plan of the pizzeria with calculations

Approximate dаta:

Initial costs-about 2 500 000 dollars.
The payback period is between 1.5–2 years.
40 seats, area-170 m2.

The importance of investment and prospects of the market of pizzerias
Where to start? Format selection
How much does it cost to open a pizzeria
Consulting and elaboration of business ideas
The cost of the room
Business registration
Choice of taxation system
Margin and profitability
Note: this business plan, like all others in the Business plans section, contains calculations of average prices, which in your case may differ. Therefore, we recommend you to make calculations for your business individually.

In this article we have made a detailed business plan of the pizzeria with calculations.

With the help of a business plan you will calculate all costs, predict risks, plan payback, profitability and profit. This document answers two main questions-how much does the project cost and when will it pay off?

For example, take the project pizzeria-cafe in Moscow with an area of 170 m2 for 40 seats.

The importance of investment and prospects of the market of pizzerias
Entering the crisis market is always in doubt. This is an absolute risk. However, the crisis in separate segments is not so terrible as it is painted. Pizzerias are a good example of that.

The difficult economic situation is accompanied by a decline in incomes. People have to save, first of all-on entertainment. Can be attributed to this and food outside the house, but should be specified. For" well-fed two thousandth " in Russia the culture of restaurant food was formed. Now this is not a way out (we do not take into account the institution of premium class), and the normal practice of quenching hunger.

Pizzerias among the variety of formats HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe/Catering) are in a winning position. It's about the value and benefits of the format.

Convenient location. Pizzerias-mass-market catering and as close to the target audience. This is a supply that immediately responds to demand.
Fast service. Modern equipment allows you to cook pizza for only 10 minutes.
Affordable price. The average check in the pizzeria starts from $ 250.
The popularity of the dish. Pizza 50 years is one of the three most popular dishes in the world. The matter is the quality of raw materials and the skill of the cook.
Large audience coverage. Depending on the concept of the pizzeria choose students and students working in the middle class, parents with children.
The purpose of visiting the pizzeria-lunch, lunch or dinner, a break in shopping, the pleasure of eating, meeting with friends, celebrating birthdays, children's parties, family holidays.
If we talk about the market as a whole, the growth of turnover in the next 5 years will provide cafes, pizzerias, fresh bars and other democratic formats with high-quality but inexpensive cuisine or monoproduct. The top 5 cuisines will include: European, Russian, Italian, Japanese and Caucasian. Pizza refers to two kitchens at once and can claim the first place, overtaking bored sushi, burgers or noodles.

To successfully enter the market, you need to know its trends:

Healthy diet. Less deep-frying, light sauces, a large selection of healthy drinks.
Organic food. Minimum fat in pizza, ingredients to choose from, experiments with dough (from$and different types of flour), bet on fresh meat in the filling, herbs, seafood, vegetables.
Without dyes, preservatives and other e-additives — always have at hand certificates of quality of products.
In 2016-17, the main growth of the catering market will be due to:

Adaptation of the population to new prices
Keeping the average check at the most accessible level
Retention of regular customers
Attract new customers and work for a large audience
Specialists of the company "MAPLE"will tell about how to open a pizzeria.

Where to start? Format selection
Business plan the pizzeria with the calculations

Pizzeria can exist in different concepts and for any audience. This business starts with a start-up capital of 500 000 and 5 000 000 dollars.

A restaurant serving Italian cuisine.

The most expensive format of the pizzeria. Classic restaurant, where the menu-known traditional Italian dishes and at least 6-8 types of pizza.


Democratic format and traditional pizzeria. The menu — 10-15 types of pizza, related dishes-pasta, salads and desserts. The emphasis is made on cooking pizza-often an open kitchen.

Fast food pizzeria and food court.

Customers are offered Italian and American pizza-5 types each. The rest-snacks-fries, beer and carbonated drinks, salads, ice cream.

Delivery company without dining room.

Only the shop which is carrying out orders of clients works. Menu — pizza on thin and lush CRASTE. Not less than 20-25 species.

Of all the presented formats, the pizzeria-cafe deserves attention. Here you can create an atmosphere of world-famous cozy Italian pizzerias with high quality product.

This document-instructions for use. It is created to see what will be the institution first on paper, and then in reality. Therefore, for the business plan of the pizzeria, it is mandatory.

