Where to invest money in 2019 — 13 ways to invest money expert advice and examples of investing

Hello, dear readers of the financial journal Job-law.Org! Today we will try to reveal the question "Where to invest money". After all, the difficult economic situation in the country's economy makes you constantly worry about their own finances.

Therefore, we are constantly faced with a lot of questions, first, where to invest money to save and not to lose, then, where to invest to earn to receive monthly income, etc.

where to invest money to make them work
Detailed instructions where to invest money to work and bring monthly income
If there is even a small amount of accumulated capital, there is a real fear of its loss. That is why we try to be more competent in matters of investment of funds, studying various opportunities for profitable investment.

Of course, many of us are far from politics, big economy and state management methods, but this does not deprive us of the opportunity to study the experience of successful people, to see the advice of experts, determining the best way to invest money in order to generate income. Such a detailed view of the situation will help to determine the most profitable sphere of investment money at the moment.

From this article you will learn:

Where to invest money in 2019, so as not to lose — expert advice;
Where to invest money to earn (to work) at a high percentage with a guarantee-the basic principles of investing money;;
Consider where you can invest in DE + real ways of investing money depending on the amount of money.
where to invest in order not to lose expert advice
Investment rules

1. Where to invest money in order not to lose-5 basic rules of investment
Rule # 1. Spare cash
Rule # 2. Regular income
Rule # 3. Investment plan
Rule # 4. Do not waste your profits
Rule # 5. Control your money
2. Where to get the money to invest them profitably — tips
3. 13 ways to invest money to make them work and bring income
Way to # 1. Bank Deposit (in which Bank it is better to put money at interest)
Method # 2. Investing in mutual Funds
Way to # 3. Real estate acquisition
Way to # 4. Precious metal
Way to # 5. Business
Way to # 6. Purchase of securities
Way to # 7. Private lending (P2P-lending)
Way to # 8. Currency purchase
Way to # 9. Investing in art
Way to # 10. Internet project
Way to # 11. Binary options
Way to # 12. PAMM-account
Way to # 13. Investing in yourself
4. Where to invest money at a high percentage with a guarantee-7 investment principles to earn
Principle 1. Long-term Outlook
Principle 2. Careful examination of the funding instrument
Principle 3. Own opinion
Principle 4. Know how to stop
Principle 5. Not hurry
Principle 6. Choose the winners
Principle 7. Think about tomorrow.
5. Where to invest money to get a monthly income-5 useful expert tips
Expert advice #1. Try to minimize the risk for part of their investments
Expert advice #2. Create a permanent passive income
Expert advice #3. Separate ways of investing (Diversification)
Expert advice #4. High-yield investment
Expert advice #5. Check the information
6. Where not to invest money so as not to burn out-the main mistakes of investing
7. Where to invest 100000 — 500000 - 1000000 Euro to earn-real ways + examples of investing a small amount of money to make a profit
Example of investing money №1 (from 5000 euros)
Example of investing money №2 (from 10,000 euros)
Example of investment No. 3 (25,000 — 30,000 euros)
Example of investing money №4 (from 50,000 euros)
Example # 5 (where you can invest 100000 — 500000 Euro to earn)
Example № 6 (where you can invest 1000000 euros to earn)
8. Conclusion
1. Where to invest money in order not to lose-5 basic rules of investment
So still, how to invest money so as not to lose them and what should be done to make them work and bring income? On our website richpro.ru introducing the 5 rules of investments that need to be taken up. They will be for you a kind of "Handbook", which will help to make the most correct actions to save and save money.

These rules have been developed through experience and have proven effective over the years.

Rule # 1. Spare cash
This is the first rule that says that you can invest (invest) only those funds that are available after the fulfillment of all the basic obligations and needs, that is, we are talking about money not taken on credit/debt, etc.

Never take money to invest on credit or debt. It is necessary to understand that subsequently unsuccessful investment can lead to bankruptcy and limit the possibility of return of Finance at the appointed time.

In addition, incorrectly calculated economic budget of your own family will cause additional difficulties for you. Indeed, sometimes emerging everyday problems are in urgent need of its solution.

Remember that private loans, credit debts can not only rewrite your good history, but also spoil relations with close relatives, obligations to which will remain unfulfilled.

But if you still decide to use the loan, our article is about where you can take a loan without refusal, even with a bad credit history-to help you.

Rule # 2. Regular income
When investing your own money, it is important to realize that you can only count on the money that you can earn in the usual way, without resorting to the results of investments. About where you can earn money without investment, we have already written in this article.

Divide these income items into 2 parts, one of which is constantly increasing capital, remaining untouched, and the second provides a personal existence and replenished monthly from stable sources.

Rule # 3. Investment plan
Make it in advance, defining clear parameters. Consider all your opportunities and ways, try to choose 2-3 types of investment. It is important to understand that your planned actions can be adjusted to the changing economic situation in the country. In other words, the investment plan should be flexible and relevant.

