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How to make money on Amazon: selling your own products and affiliate programs + how to work without investments

Hello! In this article we will talk about how to make money on Amazon.

How much you can earn: from $ 100 per month.
Minimum requirements: own product or platform to attract traffic.
Is it worth doing: there are more profitable alternatives.
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  • Features earnings on Amazon

Amazon is the largest online store in the States. Every day it makes purchases more than 3 000 000 users, and go-several times more.

If you spend g$th analogy, Amazon can be compared to Craigslist or Uleu. Only American service is much more technological and develops much faster.

Amazon's popularity is huge. It started more than 20 years ago and still remains almost the sole market leader. People who sell their products on Amazon don't need active advertising. Users leads the service itself. It is enough to choose the right product, price and respond to incoming orders in time.

Let's discuss how to make money on Amazon, what products you can sell and how much you can earn in the end, working with this service.

How to make money on Amazon
There are 2 ways to make money on Amazon — affiliate program and sales of their products. For large players it is much more profitable to sell their goods than to be an intermediary. But for the USA users the program is much more profitable.

Affiliate program
You can use this method of earning even if you do not have your own product for sale.

The total amount of earnings on the affiliate program is 6-10% of user spending.

Earn on the affiliate program in two ways:

Create a separate website for advertising products.
Integrate advertising products on your own website.
Creating a separate site has one important advantage: almost all traffic is targeted. That is, people consciously go for a specific product, so they are focused on spending. The drawback is also quite significant: for commercial requests it is very difficult to fight for users. But if you normally move on requests, you can cover part of the commercial audience.

Integration of advertising materials into your articles is a more complex option. To do this, you need a constant source of traffic, it is desirable again the site. In articles, you can leave links to certain products.

The most striking example: in articles about mining often leave links to the purchase of graphics cards.

It is very important to find your product for a specific audience. On the one hand-it makes no sense to advertise cheap products, because the Commission will be minimal. But on the other hand, expensive goods will simply scare away buyers, and instead of 200 purchases each month, which will bring $ 1, there will be 1, which will bring $ 75.

We focus when choosing products on the popularity of the product and the number of reviews, comments from top sellers. This shows how popular the product is and how many people are willing to buy it.

After that, run the site and start earning.

Selling your own product on Amazon
If you want to sell your goods, then get ready for difficulties. You will have to build a strategy so that most users not only want to buy this product, but also to buy it from you. We'll have to pump your account, take care of the quality and quickly solve problems. And if you add to this a huge Commission service, it turns out that the profit from such work will be minimal.

Scheme of work on Amazon about the following:

You register an account.
Choose a product.
Find a supplier.
Buy goods and deliver them to Amazon warehouse.
Sell it on your account.
Many in search of suppliers are focused on China. It is only important to understand that Chinese goods are very different from each other. European factories, which employ Chinese workers according to Western drawings-a great option. Chinese factories that produce replicas of their drawings-a bad option.

At the initial stage, you will have to worry about the quality of the goods. After all, one negative review can simply spoil your account.

Large commissions Amazon almost plain text say that the mediator is not the service itself, and the seller. That is why, there are almost no special differences for a USA between the use of an affiliate program and the sale of goods.

It turns out that selling your own products on Amazon is much less profitable than working with an affiliate program. If you know English, even with the help of Facebook you can earn much more by placing links in the online store within the social network than by doing your own business with Amazon.

What products are best to sell on Amazon

Now let's see in the sale of any goods on Amazon is best to participate. Most popular product categories:

Technological devices.
Devices and devices.
Trending products sell well. It is very important to catch the wave of global popularity of the product, and push to buy your target audience.

Any other option earnings will be irrelevant. Because Amazon is an unfamiliar service for a USA user. Easier to buy at home or order on Ali.

Take again the example of mining. Amazon graphics cards — even with shipping and customs duties-were much cheaper than those sold in the store. So selling them made sense.

Thus, for an ordinary USA Amazon is relevant for the sale of high-quality, trendy goods. Less popular products will not pay for the cost of working with the site.

How to make money on Amazon without investments
I have already mentioned two ways to attract customers that require certain investments: either a fully promoted site or a site created by you from scratch. It's a cost anyway.

But you can use affiliate links not only on your website. You can attract customers for free and earn on the affiliate program:

Youtube channel.
On the forum.
In social networks.
Personally send links.
Any of these methods does not require costs, except time. Exhaust and income will be much less, but you do not spend anything. The only thing you have to accept: to make a lot of money on the affiliate program without investment, will have to really make a huge effort.

First you need to understand how to send links, to whom, under what circumstances. Thoughtless posting on the forum will not bring anything useful, and your personal page is unlikely to attract at least one client.

There are ways to earn money on Amazon without investments. But they mean a lot of work. Therefore, you will choose between investing money and investing time.

How much you can earn on Amazon
In favor of the fact that Amazon really can earn a lot, says statistics. More than 3 million purchases are made every day, with the average check ranging from $ 100 to $ 500.

Thus, the circulation of the floor, even with the secondary estimates — about $ 1 billion a day.

If you remove from the head all the commercials that promise fabulous earnings on Amazon in $ 1 million per month after a year of work, the numbers go quite not optimistic.

When selling your own products earning 1 thousand dollars a month is a success. At the same time, the amount of work that will have to be done is huge. Answer calls, monitor comments, contact users, "knock out" reviews, etc.

Affiliate programs in this regard are more profitable. Well-built site brings from 1.5 thousand dollars a month. But this will require very much to try at least 1.5 — 2 years.

Useful tips on earning money on Amazon

There are some General tips on how not to burn out on Amazon and at least earn something.

Calculate all the steps.

This applies both to work with the affiliate program and earnings on the sale of goods. Before you enter the market or create an affiliate site, you need to understand, and whether the target audience. With the goods a little easier-the buyer will find almost everything, in extreme cases, you can manipulate the price.

And with affiliate programs are much more complicated. You compete not only with other sellers, but also with USA services. Answer the question: "Why does your user need to go and buy something on Amazon, not on Craigslist or Ali." If there is an explanation and quite simple-then you can start.

Buy Prime. 

Users are more likely to buy products marked Prime. It gives a guarantee of prompt and free delivery.

Follow the trends.

This is one of the most important tips. A good way to keep track of what's popular is to analyze the number of sales by category. In the most popular categories there are one or two products that are sold in huge volumes. Even if you fail to get these products, you can easily buy an analogue and sell it.

Facebook is good for tracking trends and moods. Thematic communities, which are dedicated to products from popular categories, will give an idea of what will soon be popular.

In General, the most useful tip — do not buy courses on earnings on Amazon. It's just a budget drain in t$y. You will be told all the information that is publicly available and a few rave reviews about earnings on Amazon.

If you do not know English, working with Amazon will be difficult and in most cases unprofitable. So carefully evaluate your abilities. Most likely, you will be able to earn much more on USA sites.

Amazon is very demanding of the Manager. Crazy competition and average prices do not allow beginners to stay in this market for a long time. In order to sell your products, it is necessary not only to convince the user that they are useful, but also to push through the queue of more experienced colleagues.
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