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Hello! In this article we will tell you whether it is possible to open a cafe, a bar or a beer house in a residential building.

Today you will learn:
  • What problems can arise with the tenants of the house;
  • What documentation will you need to obtain;
  • What additional costs will take place.
  • Content
  • What the legislation says
  • The most common conflict situations with residents
  • Step-by-step instructions for opening
  • Documents required for opening
  • Additional cost
  • Conclusion
Now it is quite difficult to find a place for a cafe that would fit optimally. It also happens that the room is just perfect, but is located in a residential apartment building. How to be in this case, we will talk today.

What the legislation says
Almost all of us see how different forums are teeming with messages from residents of apartment buildings who ask for help in closing the cafe located on the first floor.

Of course, in most cases, the claims of residents are justified, especially if the cafe is already running and there are violations, but often it is required to close at the stage when the preparation for the opening is only underway.

The law does not prohibit the opening of a cafe or bar in a residential building. It is noted only that this activity should not violate the rights of third parties.

The most common conflict situations with residents
In General, the owners of such business are looking for a different approach to the residents of the house. Someone presents gifts, someone immediately responds to any complaints, and someone just tries to maintain neutrality.

It is clear that any extreme will not give the desired effect. Unpleasant consequences will entail both obvious ignoring of complaints, and excessive readiness for any inconvenience to present a gift. What are the typical complaints there and how to avoid problems with residents?

Breaking the silence.

A very common cause for many problems and conflict situations. Noise can occur both due to the operation of the equipment and because of the music that attracts customers.

Just note that in this situation we are talking about when the silence is broken in the evening or at night. In this case, there are special rules for the admissibility of the noise level.
If you break the silence, your cafe gradually all residents just hate. So, sooner or later it will be closed. If your institution will work until 23: 00, the grounds for complaints will not.

But note that the inconvenience to residents can deliver cleaning, moving tables and rumbling dishes. Whether it's really so tragic, or it's just a principled position of the residents of the house, is another question.


Even before you open your cafe or bar, many residents are set negatively due to the fact that they have to "enjoy" all the flavors that are only possible.

But not everything is so bad: there is also a way out of this situation. You can install a special air purification system that will protect residents from all unpleasant odors.

You can also arrange an additional ventilation channel, but do not forget that the General ventilation can not be used.

Of course, you can not make such investments, but then have to constantly listen to the complaints of residents, and justified.

Garbage, rodents and insects.

The question of how you will take out garbage and waste, should be thought out to the smallest detail. You will not store bags in the yard, then the appearance of rodents and insects just can not be avoided.

Most residents believe that in addition to visitors to the cafe, they will have to endure the neighborhood with rats and cockroaches. In any case, do not allow such a situation, because the inspection bodies with their visit will not be long in coming.

Repair work.

A serious reason to cause concern to the residents of the house. During the repair, the integrity of the bearing walls can be broken, especially if there is a redevelopment. On the other hand, if you do not have "gaps" in the documentation, there should be no problems.

Even at the stage of preparation of repairs, you must comply with the requirements for the noise level, otherwise all grounds for complaint from residents will be, and a common language with them, then you are unlikely to find.

Let's sum up a little. To begin with, we note that even if you build a relationship with all residents, there is someone who does not like any trifle. Therefore, in advance worry about how to avoid such claims.

Step-by-step instructions for opening
If you decide to open an institution in a residential building, in order to avoid problems with regulatory authorities and residents, you need to take the following steps:

Step 1. We are developing a clear plan.

This means a business plan, without which it will be difficult to implement the idea. Analyze all the points: from the choice of premises, to staff salaries-these are the key points.

This plan should be reviewed if new trends appear on the market.

Step 2. Choose the system of taxation.

As we know, there are three options:

The simplified tax system (STS) – for cafes, which are located in residential buildings;
UTII-if the room in which you open a cafe, has an area of not more than 50 sq. m.;
OSN - more suitable for restaurants, as it provides a large turnover.
The ideal option for you is the first or second system, do not have to hire an accountant. Suitable for establishments with a small turnover.

Step 3. We appeal to the appropriate authorities.

To open a cafe in a residential building, you need to get all the permissions and approvals from the bodies that are authorized in this matter.

First of all, contact the CPS. Without the permission of this instance you have no right to start work.

You also need to contact the Ministry of emergency situations, get approval and permits. In order to avoid problems, a fire alarm system must be installed, an emergency exit must be organized and so on.

If you also plan to sell drinks containing alcohol, you need to obtain a license.

Step 4. Apply to the administration or Prefecture.

Here everything is simple: we address to local authorities with a package of documentation and we expect decision-making.

Documents required for opening
After you analyze what causes can provoke complaints of residents of the house, think about how to obtain the necessary permits from local authorities.

So, before contacting you should prepare the following documentation package:

A statement on your behalf, in which you indicate that you want to obtain permission to open a catering, which will be placed in the basement or on the first floor of an apartment building;
A copy of the certificate of registration of IP or LLC;
Contract confirming the purchase or lease of a specific room;
Permission of the administration of a particular district or city to place a cafe at a specific address;
All project documentation on your institution (with all technical part, with the developed system of ventilation and sound insulation);
A certificate from the BTI on the technical condition of the premises;
Conclusion from the sanitary and epidemiological authorities;
Permits from the Ministry of emergency situations;
Permits from the bodies of Rospotrebnadzor.
Your application and all other documentation will be reviewed within thirty days.

Additional cost
Additional costs are actually quite a lot. Consider the main.

Payment of utilities.

Invoices for these services will be issued to those who own the premises. It can be a legal entity or an ordinary citizen.

You will be able to pay bills from the current account of your company, even if the owner is a natural person. In the payment will make a link to the personal account of the owner.

If you rent a room, the option to pay for communal prescribed in the contract. That is, the fee can lie on the shoulders of the landlord or tenant.

Payments for the maintenance of common property.

If you use the common entrance with the residents, you are obliged to pay the amount for cleaning, repair, replacement of bulbs and so on. This is fixed in the invoice and is written in the contract. At any time, you can check whether this amount is correct.

In the case of rent, you need to pay attention to how this situation is spelled out in the contract and act based on its points.

Overhaul and contributions to it.

If you are a tenant-read the contract, if the owner – monthly pay a certain amount.

Land and property tax.

Land that is part of the common property is not subject to taxation. In addition, if you are working on the system of STS, and the property tax is not required to pay.

At the conclusion of our conversation, we note that it is quite possible to open a cafe in a residential building, but such a choice can lead to a large number of problems, one of which is the constant complaints of the residents of the house. So before you decide on this step, weigh all the pros and cons, and then make a decision.
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