How to make money in Instagram on the blog

Hello! In this article we will talk about earnings in Instagram.

How much you can earn: from $ 1,000 per month.
Minimum requirements: SMM knowledge.
Is it worth doing: if you conduct a full-fledged business.
Features earnings in Instagram
How to make money on Instagram: options and ideas
Earning on likes, comments, subscriptions and video views
Earnings on advertising publications
Affiliate program
SMM on Instagram
Personal brand
Own business
How many subscribers do you need to earn
Which page to create for a living: affiliate marketing
Who is suitable earnings in Instagram
How much you can earn in Insta
The latest trend of earning through Instagram
Features earnings in Instagram
Each social network has its own characteristics. Now in Russia 4 active social. networks where you can really earn: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Facebook. Twitter and Telegram now do not take into account, because the first has fewer opportunities for monetization, and the second is officially blocked.

Instagram is a social network for sharing impressions. Here the main product is photos, not text. So, to promote the account and have to earn through photos and short videos.

The second feature-the lack of groups and publics, in the usual sense. This is mainly personal profiles, sometimes the profile of the company. Entertainment content is contained on personal pages. This is convenient for people who have collected their CA — they have the opportunity to talk about their lives and get active users (Directors of large companies can collect customers, talking about their lives in the Insta).

Now let's talk in detail, what are the ways to make Instagram without attachments, what account you need for this, how to pump and start working with subscribers.

How to make money on Instagram: options and ideas
There are not many real ways to make money on Instagram. They do bring money, but it will take a lot of work and training. Let's see what ways to earn money in this social network.

Earning on likes, comments, subscriptions and video views
Bloggers at the time actively promoted to the masses the topic that the network does not need to work. Golden mountains will go, it is only necessary to make a few small actions. The reality is not the most rosy.

Earning on likes and comments is possible, it really is. Only payment for this action will be minimal, up to a few cents.

Do not even think about how to seriously try to make money on it. Exchange earnings in performing tasks in social networks exist solely for the purpose of webmasters and Mwiki managed to get the required amount of likes and subscribers for a minimal fee.

Earnings on advertising publications
It's simple. You create an account, promote it, gain a lot of subscribers and then sell advertising. It sounds simple, but in fact it's not so smooth. You have to spend a lot of time and effort, and only then you can get at least some return with the help of subscribers.

For popular bloggers used to be the norm: 10 posts - 1 advertising. Such rigid restrictions should not be put, but the approach is correct. You should have a lot more interesting content on your page than ads. Otherwise, you will lose active users very quickly.

Selling advertising is good if you're a popular person: you have a huge base from which to promote products for mass consumption. But there is one feature:

Accounts with girls have long been uninteresting advertisers. If you are not a star, try to make interesting and high-quality photos that will attract a certain target audience.

This means that you need a paying audience that is converted into sales. If you can attract her - this is your way of earning.

Affiliate program
This is the second variation of earnings on subscribers. Only here you are not looking for advertisers, and you choose the service and product with which you will work. It's called affiliate marketing.

The essence of affiliate marketing is as follows: 

You choose the product.
Attract customers.
Get a percentage of the order or a fixed fee.
But the peculiarity of working with Instagram is that you can publish clickable links only in the profile description. That is, you can advertise in this way only one product, which significantly reduces the attractiveness of this method of earning. Therefore, if you want to engage in affiliate marketing in Insta — decide on one category of products that will suit your subscribers, or collect subscribers for a specific product.

SMM on Instagram
Maintaining corporate accounts in social networks has long turned into earnings. Experts create a content plan, attract additional customers, increase the involvement of the audience. All this gives an excellent result in small and medium business.

That is why the business is ready to pay good specialists for promotion. For one project Mwiki different levels obtained from 1 to 20 thousand dollars. If you know how to analyze, make advertising creatives and can bring real customers to business — this is the ideal way to earn money.

We recommend you to read: SMM-promotion in social networks-what it is and how it works.

Personal brand
This way of earning I have a separate. Directly it does not bring money, but can bring customers. If you are actively interested in infobusiness, you probably noticed that most of them have multiple accounts in different social networks. So these personalities show how beautiful they live and that everyone can do the same.

Do not be as popular speakers. Show how you live and prove that you are useful in your own Affairs.

To promote your personal brand, share what you're doing with your photos. But no one needs office routine. Much more interesting would be if you publish a photo with conferences, talks, to talk about the cases, etc. For major leaders will be helpful to show what living leader in the workplace: meetings, office processes, establishing production, etc.

Use a personal brand not as a way to sell something, but to Express yourself. You need to get potential customers not photos of luxury life, and business achievements. 

Own business
This is a great option for those who want to make money on Instagram at home business, but do not know where and how to look for customers. Handmade products that look "delicious" in photos are ideal for promotion in Instagram. The decision to buy is an impulsive action, which means you need something very attractive, with a small description and a good price.

Perhaps this is the best option earnings in Instagram. You can do what you like, spend minimal money on advertising (at the initial stage), simply attracting customers with good photos and quality products on your page.