Try to make sure that all the free money was not invested in a single project (method of investment). The greatest efficiency will be the investment of funds in several projects. Even if in some area it is not possible to achieve profit (there will be a loss), other types of investment will correct the situation.

Rule # 4. Do not waste your profits
This rule says that the earned money should form and increase your capital. Many experts advise to withdraw the earned money from investing in other investment objects.

Form your own investment portfolio and look for the new most profitable sources of investment.

Rule # 5. Control your money
Try as often as possible to be interested in the movement of their own funds and assets, paying attention to even minor nuances. This will avoid many mistakes and problems, as well as allow you to make the right decisions on the contribution of their money.

Moreover, should pay careful attention to the dubious and outperformance proposals of investments. Carefully check all possible information on these types of investments.

Do not forget that the cases of fraud have become much more frequent and immediately determine the veracity of the intentions of the company/person is not always possible.

Inquire about the company that plans to cooperate with you. Browse through the various reviews online and learn from the experiences of other people having a history of investing in it.

Try to make preliminary calculations, pay attention to the total amount. Too fast and high profit should alert you.

Remember these simple rules, you will be easier to navigate in their own capabilities. It should be understood that only a thorough study of the situation and the proposals received will help to become a more competent investor.

We are used to trust the words of our friends, parents, relatives, but the situation is changing every day and yesterday's profitable deposits can turn into a risk of loss today. That is why you should count on your financial literacy.

According to experts, the income we receive on a monthly basis should be divided into 3 components:

the main is the money that is spent to buy food, clothing, payment of cost of apartment.
accumulative-is about 10% of the amount received. Here, spending is expected to purchase a car, a trip on vacation.
working-the remaining amount, which can be disposed of at personal discretion. It is the source of future investments.
As you can see, from the scheme, there is little money left for investment, but they are able to increase significantly with the right approach.

Even if there is a situation in which you got into the hands of a very profitable project, and own funds for it is not enough, try to find other investors/co-investors. By joining forces, you will create a common Fund, which in financial language is called a pool, thereby giving the start of the business itself to obtain higher interest rates.

These situations are not rare and people often seek to find like-minded people who have money. The General idea can give an incentive, and the collected capital – a good return.
2. Where to get the money to invest them profitably — tips
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Sometimes it seems that the very word "Investing" implies a large financial amount, which is difficult to find immediately. (Our article "Where to get money right now" to help you). That is why we try to put bills in a box, keeping them at home until better times.

In fact, this position is not true, because any free money should work for you, attracting new funds. If we talk about such a method as the preservation and augmentation of capital with a Bank Deposit, the initial amount of investments can be 1000 euros.

It is important to just choose the right Deposit in the Bank and the conditions of its use. About what types of Bank deposits are, read in a separate publication of our magazine.

Yes, the purchase of currency, precious metals, art, and even more so their own business will require you to a more significant amount. But here there is a way in which you can gradually collect the missing finances.

First, teach yourself to save. Try to make purchases correctly, creating your own benefit. We recommend you to read the article -" how to save money + expert advice»

And, secondly, monthly save 10 % of the income received for preservation. Thus, you will create a clear structure of distribution of funds and in a few months will come to the intended result.

where to invest money to earn
Profitable ways to invest money in order not to lose, save and earn
3. 13 ways to invest money to make them work and bring income
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Let's try to consider the most relevant options for investing your own money, determining their advantages and disadvantages.

Way to # 1. Bank Deposit (in which Bank it is better to put money at interest)
This is the most common way that is available to anyone who wants to invest their money. All its essence is that a contract is concluded on the basis of which all the money you Deposit is not only saved for a certain time, but also multiplied, according to the specified rate.

The investor (investor) acquires confidence that he will receive income, the amount of which can be calculated in advance. This method of working with money is beneficial for both sides.

where to invest in order not to lose
Method of investing №1 — the Deposit
You, replenishing the Deposit, work to increase it, and the Bank, taking money, conducts a lot of operations that give it their benefits.

So, your contribution at 10% is given for a loan with debt obligations to another client at 20% and, exactly a year later, the returned money will make a significant difference (income) to this institution.

Choose the best Deposit for yourself can be both independently and with the help of a consultant who is always guided in the proposals relevant to the period.

Another significant advantage of this method can be called Deposit insurance, introduced recently in connection with the regular bankruptcy of credit institutions. Now your contribution in the amount of 1 400 000 euros is subject to compulsory insurance, and hence the return in any case by the state.

That is, if your investment amount exceeds this threshold, you can divide the money using the services of several banks.

Despite these positive aspects, there are significant disadvantages. Thus, initially, for the invested funds, the lowest percentage of all investment methods is set and can range from 0.1% to 9%, which varies depending on the conditions of the proposed offer.