The concept answers the following questions:

Positioning of the pizzeria

Franchise/own brand
Unique selling proposition
Target audience
Form of service

List of site requirements
Analysis of the competitive environment, transportation network, terrain
The choice of the facility
Repair and redevelopment
Technological and architectural solution

The zoning
Laying of engineering communications
Selection and installation of equipment

Development of process maps
Supplier selection
Preparation of the main and Banquet menu, bar card
Develop a menu of business Lunches
Design and corporate identity

Facade and interior design project
Choice of corporate color and logo
Project of interior and outdoor advertising
Menu design
Average check

Determination of the food content of each dish
The calculation of the average check
Calculation Banquet suggestions
Marketing and advertising

Announcement of the opening
Presence in the information space, social networks
Grand opening
Loyalty program
Promotions and special offers
The concept structures the work on the opening of the institution. Step by step, following each item, you will not miss anything and will be able to control the actions of hired professionals — from the consultant to the chef.

How much does it cost to open a pizzeria
How to open a pizzeria

Consulting and elaboration of business ideas
If you are a beginner, entrust the development of the concept to a restaurant consultant. The services of this specialist include support of your business not only at the preparatory stage, but also after the launch.

The cost - from 60 000 dollars.

The cost of the room
The main way to get the selected room is to rent it. The price per square meter depends on the location. Moscow region requires from 10 000 $. per m2, and the center - from $ 100 000. The average price for the districts of Moscow - from 50 000 per m2. Same here, plus repair and decoration. The total amount is based on the purpose of the room. If it was a cafe or a shop before you, there are less problems, as zoning has already been carried out and there are all necessary communications. But if earlier it was an apartment on the first floor of a residential building, then get ready for major repairs and redevelopment. Capital finishing - 7 000 $. per m2, cosmetic-1500-2000 per m2, Euro or VIP - 15 000 per m2.

It is a complex of works for full-fledged work of an institution. It is divided into two types — engineering and technological design.

Engineering design includes:

Architectural project
Ventilation and air conditioning plan
Water and Sewerage plan
Power supply plan
The cost of a full engineering project - from 85 000 per m2

Technological design is:

Selection of kitchen, bar, commercial equipment for your requirements and tasks
Development of the scheme of arrangement of the equipment
Plan reference to equipment to the engineering networks
Coordination of project documentation in state bodies
The cost of the technological project-20 000 dollars for everything (with the area of the room up to 100 m2) and 200 $. per m2 with an area of over 100 m2.

The cost of the service includes: the development of the design project, 3D-visualization, selection of finishing materials, furniture, decor, design of the facade of the building and the surrounding audience, supervision of the implementation of the project.

The price of the full design project is 1 200 per m2. For a pizzeria 170 m2-204 000 $.

In continuation of the theme of the visual design of the institution is a service of corporate identity development. It includes: logo design concept, selection of corporate colors and fonts, development of corporate elements (menus, discount cards, business cards, etc.), visualization of the design concept, layout of Logobook-guidelines for the use of the logo.

Price - from 50 000 $.

Kitchen equipment for pizza pick up in accordance with the four stages of cooking pizza: cooking crusty (dough bases), filling, pizza collection, baking.

For krast

Flour sifter-30 060 $.
Dough-121 367 $.
Test machine-65 262 $.
For filling

Vegetable cutter-41 790 $.
Cheese grater-18 972 $.
Knives (6 PCs.) - 2 544$.
Cutting boards (4 PCs.) - 3 552$.
Stainless steel bowl-1 169 $.
Peeler-58 $.
Pizza collection and storage of ingredients

The table is cooled for pizza-107 180 $.
Special boards for pizza (10 PCs.) - 4 500$.
Table production wall (2 PCs.) - 8 734$.
Refrigerated Cabinet-61 367 $.
Gel freezer-23 613 $.

Pizza oven-79 579 $.
Table-stand under the oven - 10 160 $.
Pizza molds 260 and 310 mm (16 PCs.) — 2 976$.
Pizza net 300 mm (8 PCs.) — 5 264$.
Wooden pizza shovel - $345.
Pizza knife 55 mm - $940.
Additional equipment

Umbrellas exhaust (2 PCs.) - 23 630$.
Bath washing (2 PCs.) - 21 511$.
Racks with solid shelves (2 PCs.) — 14 962$.
Wall solid shelves (4 PCs.) — 6 036$.
Scales-5 460 $.
Bar equipment
Juicer-10 360 $.
Co-cooler-43 605 $.
Bar mixer-15 334 $.
Coffee machine-on request
Refrigerated bar Cabinet-17 150 $.
Capacity for juice 2 l (6 PCs.) - 1 134$.
T $ points with fold (1000 PCs.) - 346$.
Stirrer 100 (PCs.) — 324$.
Crockery and Cutlery

Pizza plates and dishes (120 PCs.) — 29 320$.
Cutlery (120 PCs.) - 12 280$.
Glasses and glasses (160 PCs.) — 6 480$.
Trays (40 PCs.) - 3 400$.
Paper napkins (4 000 PCs.) - 660$.
Furniture (double sofas, table tops and chairs) — 274 276 $.

