Flower delivery worldwide: 5 steps to start a business

Whatever the price of flowers, they still buy. After all, every woman is pleased to receive beautiful bouquets from a loved one, and it is not necessary to do only for the holidays.

The demand for this product is always there, so the delivery of flowers around the world can be a great business venture.

At first, you do not need a lot of money, so this idea can be afford to everyone.

What are the characteristics of the business for the delivery of flowers worldwide?

In recent years, more and more entrepreneurs are engaged in the delivery of flowers, and not the content of floral kiosks.

What is the reason for such a revolution in business?

The fact that sometimes people just do not have enough time to call before the celebration and buy the culprit of the event bouquet.

A great way out of this situation – is to order delivery, and in any part of the world.

For a businessman who decided to do the delivery of bouquets, there will be no losses. All work is built on the fact that to enter into partnership agreements with large floral shops in different countries.

Of course, this can take a long time, because you need to find reliable partners.

Buy flowers delivery company is not necessary, your task-to receive orders from customers and send them to florists.

Next, the finished bouquet gets to the courier, who passes it in the right hands.

Competition is still small in the market, but the business is growing rapidly and may soon reach new heights.

Prices for flowers should be acceptable to the buyer. The order must be carried out clearly, and delivery is carried out as quickly as possible, so that the bouquet does not lose freshness and beauty.

5 steps to arrange the delivery of flowers around the world

Before you start to engage in global flower delivery, you need to think about all the nuances and make a clear plan, following which you will succeed in business.

Step 1. Registration of the delivery company in the tax service.
Flower delivery around the world does not require the business owner of a pile of documents and registration of LLC. For this kind of services, it is enough to open the status of an individual entrepreneur.

For registration of individual entrepreneurs need:

To go to the tax office of your city.
Prepare a photocopy of the passport and the number of the individual taxpayer.
Ask the tax inspector for a sample application form and fill it out.
Select the type of taxation (for the delivery of flowers suitable simplified system) and OKVED number (53.20.31 "activities of courier delivery by different modes of transport").
Pay the state fee. Within 5 days the documents will be ready.
Certify your signature with a notary and order a seal for accounting.
Be sure to open a Bank account through which will pass all the money of the company.
On the basis of income and expenditure at the end of April, it is necessary to submit annual financial statements to the tax service and pay the state duty to the budget of the country.

Step 2. Equipment and personnel.

Since we focus on the delivery of flowers, and not on their sale, the equipment will only need a landline and mobile phones, as well as a computer.

All you need to do to the owners of such business is to call up with suppliers and specify the delivery address.
All data about partners and records with orders you will store on your computer. It is also necessary to keep accounting records of the company through it.

Commercial equipment for flower shop

For such a business, a lot of people do not need, usually flower delivery around the world engaged in a family contract to save on wages.

In General, the list of personnel for the company for the delivery of flowers looks like this:

He can hold the position of sales Manager in parallel.

He is also responsible for the conclusion of contracts with suppliers around the world.

Site developer.
Flower delivery service around the world requires its own website.

To create a page on the Internet and its development will have to hire a separate specialist.

It may not work on a permanent basis, but as necessary, for example, when you need to make or change any data, etc.

The simplified tax system does not require monthly reporting, so you can do without a full-time accountant.

We advise you to contact the outsourcing company, which is engaged in the provision of services in the preparation of reports for government agencies.

Sales manager.
It is difficult for one person to cope with supervising the delivery of flowers around the world.

You will have to hire a Manager who will negotiate with suppliers, as well as receive calls from customers.

Team of couriers.
At least one employee in each city in which you plan to work.

It is more logical to look for locals who are well oriented in the streets and districts.

With the expansion of the business, the number of couriers should also increase proportionally.

Relative to where your company will be located.

If it is a family business, it can be done at home. If you plan to cooperate with several managers, the developer of the site, you should rent a small office on the outskirts of the city, so as not to overpay money.

Step 3. How to choose business partners?

The most difficult thing in the business of worldwide flower delivery is to find reliable foreign partners. This process can take more than one month.

First, we advise you to establish contact with the CIS countries. It is easier to agree on cooperation with them, there is no language barrier.

As soon as the business starts to bring a stable profit, you can expand the service area.

