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Anticafe is a relatively new idea that destroys the idea of rest in public places. Here you will not find culinary masterpieces or spirits. You come here for socializing and relaxing.
Since the idea is new, and very few people risk to open such institutions, well-made business plan anticafe will help you organize a source of considerable profit.

What is anticafe?

Anticafe – what is it and what is the essence of this kind of institution?

The idea was born, oddly enough, in Russia – relatively recently, in 2010. The first who decided on such a step was the writer Ivan Mitin. He created the anti-cafe called "the tree House".

Visitors could spend the whole day in a cozy place, reading books, drawing or playing Board games. Coffee, tea and cakes were provided free of charge, you had to pay only for the time spent in anticafe.

Anticafe is a place where you can spend time culturally, schedule a business meeting in an informal setting, gather with family or friends. In such institutions there is no alcohol, first and second courses, only simple desserts, purchased sweets and soft drinks.

Where does the income from anticafe come from? You will take money from visitors for the duration of your stay, not for the amount of coffee or sweets you have eaten. And, as practice has shown, the idea really pays off.

Contribute to this numerous advantages of anticafe:

The original idea, which is still relatively rarely implemented.
No need to buy equipment for the kitchen and hire a lot of staff.
Income comes from the number of visitors anticafe, not from the ordered dishes.
You can sign a cooperation agreement with musicians, writers, who will hold meetings with their audience in your institution, and thus attract a lot of visitors.
What services are provided in anticafe?
When you start drawing up a business plan anticafe, think about all the details. You should clearly understand what services are ready to provide your audience, how many people will be calculated anticafe, who is your target audience, etc.

The most common services that are ready to provide in anticafe:

Free Wi-Fi zone.
Organization of thematic evenings.
Organize and conduct a master class on any topic.
Acquaintance with young talents (musicians, artists, poets, etc.))
Gather people to participate in the Board game.
Organization of movie nights in anticafe.
Here people relax, but not over a glass of wine, and surrounded by loved ones or new friends, games and sometimes live music.

It is very important to think about the anticafe menu.

As a rule, visitors are offered such drinks and snacks:

Hot chocolate, coffee, tea.
Juices and fresh.
Cakes, pies, sweets.
Hot sandwiches.
You can make a barter deal with cafes and restaurants for the delivery of food. You will distribute in your anticafe advertising to visitors, and they, if desired, will order pizza or sushi delivery. From each order you will be charged a small percentage for mediation.

You do not even need to buy a lot of kitchen utensils, because such food is always delivered in disposable tableware.

What are the different types of finishes?

Now let's talk about what are the formats of anticafe and what are their significant differences. Choose the appropriate option for yourself and start to draw up a business plan.

"No bad habits" cafe Customers are people who lead a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke and do not drink alcohol. The audience is relatively small, but still there are visitors who want to be in the company of only fans of healthy lifestyle.
Mini-anticafe Means that the cafe will be small, the area of the hall is designed for 20-40 people. Here you can meet a small and friendly company.
If You have the funds to rent a large hall for a cafe, it can be divided into several sections:
• One room for the workshops, and master classes. 
* The second room will be designed for evenings with Board games. 
* If possible, arrange a room for students or business people, where there will be several computers, printer, etc.
The idea of anticafe is new, so you have a chance to contribute to the development of the business, coming up with something new and original.

Search hall under anticafe
Our business plan describes a small anticafe with a total area of 100 m2. Hall for visitors will occupy most of the (75 m2), the rest will go to the organization of a small kitchen and bathroom. If possible, take a room for staff and make a utility room for equipment for cleaning the hall.

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a room for anticafe:

Convenient location, preferably-the city center, where a large cross or there is a campus nearby.
Availability of Parking, proximity to the bus stop (buses, metro, trams).
Conducted light, gas, water, Internet.
Desirable the availability of repairs.
You can rent a room in the basement or look for a free place in the supermarket of the city.
Based on our requirements, the business plan should include the cost of rent in the amount of 60 thousand $. Do not forget about the payment of utilities - this is an additional cost of $ 10 thousand.
Staff list for anticafe

In anticafe you need to hire the same motivated and active people like you who can help in business development.

Requirement to candidates:

Up to 40 years.
Without bad habits.
Ability to communicate with people, non-conflict nature.
Disciplined, punctual.
It is desirable to have creative skills.
The approximate number of full – time employees-4 people. Schedule - from 10.00 to 22.00, on weekends, extend the work of the institution for a couple of hours. You can work without a day off, but on days when the least visitors to give the waiters in turn output. Details are discussed already when applying for the job.

Prices are approximate and can vary significantly depending on the locality.

In the future, think about buying a room, so as not to overpay for the rent of the hall under anticafe.
The production part of the business plan anticafe

In this part of the business plan we propose to consider what you need to buy for the arrangement of anticafe with a view to 40 seats.
Business plan antikafe – a detailed marketing strategy
Your first assistant in attracting customers is a bright sign. This is a mandatory item in the business plan, the embodiment of which will cost about 15 000 rubles.

Spend money on printing flyers and leaflets is not worth it. As a rule, they are immediately thrown away. The main assistant in advertising anticafe is word of mouth. If the city is small in population, and especially if this kind of cafe has not been, be sure to expect a large flow of people.

You can open a group in Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, create a separate profile in the Instagram. On the page put more information about antikafe, services prices, upload pictures.

It is important to have feedback. People need to leave comments, suggest ideas for improving the anticafe, etc. This method of advertising is free, but quite effective, because young people from 16 to 40 years of your target audience. How to organize it? Ask your followers questions, hold contests.

In the future, you can sell subscriptions and gift cards to visit anticafe.

Think about the name, it should not be difficult, easy to remember and sound beautiful. For example, "Library", "Relax", etc.

What is the payback period of anticafe?
We will calculate how much it will cost us to purchase everything necessary for the cafe, and after we will talk about the payback period of the project.

1) one-Time spending on the opening of anticafe.
№ Item of expenditure Amount (RUB.)
TOTAL: 460 540 rubles
1. Purchase of equipment 435 540
2. Paperwork 10 000
3. Sign order 15 000
Business plan to open an anticafe.

Where to start: how much money you need, what room,
staff, etc.?


2) Monthly expenses.
№ Expense item Amount ($.)
TOTAL: 136k$
1. Hall rent and utilities 70k$
2. Purchase of treats for visitors 36k$
3. Salary 30k$
In the anticafe business plan it is important to include information about the number of visitors you expect. This will help to know the profit of the institution and the payback period.

We analyze step by step how to calculate the approximate profit:

We have 40 seats. We plan to serve 70 people a day at most.
For 1 hour stay in anticafe visitor must pay$5.
The restaurant is open 10 hours on weekdays and 12 hours on weekends.
For 1 day of work you can make a profit of $ 8k. For 30 days antikafe could bring income of $ 252k $.
From this amount, subtract the monthly costs that are in the business plan. Net profit will be about 80 000 rubles., and of this amount still need to transfer 6% of taxes to the state Treasury.
For 1 month of work you can make a profit of $ 77. The approximate payback period of the project is 8 months.
Business plan anticafe demonstrated that the project is successful, does not require large capital investments, can quickly pay off. If this is a family business, you can significantly save on staff wages.

If in your city there is no anticafe yet, then this is your chance to become a successful businessman, to get a stable good income and a lot of new acquaintances.

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