The total amount of equipment - 1 105 960 $.

The equipment of the pizzeria is taken from the ready-made solution of the company "MAPLE". Prices, models and number of items are changed taking into account discounts and requirements of a particular business.

Business registration
The main thing here is to take the first step — to choose the form of ownership. The most common for catering — LLC. It has several advantages:

A small amount of authorized capital - $ 10 000.
Financial risks only within the authorized capital
Opportunity to sell or re-register
Obtaining a license for the sale of alcoholic beverages
For this purpose, a package of documents is being prepared:

Application for state registration of LLC;
The establishment of OOO (if one member) and the Treaty establishing the LLC (if the participants of several);
Related searches
Receipt of payment of the state fee for registration ($4000.)
Letter of guarantee from the owner of the premises and a copy of the Certificate of ownership of the premises, to the address of which the registration of LLC (in the case of lease of premises)
The statement about the transition to USN (in the case of the need for such a transition)
You will also need a Bank account to work.

Choice OCMD. For pizza suitable codes:

55.30-activities of restaurants and cafes.
55.40-activity of bars.
55.52 - supply of catering products
52.63-Other retail trade outside of stores.
Registration of cash registers

Another stage is the registration of a cash register (cash register) in the Federal tax service. On the day of check apparatus bring in FTS. The list of required documents is available on the official website of the service.

Permission to work is obtained in the CPS and the Legally. The list of documents for the two bodies is also available on their official websites. To avoid problems with any inspection bodies, keep some documentation handy.


Foundation agreement
Notification on assignment of codes from Rosstat
Documents BTI
Lease agreement (sublease) / certificate of ownership of the premises
Complaints and suggestions book certified by the Director General
The consumer area
Choice of taxation system
Future owners of a pizzeria in Moscow choose a tax system of two — Patent (PSN) and Simplified (USN). The single tax on imputed income (UTII) is not available for Metropolitan entrepreneurs, but other cities can use it.

PSN applies only SP. The average number of employees in all types of activities for the tax period does not exceed 15 people. The sale of alcohol is prohibited. This system does not require accounting and tax reporting, as well as the installation of the cash register. The amount of the patent is fixed and depends only on the city where the activity is conducted. Suitable for catering with the area of the hall up to 50 m2.

USN is used in two versions:

6% of income. That is, you pay 6% of all revenue that has passed through the cashier.
15% of the difference between income and expenses.
When STS is not paid VAT and corporate income tax.

How to open a pizzeria from scratch

Recruitment begins with the key positions — Manager and chef. This should be done at the stage of menu development and supplier search. The staff should be staffed and trained a week before the opening.

The staff of the pizzeria and the approximate salary

Managing Director - from $ 70 000. - from 60 000 $.
Accountant-calculator-from $ 40 000.
Driver-forwarder-from 35 000 $.
2 pizzaiolo-from $ 40 000.
2 cooks-station wagon - from $ 40 000.
2 administrator - from 35 000 $.
Cashier-from 25 000 $.
4 waiters-from 25 000 $.
2 bartender - from $ 30 000.
2 cleaners-from $ 15 000.
2 dishwashers-from $ 15 000.
The cost of salary each month-from $430 000.

Margin and profitability
Pizza-one of the cheapest dishes at cost, and the margin on it can reach 1000%. The average is 300%. Interesting fact, it is at this value that the pizzeria is considered profitable in Italy. Depending on the concept, the average check per visitor varies from 250 to 1000 dollars.

The maximum payback period of the pizzeria is 1.5-2 years. If it is delayed, it is necessary to diagnose the enterprise.

Possible causes of problems: bad place, unpopular concept, theft from the staff, incompetent management.

We talked about the main costs that accompany the opening, equipment and launch of the pizzeria and made a business plan for the pizzeria. In practice, they are twice as many. Safely here plus utilities tariffs in the region, insurance services, promotion of the project on the Internet, and various domestic services.
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