Business ideas for home: overview of the TOP 5 ideas in the big EU countries

Today, more and more people leave noisy multi-storey offices, preferring to work at home. Many people think that the prospect of starting their own business is much better than the monotonous work from 9 to 18.

Numerous ideas for business at home allow you to choose the kind of activity that will not only be a joy, but also bring a solid income.

Is the game worth the candle: check out the "for and against" home employment

Organization of employment at home, as well as other activities, has its pros and cons.

Advantages of business ideas at home
The idea to open a business, though small, will make you feel free - from a stuffy office, a standard schedule and a strict boss.
The opportunity to work at a convenient time for you, whether early in the morning or late in the evening.
Economy on the road. You no longer need to spend money on a monthly subway or bus ticket.
The opportunity to do what you love, while showing imagination and getting money on your idea.
Work at home will allow you to freely plan employment during the day. You choose your own weekend and plan your vacation.
You can organize a business being a student, a mother on maternity leave or a pensioner. There are no restrictions, it is important only the desire and ability to plan their working time.
Disadvantages of organizing ideas for business at home
Sometimes it will be difficult to tune in to work in the native walls. When working time is not limited, you will certainly want to sleep or watch a movie instead of dedicating yourself to earnings.
Do not be surprised if your family and friends will not take seriously your idea of doing business at home, and will often distract from work.
Any business is a considerable risk. Despite the fact that we do not consider such large-scale ideas, failures happen everywhere.
If you want to move on and increase profits from your idea, sooner or later you will have to go beyond home business.
Trends of business development at home
Despite the fact that the organization of the business has shortcomings, in many developed countries among the working-age population of the country there are up to 25% of home workers (in the United States this figure is 40%).

In Germany, in 2015, this figure was only 4%, that is, 2.5 million people.

Statistics indicate that more young people become followers of the ideas of telecommuting.

And those who have not yet started a business at home, dream about it:

In our time, work at home-it is profitable and prestigious. And ideas for such employment can be found in almost any sphere of human activity.

We will consider the most win-win ideas of home business, which may come to mind for both women and men.

IDEA # 1. Sale of goods hand-made
Such an idea for the business will have to taste rather the fair sex. This direction is ideal for women in a position, young mothers, creative girls who are able to turn any hobby into a brilliant idea for earnings.

Unique, made with their own hands things are at the peak of popularity is not the first year and, apparently, are not going to give up their positions.

But do not forget that the organization of such work on the shoulder only patient and pedantic natures with a well-developed imagination (not only to copy other people's ideas, but also to create their own).

Ideas for hand-made business that can be implemented at home, quite a lot.

This comparative table will help to understand them and what is necessary for the start:

The craft uses special equipment to have special skills special education
Scrapbooking Creating personal photo albums, notebooks, cookbooks Simple tool: scissors, glue gun, tape, decorative paper Special skills are not required, just watch a few videos and include fantasy Special education is not necessary
Decoupage the Creation of original decor items (clocks, frames, boxes) Equipment is not required, only simple tools you will Learn this kind of hand-made is not difficult, several video tutorials will be enough Special education is not necessary
Here the choice is great: from sewing curtains to creating your own clothing line is Necessary, at least, a sewing machine in order to learn how to sew, it is worth to attend courses of sewing and sewing you can do without special education
Creation of toys Soft toys, original dolls need a sewing machine to get Acquainted with this type of needlework you can use the Internet Special education is not necessary

The Creation of headbands, hair clips, unique jewelry do not need this type of needlework can be trained using video Special education is not necessary
The creation of home cosmetics Unique, created with their own hands, masks, shampoos, creams and even perfumes Need a variety of components to create cosmetics, but special equipment will not need This kind of activity is better to do, having experience In this field can be useful medical education
It should be noted that such a business idea for the house has the following advantages:

It does not require large material costs.
You do not need a separate room – you can easily and comfortably work at home.
Can be combined with studies or other work.
If any idea interested you, most likely, you thought over where and how it is possible to sell the made thing.