In addition, the unstable financial situation in the country leads to a constant depreciation of funds (inflation). But, even in this case, your small profit will avoid significant losses, keeping the capital at the same level.

In which Bank it is better to put money at interest in 2018 — the opinion of experts
Deciding for yourself in which Bank it is better to invest your money and where to open a Bank Deposit (Deposit account), we recommend to get acquainted with the TOP 5 banks of the country, paying attention to the reliability rating of these banks.

The Bank is more reliable if the main shareholder (controlling stake) is the state. It is unlikely that the state will be interested in bankruptcy of its own banks.

Reliable banks include, for example, such giants of the banking sector as Sberbank, VTB , Rosselkhozbank and some others.

So, the TOP 5 banks in which you can safely invest money at interest
In a separate article, we also wrote about which banks offer the most profitable deposits for individuals this year.

The reliability rating of banks changes slightly over time. But the first 3 (three) banks are almost always in place, as these are large banks with state financial support, that is, reliability at the highest level in the country. Here you can choose a Deposit with replenishment, capitalization of interest, as well as prolongation. You can read about capitalization and prolongation of the Deposit in one of our publications.

Method # 2. Investing in mutual Funds
People who are a little familiar with the stock exchange, stocks, bonds and securities prefer to invest in mutual funds (mutual Funds).

In fact, this combination only sounds difficult, but has a simple basis. It represents the collective investment and further management of funds. All the money is collected in the General Fund, and then with the help of a professional Manager sent to the selected method of use.

Scheme of work + organization of investments in mutual Funds
The principle of operation of mutual Funds
For the most part, we ourselves very rarely have real information related to the economic performance of even the most successful organization. Therefore, the ability to purchase any security is enough, but to manage it competently is not.

Important! Investing money in mutual Funds, we get the opportunity to purchase those shares, bonds, gold or currency, which have fallen slightly in price, but are able to gain their positions in the future, determining a good growth and a significant share of profits.

To achieve such an ideal situation, specialists in investment funds should be well versed in the economy not only at the level of their country, but also in the whole world. At the same time, it is important to know the basics of technical and fundamental analysis, view news feeds and be able to respond correctly to constant changes.

It is very difficult for an ordinary consumer to get a complex of such knowledge, and the more actively to dispose of it, so there is a need for specialist services. This is the essence of investing in mutual Funds. You give your free money to managers who have extensive experience and good statistics.

Thus, the advantage of the investment Fund is that at any stage you are provided with maximum support and various options for investing, from which you can choose the best.

There is no need to immediately dive into all the subtleties and nuances, to study daily ways of trading on the stock exchange, it is enough to properly entrust your funds. In addition, you can gradually thoroughly delve into the actions carried out by purchasing their own additional shares of the same organization.

It should be understood that the activities of any management company is subject to constant control by the state, and this is confidence for you in honest cooperation.

It is such strict measures in the legal field, legal issues that ensure the protection of our investment rights as shareholders.

For the most part, the company that values its reputation allows only verified employees with a special certificate to manage the attracted contributions. It is also important that the amount of your initial investment is almost unlimited. It can start from 1,000 euros.

All available capital can be distributed initially between several mutual Funds, which will allow you to create your own portfolio, limiting you in the share of risks.

Following the logic of the situation turns in this way: if even one investment Fund will expose your money to risks and bring you a loss, the other will help to recover the lost amount and is likely to provide income.

Even if the Fund is declared bankrupt, your property invested in this investment will be prohibited from being put up for auction by law. If necessary, you can always require the results of an independent audit, which is carried out daily. Thus, with the help of the Registrar, the Fund's own rights to the invested units and all property are recorded. And every year, the company's accounting is audited.

The negative side of this method can be called its own imprudence, when a young unverified specialist, taking up the case, "brings" You and your expectations.

Check in advance of his actions is difficult, so there is a risk of losing the accumulated money.

The only correct solution may be your desire to learn much more about the mutual Fund in which you plan to invest. Try to analyze the situation, look for reviews, read forums, insure yourself.

Way to # 3. Real estate acquisition
where to invest money - expert advice
Method of investment №3. Purchase of real estate (office, residential, etc.))
This method has always been the most effective for investing money. It should be understood that the purchased property (apartment, etc.) almost never loses its price. We have already told you how to buy an apartment and what you need to know when buying an apartment in a separate article.

Within the next few years, its cost will gradually increase. Sometimes it happens in surges, often just a systematic increase, but will always enable its owner to be in the black. More details about investing in real estate, as well as the pros and cons of this method of investing, we wrote the last material.

In addition, the purchased option can always be rented, and this is a way of passive income, which leads to further accumulation. Experts have noticed that in order to invest it is best to buy simple rooms or one-bedroom small apartments.