What you need to demand from foreign suppliers of floral arrangements:

A wide range of colors, creating bouquets of different complexity.
The price of products should be acceptable to consumers.
Short delivery time of flowers.
Different payment options (the most convenient way to make Bank transfers via Visa / MasterCard).
Suppliers must document the quality of the flowers and their origin, the method of cultivation, the absence of prohibited additives.
Step-by-step opening of the flower shop

Step 4. We form a pricing policy.

When you create a website for the delivery of flowers, you need to fill it with examples of bouquets and prices for their delivery to different regions.

How is the cost formed? To the price of the bouquet you need to add the cost of logistics services.

Also decide on the percentage that you want to receive from each order.

To each time not to calculate the cost of delivery to customers, make a price list with all margins, focusing on the region.

When the client makes an order on the website, it is necessary that he specified such dаta:

The name of the recipient;
contact phone number;
delivery address (postal code, city, street, house, apartment);
the name of the flower, description of the composition of the bouquet, the contents of the postcard (if attached).
To maintain a loyal pricing policy, it is important to call all suppliers weekly to track their prices for flowers and adjust the price list.

Ask what prices your competitors put up. This will facilitate your task and help not to exaggerate with the margin.

It is very important to get reliable partners, because if the order is not executed, then you will be responsible for the negligence of your colleagues and return the money. The risk is that you may lose valuable customers.

Step 5. Advertising.

The main tool in the work related to the delivery of flowers around the world is the website. Further prosperity of business will depend on its design and content.

As we have already mentioned, delivery of flowers ordered are very busy people. They don't have time to look for ads on posts or in Newspapers. For them, the best option is to "Google" the necessary information.

To make your website the first in the list of search results, you need to hire a person who will be engaged in the promotion of the portal and its SEO-optimization. In addition, the site will have to constantly fill with new information, photos of flowers, their prices.

You can additionally order contextual advertising of your company from the specialists of this profile.

How it works? Your ad for international flower delivery will appear in the first rows of search results for your search. As a rule, most Internet users follow these links.

Then it all depends on the design of the site.

There should be no unnecessary information on your portal.

The main thing to specify such information:

contact details (phone, email, viber, Skype);
list of countries with which you cooperate;
prices for main items;
terms of delivery;
payment methods (money from customers should be accepted through terminals, e-wallets and Bank cards);
"Reviews", so that customers can leave their opinion about your work.
This will help to increase the number of customers, because very often people rely on the opinion of others.

How to attract potential customers for flower delivery business?

A beginner project needs to prove itself from the best side. On the Internet there are already a lot of ads about the delivery of flowers around the world, but how to make sure that your company is chosen?

The range of goods should be maximum, florists are required to make any flower arrangements.
The price should be acceptable, at first you should not overestimate the cost of services, otherwise you can not find customers.
Logistics in this case is in the first place. Everything is important here: speed (the maximum delivery time of flowers around the world is 1 – 2 days), the appearance of the courier, his manner of communication.
The recipient of the flowers should take a fresh bouquet from the courier.

Well, if in addition to flowers your company will be able to offer delivery of champagne, candy, toys and other romantic attributes.
To make your first customers regular customers, you need to come up with a flexible system of discounts, bonuses and promotions.
All of the above positions are important for the success of the flower delivery business worldwide. Well-established work with customers will help to get a net profit in the shortest possible time.

The pros and cons of the business for the delivery of flowers worldwide
To finally understand what degree of risk there is when creating such a business, it is necessary to analyze all its advantages and disadvantages:

1. Demand for flowers is always, at any time of the year and in any country.    2. Potential customers can be women, men, and even children.    3. The first stage requires a minimum of investment.    4.A wide area of distribution of goods that will help to increase the number of orders.    5. Minimum equipment, workers, costs for registration of the enterprise.    By and large, all you need for work is a computer and a phone. You need them to communicate with suppliers and logistics service.

1. Competition in the market is increasing.
2. You need to spend a lot of time searching for reliable suppliers.
3. Suppliers can fail (send an order late, make the wrong bouquet, etc.).
4. You need to further establish contacts with companies that are engaged in logistics in the countries of the world where you plan to work.
5. It is necessary to know many languages for the conclusion of international treaties or hire an interpreter.
Are you planning to do flower delivery all over the world?
Flower delivery worldwide is a profitable business that does not require a lot of costs at the start.

Feel free to start creating your website and delight customers and their loved ones with beautiful flowers every day.
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