TOP 10 highest paid freelancing professions: average salary, training period, growth opportunities

Hello! In this article we will talk about the highest paid professions in freelancing.

Many people who are just starting to work on the Internet, do not know what profession to choose. For most, the main indicators are income, learning speed and complexity of work. Today I will tell you about the 10 most highly paid and promising positions in freelancing. Let's talk about how much experts earn, how to learn and what prospects the profession will bring. I hope it will help you to choose a good specialty. 

Top 10 highest paid freelancing jobs in 2018
Tutors and psychologists
Video editor
The speakers and coaches
How to choose a future profession
How to learn a profession
Top 10 highest paid freelancing jobs in 2018
I propose to get acquainted with the Top 10 most popular professions that give good prospects to earn in Russia in the long term.

Programmers are still a highly paid remote profession in Russia and abroad. Developers, testers and in General IT-sphere is now highly valued. You can find a job in your specialty in just a few clicks.

European and American companies often come to Russia in search of good it specialists. You are issued a work visa, provide housing, and now you will be able to leave the country and work abroad for a lot of money.

The average salary per month: from 60 to 120 thousand dollars, depending on the specialty.

Training: programming is very difficult and long to learn. Specialists with specialized education are welcome.

Growth opportunities: not limited. The higher the experience in the field of programming, the more opportunities open - from working in large companies with increased s/n to moving abroad and work in Europe/America.

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Designer is now also a popular profession. There are a lot of directions, opportunities for earnings and prospects.

In the design of the works best specialty. Even in the creation of sites there are many different directions: company websites, landing pages, blogs, ordinary information sites. And in each there are 5 - 10 best professionals who work exclusively in their niche.

Average salary per month: 30-40 thousand dollars.

Training: learning how to design in the chosen direction is quite simple. It is important that you have your sense of taste and hands from the right place. After training, most skills are acquired in the process.

Growth opportunities: growth Opportunities are virtually unlimited. Just look at the Studio Artemy Lebedev, who gathered under his wing talented designers and takes a lot of money for projects. It is quite possible to reach an income of 100-200 thousand dollars for the project.

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Copywriters — people who write marketing texts for company websites, social networks, blogs etc. In General, these are people that their texts do real business clients. A very popular profession, because there are not so many good copywriters.

Here we do not consider Webwriters who fill websites with content. Texts they are cheaper, and it is realistic to rest against the price ceiling of 1 000/1 000.

Average salary per month: from 50 000 dollars per month.

Training: start working in webwriting and gain experience. Need ward and minimal knowledge of Russian. But before full copywriting will have to grow from 3 to 6 months of active practice.

Growth opportunities: not limited. Personally, I witnessed how for 3 years a person from an ordinary Webwriter on the stock exchange with an income of 20 000 dollars turned into the owner of the Agency with a salary of 2 - 3 thousand dollars per hour.

Translators are also a popular profession. Abroad publish a lot of cool materials that are needed sites. In Russia, some companies want to move to a foreign audience. Because of this, good translators who are good at working with texts have a lot of clients.

It is important to understand that a good translator is not "Copy to Google.Translate, insert the resulting text and bring it back to normal."

Average salary per month: from 40 000 dollars. With a normal load and a good portfolio, you can cooperate with agencies and direct customers, with an income of 80 to 100 thousand dollars.

Training: you can learn the language in 3-4 years of hard work. And for 1 year you can bring your knowledge to perfection with practice. For people with a talent for languages this term will be a little less.

Growth opportunities: in this profession there is a kind of ceiling. On average, it rests in the 100 — 110 thousand dollars income per month. Then you will be very difficult to change the range of services and prove that your work is 2 — 3 times more expensive than direct competitors.

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SMM-work with social networks. Over the past 3 years, a huge number of companies from real business have come to social networks. They are trying to expand their spheres of influence and get customers from social networks.

Job in SMM — maintenance of the accounts of companies and executives. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of customers. This is done with the help of posts and records that increase awareness, talk about the products and the company itself, give practical advice.

Average salary per month: from 15 to 35 thousand dollars per project per month. Such projects SMM-specialist can lead up to 3 per month, without compromising quality.

Training: SMM is now one of these niches in which you can learn in just a few months. It is difficult to get the first practice and reviews, but the problem is solved by a free offer of services and work just a month for half the price. And now you will have the first case.

Growth opportunities: you can rest against the ceiling of income, because the maintenance of accounts and the manifestation of activity in social networks is not worth a lot of money. But at the same time there is always the possibility of moving into the niche of arbitration.

Arbitration - resale of traffic. You buy advertising materials, set up advertising campaigns and, as a result, the difference between costs and revenues is the profit. Very promising, interesting, but difficult niche.

Good traffic arbitration specialists are appreciated in any sector. People who can bring customers from the Internet and know how to do it at the lowest price will always be able to find a job.

Average monthly salary: I can't say anything specific here. Most specialists do not talk about how much they actually earn. But the top teams of arbitrators, who work directly with the business, draw up multi-million contracts.

Training: arbitration in terms of training can be compared to Forex. As long as you do not merge the budget, you will not see your stupid mistakes, you will not understand how bad everything is.

Arbitrage EA throughout the process constantly learning. Learn something new, apply new chips and marketing knowledge. Stopped in improving-lost income.

Growth opportunities: not limited. It all depends on you: on your performance, talent and desire to earn.

Tutors and psychologists
I joined here Tutors and psychologists, because they are on the same circuit: attracting customers — provision for 1 — 2 hours, repeat until "done" client. They have similar incomes, prices, prospects and problems.