The rented space of two such objects is several times more expensive than one area consisting of 2 rooms.

Just a small square easier to repair, giving it a presentable appearance, and furnish your furniture. If you operate in the language of numbers, the rent of the purchased room will bring us 10-20% per annum, which will pay off investments in 6-8 years, and then the period of net profit will begin.

But the rent of the whole apartment brings only 5-7% per annum and this is a longer period of return of their funds. In addition, the existing method of daily delivery of housing gives the most favorable prospects, but entails the need for constant work to find living people, and repairs, the implementation of which will become more frequent.

You will need to provide not only the best conditions, but also the prestige of the location of the room in the area. Investing your own funds in housing has a lot of advantages. This stability, and the ability to continue living and return the money invested at any time.

It is necessary to understand that you can always sell the property. (About how to do it quickly, read the article -" how to quickly and profitably sell an apartment?"). In addition, you can easily give your square meters, pass them by inheritance or bequeath to a particular person.

The disadvantage of this method is the high cost of the object and the difficulties in making the transaction. So it is not always easy to collect the amount of 500 000 euros, and even a loan taken from the Bank, imposes on you a lot of obligations. But the availability of money on hands is not a guarantee of a successful result.

In today's world, there are many schemes used by scammers in the sale of housing. And your initial conviction may later turn out to be a fraud.

So vigilance is very important at the time of the search of the premises, verification of documents and work with lawyers.

Way to # 4. Precious metal
A very common way of investing was the purchase of gold. It is purchased in special bars and is usually stored in the same banks, creating a special account.

Over time, the prices of this instrument can both rise and fall, but for the most part they provide the owner with a precious metal profit. Buy it is not difficult even on the day of treatment.

If the transaction takes place in an impersonal form, the VAT on the fact of sale or purchase is not charged. But the formation of metal ingot involves the payment of value added tax of 18% (VAT).

In addition to gold, silver, palladium and platinum are actively sold. In fact, the entire income of the depositor is formed due to the growth of the value of precious metals in the world markets. If necessary, accounts can be replenished in the monetary equivalent of the value of this investment instrument.

Closing the contract, under its terms, the Bank has the right to give you not only financial means, taking into account the increase in the amount, but also the bars themselves. By the way, very often closed before the time the account does not entail the payment of accrued interest.

The advantages of this method are that it protects savings from inflation, protects the owner in any unstable economic or political situations in the country. In addition, there is a high liquidity of use, that is, a rapid transfer to cash, as well as a steady increase in the cost of them.

Among the disadvantages are the need to create special storage conditions, purchase and sale is made only through the banking system, and the increase in capital growth is slow.

In addition, when working with this method, you need to follow a few basic rules.

First, the acquisition of precious metals is important to carry out in the most favorable period. Try to determine the main decline in prices.

Secondly, it should be understood that such investments pay for themselves only in the long term.

And, thirdly, getting to the main actions, try to study the market, understand the peculiarities of production and consumption of each metal, as well as analyze the forecasts of experts.

Getting gold gradually depletes its reserves, which makes the price more expensive after a time period.

Way to # 5. Business
where to invest money at a high interest rate with a guarantee
The method of attachment No. 5. Business creation and development
The creation and development of your own business, as well as the acquisition of a ready-made project involves special risks in the initial stages. In General, of course, the sphere of investment of funds is considered profitable, but to achieve such a result is very difficult. About how to start a business, we have already written in our issue, which provides detailed instructions on how to open, what to look for, as well as the popular business ideas as examples.

It is important not only to calculate the amount of investment, availability of staff, purchase of goods and other items of expenditure, but also to take into account the rental of premises, the permeability of the planned space, and even the cost of the average check, giving reason to talk about the profitability of the event.

In addition, there are a number of factors that can disrupt the original plans. This is the presence of competitors, not established relations with suppliers, modernization of equipment, changes in Russian legislation, and much more.

The advantage of such investment can be considered the possibility of joint ownership of the business, collective management and the search for a niche poorly occupied by competitors.

Under such conditions, as well as the competent conduct of business can not only get a good income, but also to be sure of its permanence.

The negative side of this method is the lack of 100% guarantees. Your invested funds may, as a result, not only fail to return, but also impose special obligations to eliminate debts incurred as a result of activities.

Any sphere of business requires special attention, constant work and personal dedication. You will either have to constantly monitor the flow of Affairs with the money invested, or independently participate in them, achieving positive results.

In more detail and in detail about investments in business, we wrote in our last material.

Way to # 6. Purchase of securities
Investing in such instruments becomes profitable in the long term. Their main types in your portfolio can be called stocks, bonds and Eurobonds.

where to invest money to get a monthly income
The way to invest, No. 6. Purchase of securities (shares, bonds, etc.))
Consider each purchase in more detail.

