Six of the best interesting business ideas from the USA

Business ideas from the United States-description of 6 interesting and original options that can take root in our countries.

If you have difficulty in finding an interesting and innovative idea to start your own business, it may be worth looking at what they are doing in other countries?

Thus, business ideas from the United States are original and fresh, but some of them can take root, you only need to adapt to our market conditions.

The advantage of adopting American business ideas is that here you will not have competitors, and if they are, then in a minimum amount.

And the downside may be that most likely you will encounter a misunderstanding among potential customers, and due to this the case may "burn out".

Therefore, let's consider several options for business ideas from the United States, which have successfully established themselves at home, and may be able to settle down in the post-Soviet space.

What are the business ideas from the USA based on?

First of all, it should be noted that business in the US has a number of features.

American business is formed under the influence of culture, which consists of the traditions of many Nations.

For this reason, business ideas from the United States may not be accepted in our countries.

The US has a highly developed service sector.

Entrepreneurs always try to simplify the lives of residents, and this helps them creative thinking.

When opening a new business, Americans first of all think about how to bring them pleasure, and only then profit.

But this does not mean that they are ready to invest in obviously a failed case.

First, they will enlist the support of close and experienced friends who have experience in the chosen field of activity.

1. Unusual business ideas for vending business from USA

No one is surprised by the vending business now.

Machines are everywhere-in supermarkets, shopping centers, schools, universities, hospitals.

And most often they can buy water, bars and coffee.

But Americans do not stop there and come up with something new.

The first striking example, which may well take root in the United States, is the installation of machines with sports nutrition.

In America, this idea was implemented by the founders of SuppNow.

Sports and a healthy lifestyle are now at the peak of popularity, so by installing such a machine in fitness centers and gyms, you will make a good competition to stationary points of sales of the sportpit.

Even with the theme of proper and healthy eating associated machines for the sale of fresh and healthy products.

This idea comes from San Francisco, and its founder is Byte Food.

Meals are prepared to order by local cafes and restaurants and are stored in vending refrigerators for two days.

You can try to adopt this idea and install them in business centers or near universities.

Believe me, supporters of a healthy lifestyle will be grateful to you.

2. Business idea from the USA to install phone charging racks

In 2015, on the streets of new York there were racks for charging the phone and tablets.

Now they work on a social basis.

At us they can be found only at the airports.

Will such a business idea come from the United States relevant to us?


Almost every person has a phone and tablet, which tend to discharge.

Therefore, the installation of such racks will help the owner of gadgets, and you can make a profit.

You can receive money from advertising, as well as charge for the implementation of charging.

Where to place such racks?

In crowded places-in the Mall, at bus stops, in Nightclubs, restaurants.

In addition, such a business can be additional.

If you are the owner of a cafe or other institution, the placement of the charging station will not only bring additional income, but also increase the amount of the average check (waiting for charging the phone, the visitor can order another Cup of coffee).

3. Business idea from USA: shop with jeans for men

Sometimes business ideas from the US are based on such simple things that you are amazed, as no one could think of before.

And a striking example is a shop with jeans for men.

This idea was inspired by the fact that few men love shopping, and if they get to the shops with a lot of clothes, it is lost and want to get out of there as soon as possible.

Therefore, in America has long been open special shops that protect men's nerves and save their time.

The principle of operation of such stores is as follows:

on the racks-hangers hang face-to-buyer denim jeans in a single copy;
then the man, having chosen the model necessary to him, scans by means of the special application a bar code, chooses the size and waits when he receives the message on in what fitting room it is possible to try on things;
if things come up, you can safely go to the cashier.
If you are wondering, will this idea be relevant to us?


Our men also do not like to go shopping.

But do not stop at the sale of jeans alone.

You can offer customers several types of things that should be present in the basic wardrobe — shirts, t-shirts, jumpers and pants.

4. Business idea from the USA on production of bricks from garbage

biznes-idea-iz-ssha If you do not know, the production of our usual clay bricks has an extremely negative impact on the environment.

The thing is that during their firing in the furnaces emit harmful substances that pollute the atmosphere.

And the students at mit have found a more ecological way to produce bricks that require no firing.

They are made of their recycled industrial waste.

The main component of Eco BLAC bricks is ash.

It is 70% of the total weight.

The remaining 30% is represented by clay, lime and sodium hydroxide.

In order to obtain this famous building material does not need any furnace, it is formed at normal temperature due to the technology of alkaline reaction.

Therefore, if you are somehow connected with the construction, then take this idea to the note.

In our countries, after all, also need bricks.

5. Food designer - as a business idea from restaurants and cafes in the USA

In the US, such designers apply to the preparation of salads. The meaning is as follows:

in the beginning, it is proposed to choose the basis for the future salad;
then you can start choosing the main ingredients;
at the end of the taste chosen spices and dressing.
This concept of catering establishments inspired by the fashion for healthy eating.

Not many people who adhere to proper nutrition want to eat salads with mayonnaise or spicy seasonings.

So why not give your customers a choice?

You can go beyond salads.

Make a menu of several dishes in which you can "play" ingredients.

And to open such institutions is in large cities near business centers, universities, as well as in other crowded places.

In the video below we describe 3 unusual American ideas for business:

6. Business ideas from USA related to Pets
"The most important thing in business is to concentrate on creating something important. I was just working on something I wanted to use myself.»
Mark Zuckerberg

Americans love to travel, but they can't always take animals with them.

That's why they came up with hotels for Pets.

In the US and Canada, this business is also not a novelty.

But in the US, in addition to hotels, there are taxis for animals.

Maybe it sounds funny, but this business is extremely popular in major American cities.

So, not every owner can take his pet to the veterinarian or hairdresser, and therefore resorts to the services of such a service.

If you are interested in this idea, it can be implemented in the United States, but it will be relevant only in large cities, as well as among the wealthy and extremely busy people.

This idea can be tried by private veterinary clinics or salons.

You can offer taxi services to your customers who do not have time for such visits.

As you can see, business ideas from the United States affect many areas of people's lives, and really make it easier.

In your power to implement something of the proposed.

Know that you have prospects, besides, maybe you will be the "pioneer" in the domestic market.

Analyze our conditions, make a detailed business plan and start your own business.
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