The niches of tutoring and psychology are already occupied. Anyone who has read any art book on psychology or a brochure on languages, considers himself a cool specialist who can teach something. And yet desperately dumping.

Average income: the hours of a good technician is 1 — 1.5 thousand dollars. A day purely physically will have a more than 5 — 6 hours this load. In the best case, you can get 6 - 7 thousand dollars a day or 70 — 80 thousand dollars a month.

Training: here everything is quite difficult. It is desirable to have a specialized education, good knowledge in the chosen field and the ability to learn. For 1-2 years not to become a good specialist. Training will take 3-4 years or 1-2, if you give all the best.

Growth opportunities: Tutors have a price ceiling-2.5 - 3 thousand dollars per hour. So I ask the teachers of MGIMO and MSU, when preparing students to becoming students. This is an approximate maximum in this niche. Psychologists do not have such a ceiling, but because of dumping it is sometimes difficult to develop and raise prices, even if you are an expert.

Video editor
Work on video editing is very difficult, requires hard work, and therefore is highly appreciated in freelancing. In the real sector of the economy are working mainly Amateurs who make some wedding videos and cutting through Paint, so the official salaries in the country are quite low. But freelancing is a different situation.

Video editing is a very popular profession both in Russia and abroad.

Average salary per month: remote and freelance average income is 30-40 thousand dollars per month.

Training: it is easy to learn how to work with installation programs. But most of the skills and know-how comes with experience.

Growth opportunities: an almost unlimited opportunity for growth.

Sales professionals are highly valued in all companies. Now in Russia, even large companies do not have enough intelligent professionals who can lead customers.

Most companies, such as Tinkoff Bank, offer their employees cold calls as a start. As you progress, your salary, position and income will grow.

Average salary per month: Rostrud says that the average salary of a sales specialist is 35,000 dollars per month. But, as far as I understand, it does not take into account about half of the bonuses for the sale of products, so the real income is much higher.

Training: this is one of the areas where you can come unprepared, and a year or two to leave a good specialist. Basic training-practice with a minimum of theory.

Growth opportunities: not limited. When working in a company, you can be promoted to a project Manager or you can simply increase sales yourself. It does not matter which of the development options you choose, in any case, will get more over time.

The speakers and coaches
The speakers and coaches — is already old, but still new for the Russian market. These experts share their knowledge on certain issues for money, which is convenient for people who appreciate the time and want to get practical information here and now.

At first glance, it seems that the niche is overheated. Too many specialists who teach anything. But in reality it is not so. Finding a knowledgeable coach or infoprodukt, for which it is worth paying money — a lot of work. This is the most popular niche for"business students".

The average salary per month: the main flow of money, the speakers and coaches gather for training and launches of their projects. They are held every few months-six months. Then you can earn up to 1-2 million dollars for a good launch of a quality product. In normal times, the income from recorded products are 30 to 150 thousand dollars.

Training: infobusiness assumes that you have already become an expert in some niche. Therefore, it is necessary to improve to a high level. Usually it is 1-3 years of active practice.

Growth opportunities: not limited. No one dictates the price of food either. You can easily improve the quality of products, increase the audience and improve the approach to customers.

How to choose a future profession
When choosing a future profession, most pay attention to their own capabilities and a set of initial skills. This is certainly important, but to choose a translation, just because you are in school studying English and more than anything else is not able, will, at least silly. There are other factors to think about when choosing a profession in freelancing.

What we pay attention to:

Interest in the profession.
Easy to learn.
Prospects for further growth.
The first is still interest. Since freelancing-a purely voluntary sphere of activity, without constant interest you will quickly begin to burn out. This will happen more and more often, the work will decrease, you will lose stable customers and eventually remain without money, morally devastated, and with the desire to return to the office.

Profitability, complexity of development and prospects should take a back seat. Yes, they are really important, but only if you choose between two directions, for example, between a copywriter and a translator. You know languages very well, and you also know how to write cool: choose something that will give you more prospects and income for a shorter period of time.

With the choice of profession is actually very simple. The first desire after reading the Top is likely to be correct.

How to learn a profession
The first thing to do-to determine the profession. If you like it, the learning process will go smoothly. You can easily find blogs, websites and channels on specific topics, from which you will gain practical knowledge.

First you have to spend on training 2/3 of working time: watch how the pros do, and pull up the main points. But then things will get easier. You will reach the average level within 1-5 months and will be able to earn good money.

Further development in the profession is as follows:

You find people who understand some things better than you.
Learn from them.
Create your own methods, test them, improve.
Become a specialist.
Let's consider an example of actions in the case of marketing and arbitration:

You choose the direction that will work: attracting customers for companions, for infousa, partnership with large companies, etc. and Then choose the tool and maximize its study. Once you go to the first profit, you can contact a specialist for pumping individual skills.

Instead of the name of the niche, directions and specialist, you can substitute anything. It is important to see the direction of development, clearly understand their desires and aspirations. Then you can not only get a basic knowledge of the profession and a minimum income, but also an excellent opportunity for further development.

Without developing, you run the risk of easily getting stuck at the level of income of 25-30 thousand dollars a month, with full employment. It is better to spend one or two months for 2 — 3 hours for training and work twice less for the same money.

TOP professions in freelancing has not changed for many years. With the exception of recent interest in social networks and wave speakers, it's all the same. In the top all the same designers, translators, programmers, copywriters. If you are looking for stability, choose a good specialty, learn and develop. Then you can easily reach a high income, spending much less effort and nerves than in a real job.

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