Thus, "share" is a security that gives an opportunity to confirm its right to share in the company's capital. It allows not only to receive dividends, but also to participate in the management of the enterprise.

The main advantage of this acquisition can be considered a huge profit based on the growth of its price. The whole scheme of storage and control of such papers is now in electronic form, so it is very convenient to use.

Also, when working with securities, many companies open their controlled firms in offshore zones ("offshore"). What is offshore we have already written in our previous issues.

Negative side, the experts referred to the high risk of storing these tools. This purchase is made at your own risk. No one gives a good guarantee of the success of such an event.

"Bonds" to their owners increase capital gradually. Its growth is weak, but it makes it possible to become stable. In the General portfolio of securities they are purchased, most likely, to diversify, that is, to expand the range.

They reduce the risk and are suitable for those users who are able to expect a long period of addition of the initial funds.

"Eurobonds" are most often issued by corporations and the government in the face of foreign currency. The initial rate for their purchase is $ 1000.

The main advantage of this method of investment is the cost difference of currencies. Due to this, you can get a good income and sell bonds at any time without losing interest.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is very difficult to choose the right shares or bonds in your portfolio. You will have to resort to the opinion of professionals and experts.

Only they, understanding the real economic situation of our country, as well as understanding all the nuances of work in this field are able to advise and choose the best solution for you.
Way to # 7. Private lending (P2P-lending)
Another method that is now the most widely used. This is a method in which the money is provided to the borrower on special terms. It is important to draw up a contract, to assess all the risks and losses, to study the personal data of the person with whom to work.

Your advantage is high profitability. Providing credit obligations from one individual to another for a short period of time allows you to get up to 50% per annum. But the disadvantages of this method are also serious.

There is a possibility of non-repayment of borrowed funds. Even a very careful search for borrowers does not guarantee their honesty.

Way to # 8. Currency purchase
This method of investment can be carried out with the help of banks (banking institutions, branches, etc.), and attracting brokerage companies to trade in the Forex market. You can trade currency pairs through the Olympus trade broker.

If in the first case you just need to provide a document proving your identity, in the second — a special contract is signed, which may initially carry additional risks. In one of the articles of our magazine you can learn how to start trading on Forex and what you need to pay attention to when choosing a Forex broker.

That is why it is important to choose the right professionals with significant experience in this field. The most popular currencies today are: the us dollar, the Euro, the Japanese yen, the Swiss franc, and the British pound sterling.

The main advantages of this method are some points.

First, the increase in profits is achieved in 100% or more, which allows you to increase the initial capital, enriching daily.

Secondly, if you know the dynamics of exchange rate growth, it is possible to protect yourself from inflation. You can choose the currency, determine its changes and predict the future consequences.

Third, the purchase for you is not limited in time. This process can be scheduled for any period of personal free time.

And, fourth, providing constant access to the Internet, you are able to control the situation, monitor the change of course, to determine the effectiveness of their further actions.

The drawback with these advantages is only one-it is the unpredictability of the currency. In order to make the right decision, you need to carefully monitor the changes, be able to correctly predict the behavior of quotations and try to bet on various types of funds.

So, experts advise to instantly increase their start-up capital to make an investment in the dollar or Euro. (What will happen to the dollar in the near future, we wrote in the last issue, which provides advice and expert opinions).

If you prioritize the safety of funds, despite the difficult political situation, pay attention to the pounds sterling or Swiss franc.

Of course, their purchase is more expensive, but this operation gives stability, because their position is more stable in the foreign exchange market.

☝ Also, in recent years, the growing popularity of investing in cryptocurrencies. We described them in detail in the last issue.

Way to # 9. Investing in art
This is one of the stable ways not only to save your money, but also significantly increase them. To do this, it is important not only to really understand the art, but also to attend special events, choosing their future customers.

This method has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. As you know, the art market has existed for a long time and everyone can become a participant regardless of gender, age, and even religious prejudices.

The first and significant advantage of working with masterpieces is a very simple procedure for the acquisition of works. There are no special formalities, licensing, special checks. The investor selects the future purchase from the catalog or directly visiting the gallery itself. He called the price of your favorite fabric according to the established price list.

If necessary, an expert confirming the authenticity of the work is involved. Such a specialist can be provided both by the organization itself and from the circle of personal preference. Liked the work carried out by the purchase operation and give the investor on hand.

By the way, it is believed that investing in such sources becomes the most profitable in times of crisis, war or extreme situations. This is a kind of capital protection, providing further and profit.

This method can be considered long-term, because only after a long time it is possible to receive significant dividends.

But against the background of these advantages can be identified and a number of shortcomings. Let's start with the fact that this market has low liquidity. Auctions are held with a frequency of 1-2 times a year, and the sale can take from 6 to 18 months.