There are many sites where you can sell the "fruits" of your hand-made business
The largest site in Germany for the sale of handmade goods. You can place only the first three works for free, the rest will have to pay for accommodation.
A marketplace for the sale of manually created items. Here you can also view master classes of experienced hand-makers and purchase materials for work.\
On this site you can sell your products without an entrance fee. The site also has its own application, which makes it easier to use.
On this site you can register your store for free and place an unlimited number of works.

Also, to promote your business ideas and increase sales, you can create your own website or blog. But if you do not yet on the shoulder, it will be enough to make a page in the social network (for example, Vkontakte) and use it to sell their products.

All you need is to create your own group or public page.

Next, select the desired type of group, come up with its name and make out at will.

IDEA # 2. Business on the rental of goods or clothing
Unlike the previous direction, this idea does not require any special skills, in addition to organizational skills.

But it has another feature-to build such a business will need investments for the purchase of goods.

Service business

This idea for business can be divided into several areas:

Rental of clothes (wedding and evening dresses).

Despite the fact that now you can buy any thing depending on taste preferences, pricing and quality of clothing, the idea of renting things out is still popular.

Many girls dream of a beautiful wedding in a perfect white dress, but the truth is that it is necessary only for once. Much easier to rent than then think about where to send their expensive purchase dress.

The same goes for prom and evening dresses.

This idea is almost always doomed to success, because when you rent a dress, in addition to the rental price, there is a Deposit amount in case you get it back in a damaged state.

The only drawback is the high start-up capital to purchase the dresses themselves. If your goal-business at home with minimal investment, you can start with those dresses that you have + connect friends.

But, as a rule, this is not enough for a full-fledged business.

Rent clothes for pregnant women.

The idea for this business is very similar to the previous idea. The difference is that these clothes will cost you less and often you can take it only for a couple of hours.

Many women, being in a great position, want to capture this wonderful period with a photo shoot. But few people want to spend money on buying clothes for 3-4 hours. In this situation, your idea of rental of such things is most welcome.

Business on hire of children's goods.

Many parents with the advent of the baby home be certain objects on the non-durable period of use – say, baby scales or small stroller for travel. As a rule, the duration of rental of such goods is from two days to three months.

On the purchase of  goods, of course, will have to spend, but this business at home will pay off quickly. In addition, given the high prices for children's products, this idea is in extraordinary demand.

Rental of children's carnival costumes.

Another interesting idea, which is based on short-term rental of things. The only biggest drawback of the idea is seasonality.

As a rule, carnival costumes are needed for the winter holidays. Therefore, this idea should be considered as an additional income, if you do not plan to get an assortment of hundreds of costumes for any occasion or invest large sums in advertising.

Rental of bicycles or sports equipment.

If you are fond of sports, understand sports equipment, and have enough space in your home, this business idea will suit you.

Many cannot afford to buy a Bicycle or sports equipment for a trip to the mountains. In this you can help them.
You are required to make initial investments for the purchase of the necessary equipment, some advertising campaign and a room where all this can be stored (if you do not have this at home).

This business is also seasonal work, it is not necessary to forget about it.

IDEA # 3. Business idea for home cooking
If you love to cook, have imagination and a great cookbook, you need to consider this option to work at home. The implementation of any of the ideas of this direction requires a minimum of investment and maximum creativity.

Ideas about how to run a business from your kitchen, not leaving the house:

Making cakes to order.
Baking homemade cookies and cakes.
Business on production of natural sweets for children.
The production of home-made marshmallow.
Canning of vegetables and fruits.
Preparation of complex Lunches.
And this is not all the ideas that you can bring to life, doing your favorite thing. But in order to earn regular customers, it will take time.

