How to open a car business step by step in Germany 2019

The automotive business regularly generates new ideas for startups according to the pace of progress in the industry. We present 4 business ideas for cars.

The automotive sector is one of the most stable and constantly developing.

The automotive business also generates ideas on a regular basis-in accordance with the pace of progress in the industry.

The growth in the number of proposals (including exotic) is caused by high demand among consumers who every day strive to increase the level of comfort, as well as subject to fashion.

Even if you close your eyes to these facts, remains the main one.

The car has long ceased to be exclusively a luxury item, and has become an integral part of life. The motorist is more likely to limit himself in other areas of life than close in the garage of the iron horse.

All this creates ideal conditions for the development of the automotive business.

If you want not only to get a source of stable income, but also to be realized, embodying one of the original ideas of the automotive business, this industry is for you!

Auto business: disassembly for spare parts

Capital investment: 450 000 Euro

Business payback: 12 months

The automotive business on the resale of parts from disassembled machines is popular and cost-effective.

The prospects for its development can be assessed by looking at the example of foreign colleagues.

In the Netherlands, even created a kind of supermarkets, where buyers personally removed from the presented car the necessary details.

In Europe, business is just beginning to flourish, but has a chance to grow to the same level.

The current economic crisis, which has already become the norm for Europeans, creates only more favorable conditions.

After all, people have no money to go for a new one because of car breakdowns. Moreover, many can not even afford to buy new parts.

Because the purchase of used parts, removed from broken cars-this is an ideal option.

But not only the crisis makes popular car disassembly.

Another reason is a large percentage of cars older than 5-10 years among Russian car owners.

Often after a certain number of time the parts on the machine just stop producing.

So motorists would be happy to pay the required amount, but simply will not be able to find important parts in stores.

Here also comes to the rescue resale of used parts.

The territory for the disassembly of broken cars
"A car is not a luxury but a result of progress.»
Vladimir Leontievich Havel. Echoes of worldly wisdom

To implement the idea of parsing broken cars for parts is best suited plot of land outside the city.

An important condition-the presence of a number of tracks and stops of any public transport, so that customers can easily reach you in several ways.

The leased area should be divided into zones: separated space for administration, reception room, warehouse for storage of details.

The latter should be structured so that when you resell you can immediately find the right product without delaying buyers.

Business expense item Amount (Euro)
Total: 450 000 Euro
Rent of the territory, arrangement of 150 000
Documentation processing 3 000
The stock of funds for the purchase of broken cars from 250 000
Advertising campaign 15 000
Salary for employees 45 000
Mobile bills, Internet, office supplies 7 000
Car business: resale
Capital investment: 500 000 EUR

The payback period of business: from 6 months

One of the most cost – effective ideas from the automotive business-buying cars for resale.

However, the novice entrepreneur must take into account that the start will require a rather big capital – from 300 000 euros.

If there is no such money, you can get a Bank loan or attract investors.

The main thing is to create a well-thought-out business plan, in which you will analyze the prospects for the development of the automotive industry and calculate the payback period.

In addition to this document, you also need to issue yourself as a PE or LLC.

The essence of the idea is that you need to find good cars for sale at an affordable price.

Once purchased, they are in excellent condition (as much as possible) and sold at a higher price.

Place to prepare the car for resale

Engage in the preparation of cars, you can even in your own garage. And if it is not-rent territory for rent.

It is important not whether it will belong to you, but the availability of the necessary sites: pits, storage space for tools, working space.

You can not buy from the beginning all kinds of equipment, tools, automotive materials.

The main thing to buy basic, and then you can replenish stocks as the company develops.

Personnel for the automotive business
Often the car repair and resale business is engaged in those who are not indifferent to this type of employment.

But if you decide to start a serious business and manage the processes in parallel to make repairs on their own will not be easy.

Therefore, you will need to hire 1-2 car mechanics to entrust the work to them.

But the accountant can be hired on an hourly basis, as these services are not needed on a regular basis.

Item of expenditure Amount (Euro)
Total: 500 000 Euro
Money to buy the first car 310 000
Repair tools and materials 90 000
Employee salary 30 000
Land lease 50 000
Unaccounted expenses 20 000
The car business on the service cars
Capital investment: 622 000 Euro

The payback period of business: from 24 months

Most often, the ideas of the service business come to mind for those who are seriously interested in cars.

This is a great solution that will allow you to get a solid income, doing what you love.

Do not think that the repair services are needed only for broken machines or those that are prepared for resale.

Service is required for any car and the demand for the service is great!

To implement the idea requires a lot of money investment.

So the entrepreneur will need not only knowledge and experience in the automotive Department, but also a large start-up capital.

The main expenditure is the purchase or lease of the site of the work and its arrangement, as well as the purchase of necessary equipment.

Premises for automobile business

The choice of the territory for work is an important component of success.

The allotted area is divided into several zones, the number of which depends on the scale of the idea that you embody.

The standard list of car service looks like this:

Office administration (there should be a first-aid post, a kitchenette).
Client area (waiting area, there can be sold snacks, drinks).
Room with toilet and shower for staff.
The main working place is the production area.
Warehouse for storage of parts, consumables, equipment.
Technical rooms for placement of air conditioning systems, electrical panels.
Street area with Parking spaces, sidewalk.
Personnel for car service

From the staff that you hire in the car service, depends most of the success, as well as the choice of premises.

Depending on the sphere of employment, you need to pay attention to the practical experience of the person you are planning to hire.

For example, to repair the engine, you can allow only those who are well versed in their device and have already done it before.

But employees for tire can pick up "green" and train them on the spot.

The number of people to hire depends on how much car services the business will provide.

It is also important to pay attention to the systematic improvement of the level of knowledge and training of personnel to work on new equipment.

Costs of starting a business at a service station

Item of expenditure Amount (Euro)
Total: 622 000 Euro
Registration 300
Land lease 65 000
Purchase of equipment 535 000
Purchase of consumables 1 700
Incidental expenses 20 000
Ideas for a small investment: sewing slipcovers
Capital investment: 120 000 Euro

The payback period of business: from 6 months

Car owners treat their "horses" with great trepidation and want to protect them from any danger.

And it lies in wait even in the form of rain with hail, bird droppings and splashes from passing cars.

Because the idea for the production of protective covers for cars, there is a demand.

It is still at a small level, but enough to create such a business on cars.

For the production of pouches buy a special cloth and use a special cutting. However, sewing products on them can a regular seamstress.

Capital investments in the business are also available for those who are just taking the first steps in the automotive sector.

Investment in the automotive business

Item of expenditure Amount (Euro)
Total: 120 000 Euro
Rent of premises for production 15 000
Salary for employees 35 000
Equipment (tables, sewing machines) 30 000
Purchase of material and consumables 30 000
Contingency 10 000
Experienced entrepreneurs advise that the auto business in the production of protective covers did not become unprofitable to enter at the first opportunity the production of seat covers.

Their production is not particularly hit the pocket of a businessman, and the process is simple and affordable even for a novice seamstress.

And the following video shows the process of sewing car seat covers:
It is important not to try to save on production by purchasing cheap materials.

Quality of production is your business card.

With the proper implementation of the idea in 8-12 months you will get a stable source of income.

Car business, as you know, is a vast concept.

Because to say that everything was already invented before us and the scope not equipped.

An aspiring entrepreneur who loves cars, reviewing these ideas, be sure to pick up something for yourself.

Car wash, for example, is not an option available.

But resale or disassembly of broken cars is possible even with small investments.

So if you have the desire and commitment, anyone can find their place in this promising niche automotive!
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