In addition, the presence of buyers who can pay you the required amount is very limited and it is important to convince them of the importance of the acquisition. Many credit institutions refuse to lend to their clients, even if they are trying to provide collateral for the very objects of art.

No product is able to bring its owner an intermediate income, such as renting an apartment or buying shares, but the costs are significant. The owner must provide not only the correct storage conditions, but also insurance, security, delivery.

In addition, sometimes it happens that the period of price increase is replaced by its stability and waiting for a long time the owner can just get a small profit. Even at well-known auctions and auctions there is no 100% protection against counterfeiting. Often, the staff of experts there is very limited and check all the works of art physically is not possible.

Many experts advise to take this method of capital investment very seriously. Try to provide for yourself the maximum possible methods of verification of works for authenticity, involve those employees who will give a guaranteed result.

It is necessary to understand that only that cloth which long time was not offered for sale and carried out it in one collection has serious chances of increase in the cost.

Way to # 10. Internet project
With the development of modern technologies, this direction of investment on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular.

where to invest money at high interest rates with a guarantee
Way to invest money # 10. Investing in Internet projects
At its core, it has 2 areas that may be of interest to both a novice investor and an experienced specialist.

First, the world wide web allows you to create innovative web resources that are regarded as a startup. By the way, what is a startup we wrote in our last article.

In a General sense, these are sites that have unique content that are built specifically for subsequent sale. (We also recommend you to read the General article - how to create a website for free).

Secondly, you can invest in creating your own website, which will become the Foundation of your business and on a regular basis will bring additional funds.

And, thirdly, the financing of those projects that you think are the most profitable.

Let's look in more detail in each direction to understand how profitable it can become later.

In the first case, you will need to come up with an original idea that will interest the future buyer of its profitability. Having worked it more carefully, it is important to understand even the smallest details.

Next, experts are involved able to realize the idea, and your task is to monitor at each stage of work. Later, a scheme is formed, according to which in reality this business project is carried out and tested.

Your invested funds are returned with a return. The amount of profit received depends entirely on the degree of development of the created website and its attractiveness for future owners.

The second case has a more common origin and is beneficial for a number of reasons. Create your business online, you can even with a small capital.

You save on retail space, warehouses, staff, but have the opportunity to access a wide range of users and engage in the implementation at a convenient time.

Investing in this type of activity is less risky than creating a business in reality. But the development of this direction and the multiplication of initial financial sources depends entirely on your employment, interest and intentions.

The third way to invest through the space of the world wide web is also associated with doing business, only people able to prove the effectiveness of their start. There are many sites where people place their projects with a specific description of the cost and level of profit.

They offer you to invest in it, promising a certain share of the shares, which can later receive income or gain money for their sale. Registration of such obligations is a special type of contract, worked out by experts.

Investing in Internet projects-this is the direction that should be studied very carefully, because you can not predict the result in advance. Of course there are risks.

And, perhaps, the disadvantage of this method can be called unpredictability. Experts estimate that of the 10 proposals put forward for consideration, only 4 can become profitable.
Way to # 11. Binary options
This is the fastest way to make a profit from the invested funds. It is based on two components: the ability to take risks and a clear detailed study of the economic situation.

what to invest in
Way to # 11. Investing in binary options
Your task is to provide the correct forecast for the price of the asset used. For example, a person is most convenient to work with shares. By purchasing an option on them, he bets that, for example, exactly one day their cost will be much higher than indicated at the moment.

After the specified time, the result is evaluated. In the case where the assumptions are confirmed, the profit margin will range from 65-85%. This is a significant addition of capital invested.

Important! We recommend you to choose reliable binary options brokers, for example, the company" Olymptrade", which are regulated by independent organizations of the CFR, CySEC, CRFIN, FCA.

But do not forget that you can not guess. That's when 80-100% of the bet is lost. We have already written in detail about options in our issue- " what is binary options, divorce for suckers - the opinion of experts and real reviews of beginners»

At first glance, it may seem that earning income in this way is just a game of chance. In fact, this is not the case. It is necessary to delve a little into the created system, and you will make predictions more correct, and this consequently increases the chances of a favorable outcome of the bet.

When investing in binary options, it is worth considering that they have a lot of advantages.

First, those trading tools that will be offered to you, have a wide range and provide the right to a huge selection. So anyone, even a novice investor can work with both standard currency pairs and precious metals, shares of various companies, oil and other assets.

Secondly, your level of profit and possible risk are predetermined. In General, it is possible to calculate in advance how much money will be able to get as a result of a positive outcome of the case and what may be lost in the wrong decision of the situation.

Some trading platforms offer their customers to set a percentage of the future outcome.

For example, by setting the numbers 80/70, you lose 80% of the rate without guessing it, or acquire 70% of the initial capital.

Third, any depositor who wishes is always provided with easy access at any time of the day. That is, there is no need to download and install additional software, pass the levels of control or somehow confirm your identity.