And while they are not, you can sell the products of your business as follows:

To begin, create and design your business card. It must necessarily be colorful and contain important information (name, contacts, list of services, ideally – an indication of average prices).
Take your home-made bread rolls to a coffee shop nearby. If they like the management, you can discuss the option of selling your pastries in their network.
Please note: in order to supply home-made products to retail outlets, you must register your business. Quality certificates may also be required

Walk through the nearest cafes and restaurants, tell us about your business idea, leave business cards. Perhaps you can arrange a partnership.
Go to the office centers nearby and find out if their employees want to buy set meals. Be sure to treat them to something delicious, cooked at home.
Create your page Vkontakte or Instagram, fill it with useful information and photos of your baking. Be sure to find willing to try your talent to taste.
Do not forget: the main indicator of the success of your business is the quality of products. It should always be tasty and fresh.

IDEA # 4. Repair
Ideas for business at home, associated with the repair-this is likely the lot of a strong half of humanity.

If you have Golden hands, and you are well versed in household appliances or modern devices, expect prosperity in this business.

Repair, as an idea for a business home, has many advantages:

Does not require large material investments.
Advertise your services for free (Bulletin boards), and then work word of mouth.
Repair is relevant at all times.
In order to succeed in this business, you need to prove yourself as an Executive and responsible person. If your client will be satisfied with the work done, he is likely to advise you to your friends or acquaintances.

To know about you and ask for help, you must:

Print your business card with your name, phone number and a list of services. Also, if you are engaged in repair of household appliances, specify the possibility of leaving the house.
Place an ad for the provision of repair services on free Bulletin boards on the Internet.
You can leave your business cards on the Bulletin boards near your home or entrance.
If you live in a small town or in a house outside the city, you can leave your business cards in local shops or kiosks.
Do not be amiss to create a special website where you describe in detail the category of repaired goods and pricing.
Over time, when your business idea will begin to bring more income and you will have a lot of customers, you can think about expanding the business – creating a service center, for example.

IDEA # 5. Earning online is a great business idea for a home
Perhaps, business ideas at home in the field of IT are the most popular today. It is necessary to understand that in this competition one ability to use a computer and watching training courses on YouTube will not be enough.

But business in the network is developing very quickly, as is growing and the number of enterprises that partially or fully organize their work through the Internet. Because this kind of earnings at home can be safely called one of the most promising.

Business ideas that you can use to make money online:

Create websites, blogs, forums, online stores.
Engage in web design.
Fill resources with useful content.
To promote the group in social networks or websites.
Such business ideas for the house do not require any investments (except for training costs), specially allocated space or additional premises. Such business is called freelancing.

There are many freelancing sites by which you will easily be able to find a job.

Consider the top 5 most popular exchanges to find work at home:

site1 is one of the largest freelance exchanges, which offers a very wide range of services. Here you can find a permanent job, and you can participate in individual projects.
site2 is a popular portal to search for remote work at home, where many projects are published every day.
site3 is an exchange where you can find jobs and projects. Also, there are tenders and there is a rating of performers.
site4 is a special website for remote workers that specializes in programming and design.
site5 is a freelance exchange where professional performers can find a job.
In addition to using these job search sites, you can also post information about your services on free Bulletin boards on the Internet.

We have conducted a brief review of a variety of business ideas for the home in a variety of ways.

Choose an idea for the implementation should be carefully weighing all the pros and cons. It is necessary to take into account your interests, skills and desires.

Looking for business ideas for work at home?

Consider these 7 options without attachments:

Finally, we highlight a few important points that will help to succeed in business at home, regardless of the chosen idea:

Never be lazy to work. Buy yourself a magnetic Board on which to write in capital letters the purpose and confidently go to it.
Plan your schedule yourself so that there is enough time for business and leisure. Take special breaks, do not forget to go out for walks and meet friends.
Believe in yourself and you will definitely be able to organize your business.
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In this section, we try to write ready-made business plans for you, give examples and samples of business plans for small businesses with detailed calculations, based on real or approximate indicators of the types of business under consideration.