How many subscribers do you need to earn
No one can say exactly when and how much your account will bring. You can only predict, saying the approximate figures for the market. The more subscribers — the more advertising costs. No one will buy ads from a person with 10 subscribers, but with 10,000 the probability of finding an advertiser is low.

Every 10,000 subscribers cost between 500 and 5,000 dollars.

The price of advertising depends on several factors:

Themes (popular niches cost much less).
Activity (likes, comments).
Involvement (discussion of the advertising theme).
Other factors (account trust, monetization opportunities, project, etc.)
Do not forget that any advertising — unsubscribe, regardless of whether the advertising post will benefit the potential reader or not. The only exception to this rule I saw when looking at reviews of browser games in the group VC. There was a full catalog of projects, affiliate links, and we can say that it was a logical insert of advertising. In any other case, paid ads-unsubscribe.

Keep this in mind when you evaluate the approximate income. Perhaps advertising will cost you 100 — 200 subscribers whose involvement will cost in the approximate amount of the post.

Which page to create for a living: affiliate marketing
Let's touch upon the topic of choosing the theme of the page, as it is very important for affiliate marketing. Since the social network provides a real opportunity to promote only one product, then you will have to make a page exclusively for it.

We start with the selection of goods. Format make money photography, therefore, you will need something that is sold with a good visualization. A striking example — gifts. People buy emotions and the photos are perfect to give them.

Then you decide on the target audience of the product. This will require serious analysis. Or see the advertisement click-through-rate, or find out whether the access lid on the website of the potential customer. You form a potential picture of the consumer: sex, age, accommodation, what he wants, what he is afraid of, why he buys, what he is ready to get, how much he earns, etc.there can be many Questions.

Then, most importantly — choose what will interest the consumer. And then we answer to ourselves the question:"what page a potential buyer wants to see". That is, what kind of material he wants to see in the evening and together with what photos he will approach the advertisement.

After that, there is only one thing: choose a suitable theme, create a plan and make an account. It should be understood that such pages will not gather a lot of subscribers. They're targeted. Usually attract certain traffic and convert it into customers.

Who is suitable earnings in Instagram
As we said at the beginning of the article, Instagram is not about the text. These are images and short videos. Therefore, if you prefer to work with photos or video content, Instagram is "yours".

Working with social networks is a separate area. He needs to learn, it is impossible to approach without knowledge which are gathered either by independent studying of a material and a constant test on own pages, or for money on paid SMM courses. The first option will save money, the second-time.

How much you can earn in Insta
Specific figures here will be difficult to name, but the approximate amount will be announced. 

Affiliate program. This is a very difficult way to earn money, especially if you use Instagram as your own source of traffic. That is, you do not order advertisements, but simply insert partner materials into your account. You can count on 1-2 leads with 3 000 — 5 000 subscribers with an average supply of material.

SMM on Instagram. Here the spread of prices is quite large. It all depends on the amount of work and your employment. If you duplicate posts from Vkontakte or publish sent images with a small description 5-7 times a week, you can count on 1 000 — 5 000 dollars a month.

Full business account management is estimated at 15-20 thousand dollars per month at the initial stage. This includes the creation of a content plan, unique materials, Analytics and work on the result — a whole range of services, which will have to spend a few hours every day. Private Mwiki on average are 3 to 4 projects every month. That is, a specialist with a small portfolio has the right to expect an income of 60-80k $

Own business. Here, in General, not to numbers. I can only give the story of one friend who came out on a profit of 10 000 dollars, not particularly pumping accounts in social networks. It was from the pages and posts of friends, plus hashtags. If you approach this issue more consciously, perhaps there is a chance in 1 — 2 weeks to start earning up to 30 000 dollars per month.

It is difficult to talk about some figures here. It all depends on how you work. You can lead 2 groups per month and earn 40 000 dollars. But it will have to think very well with your head and sell yourself. And you can get involved in your hobby and earn an additional 10 000 dollars without investing time and effort: just publish photos of your product.

The latest trend of earning through Instagram
Previously, most advertisers looked mainly at the number of subscribers. The more of them, the more expensive advertising in Instagram. Account with 100 000 different people, even not from the CIS, was valued much higher than the page where 10 000 people active target audience. Things are a little different now.

Advertisers want to show ads to their target audience, so they order fewer ads from well-known accounts. Top instagrammers try to monetize their accounts in a different way: either by promoting their brand (additional PR), or by releasing their own product.

A striking example is Songer №1. The post in her Instagram account cost 200,000 dollars, but there were fewer advertisers, so she decided to promote her own clothing brand with the account.

The rest is the same: we monetize traffic with the help of advertisements, affiliate programs, reviews, promote our own or someone else's business.

Instagram is an interesting social network with its own earning opportunities. It is very different from the usual Facebook, so the features of earnings are different. Focus on high-quality and" delicious " photos, learn to work with Insta and will be able to earn here.
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