It is enough to get to the official website of the trading platform and you can track the results, make new bets, analyze the situation. In addition, all trade continues every minute, without breaks on weekends, holidays or night. Thus, your desire to start earning on the invested money can come true at any second, just find free time.

And, fourth, the trading interface is designed so that it becomes intuitive even to the most uninitiated beginner. All intermediate price fluctuations of the chosen instrument are removed, giving only the final result at the time set by you.

There are 2 main principle: CALL UP the transaction for a purchase (profit from rising prices) and PUT DOWN — the sale transaction (the income when the prices fall). Despite such a number of advantages, it is necessary to understand that binary options, like any other type of capital investment can have some disadvantages.

Let's list some of them. So, the only failure made by you is able to take away up to 90% of the invested capital. And this is sometimes a very significant amount, and to return it back requires about 3-4 successful transactions.

In addition, it is not permissible to interrupt or refuse transactions in advance. Even if you understand the error of their actions, and the deteriorating forecast constantly confirms your guesses, we can only hope for a miracle, waiting for the end result.

Also, the program itself assumes no credit obligations. That is, you can only invest the available funds available to you. On the one hand, this is even good, because, as a rule, a novice investor is included in the excitement and is able to spend more than he was going to from the beginning.

But, on the other hand, there are some types of transactions or the stability of the economic situation, when a positive result can be predicted in advance, and this can lead to significant earnings.

Only money at this point in your account is very small. Working with binary options is able not only to save the invested funds, but also to significantly increase them, it is only necessary to understand the situation correctly and to study in more detail the scheme of work with each tool.

Way to # 12. PAMM-account
This is another way to manage your finances, which allows you to entrust personal savings specialist. More information about PAMM accounts — what it is, how to open and choose a PAMM account for investment, we told in one of our articles.

where to invest in Russia
The method of attachment №12. Investing in PAMM — accounts
It is necessary to understand at once, what is the difference between a mutual investment Fund (mutual Fund) and a PAMM account.

If in the first case the Manager has full access to your funds and can dispose of them at its discretion, without being responsible even in the case of losses, the second option involves only the presence of a Deposit, which can be carried out only by coordinated actions.

PAMM account is intended for trading, making transactions, but only technologically. Moreover, all the funds provided for investment in this account can be not only checked at any time, but also to stop the actions of the Manager at any time.

The main advantages of depositing money in this way are:

The opportunity to earn a substantial profit with the help of skillful actions of a specialist. As you know, such accounts provide access to the most profitable investments.
Minimum investment threshold. Some of these accounts can start with the amount of $ 100 and that is why they become not only attractive, but also available to a large number of people.
Full control. Thanks to the automated system, the account holder can easily and quickly analyze the actions carried out, and all calculations are performed automatically.
Easy choice of Manager. During all the working processes, not only its statistics, but also the history of operations are published to each PAMM account, which makes it easy to view the situation today, contact your Manager and, if necessary, replace it.
Portfolio formation. As in the situation with mutual Funds, the occurrence of risks is always possible. That is why you need to insure yourself by creating multiple accounts with different assets.
Liquidity of operations. At any time, if necessary, you can not only enter your funds, but also withdraw them. The whole operation takes no more than a day, but gives the owner confidence that there is control and even the most complex transactions can be stopped during their conduct.
Way to # 13. Investing in yourself
This is another way of investing money. It is considered to be very advantageous in the sense that even the smallest knowledge gained when attending courses can become a serious platform for further start.

In General, this type of investment has 3 main directions.

1. Health
Even if you seem to be 18 years old, you do not have problems in this area, be sure that they will appear to you without due attention. And how well you take care of it now, depends on your condition in adulthood.

Therefore, investments in this sphere can be considered to be proper nutrition, taking vitamins, walking in the fresh air, a visit to the doctors for a checkup.

2. Appearance
This is a constant work on yourself. To ensure that you normally perceived need to monitor the cleanliness of the clothes, their own fragrances, skin, nails and hair.

Of course, there is no need to constantly visit expensive salons and spend all the money on procedures, but also to arrange meetings when the external image is similar to a fat greasy cat, is also useless.

Try to join the sport to have a beautiful figure and toned belly, watch your hair, and even more unpainted hair roots, sign up for a manicure and pedicure.

Timely monitor the condition of the skin and at least get the necessary cream to help fight wrinkles, pay a shot on your wardrobe. Try to choose for him things of good quality in a strict business style. Do not forget to wash and iron your clothes in time.

3. Knowledge
The implementation of the first two main points entails further personal growth. Now it is important to read books of different orientation, drawing for themselves something important.

Make it a rule to read at least 50 pages daily. Sign up for useful courses, trainings, attend presentations (such as — "how to increase self-esteem and self-confidence", etc.), try to communicate with new interesting people.

If you have the opportunity to watch a training video, use it. Plan a trip to another country or city, choose excursions with which you can learn the history, different types of architecture.

Believe me, there is nothing informative about visiting the beach or the bar. In addition, good to get to the Museum, theater, cinema, Botanical garden or even a zoo.

Investing in yourself - is knowledge, experience, skills, ability to apply the full range of skills in practice at the right time for you. It is not for nothing that wise people said: "Knowledge is not carried behind, and you never know what information will be useful to you today."

We also recommend that you watch the video, which describes 18 ways in which you can invest money to get a monthly income:
4. Where to invest money at a high percentage with a guarantee-7 investment principles to earn
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About where you can invest money with a guarantee, we wrote above, so we also offer to get acquainted with the principles of investment.

the investment of funds with a view to profit
The basic principles of investing money at a high interest rate with a guarantee of income
Principle 1. Long-term Outlook
Imagine a situation in which the market, which has become so familiar to you, just closed and decided to resume its activities only after a few years. Where would the money have been invested?

Try to think ahead, without resorting to daily quotes, moods of other investors, fluctuations in the cost of raw materials and finished products. So, for example, take the purchase of shares of the famous company "Coca-Cola". Even at the time of its conquest of the market, they cost $ 40.

The increase in the price of sugar in those years forced the price of the security to fall to its minimum. There was a stir at which they were sold almost for nothing, but today we understand how profitable then became these purchases. Agree that this is a great example of where you can invest money to earn. This prospect can offer you the shares of another company, the purchase of gold, Antiques and even apartments.

Principle 2. Careful examination of the funding instrument
Before you give even a small amount of their blood savings, try to do a deep analysis of the chosen method. Talk to those who are already working in this field, consider their experience. This principle particularly applies to such areas as mutual funds, work in the stock markets, PAMM accounts.

Principle 3. Own opinion
It is not enough to have just information even collected very carefully, it is important to be able to cut off all unnecessary and view the perspective in the future.

Try not to succumb to the oppressive opinion from the outside, develop your character, determining your result and the result of investments.

Principle 4. Know how to stop
Sometimes it happens that work in one direction ceases to be profitable and there can be many reasons.

Consider other options, look for more promising investments, learn to close unnecessary pages.

Principle 5. Not hurry
Making investment transactions in the modern world, we rely mainly on the help of the Internet. It seems both more efficient and faster. But this position is not initially correct. It is important to understand the subtleties and nuances, to determine the outcome of the case and only then make a decision.

After all, the question of where to invest money at a high percentage with a guarantee requires taking into account all the outcomes of the event (from receiving large losses to receiving a decent income).

Principle 6. Choose the winners
It should be understood that even against the background of the difficult economic situation in the country there are such companies that give good performance and develop very steadily. The task of the investor is to find access to its shares and get them for the success of the business.

Principle 7. Think about tomorrow.
This principle of investment is that even if you are very lucky today you should not stop there, withdrawing all the money to buy expensive things.

Continue your business, look for new sources, tools, methods, collect your portfolio. Only this way of action will lead to a stable positive result.

5. Where to invest money to get a monthly income-5 useful expert tips
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Where to invest money to get income every month we wrote above, so we also offer to get acquainted with the advice of experts who have experience in investing.

As we earn our money, we try not only to keep it, but also to increase it, and in the conditions of crisis, lack of stability and difficult economic situation in the country there is a feeling of fear, accompanied by a sense of loss.

So, expert advice where to invest money to earn and not to lose them:

Expert advice #1. Try to minimize the risk for part of their investments
From the entire amount of capital separate 30% and give yourself a guarantee that they will be invested without loss. In this way, experts believe the Bank Deposit, the purchase of art, the purchase of gold bars, precious metals and real estate.

The main essence of the Council is that in any future location of Affairs you will be able to save the starting amount, and if possible, and even earn on it.

Expert advice #2. Create a permanent passive income
If this is your principle, pay attention to the purchase of shares or bonds, and in General securities.

By the way, even the purchase of their square meters, then leased, will allow you to also receive a monthly income. You can read more in our article - " how to create passive income - ideas and sources of passive income»

Expert advice #3. Separate ways of investing (Diversification)
It is important to understand that keeping all the money in a single project is very inefficient, diversify your investments. That is why, providing stability, try to find a profitable business or become a co-investor of the case, which in its own opinion will be very advantageous.

Expert advice #4. High-yield investment
For economical and Thrifty people, this method of investing should be the most extreme, because in fact it is associated with great risks. Your appeal to mutual Funds or PAMM accounts, and even more binary options, will allow you to instantly receive income, and put at risk the entire initial capital.

Expert advice #5. Check the information
Before you invest your money you need to carefully and meticulously examine the object of investment. To make sure that the expected yield is correct, you may be offered to invest in an object with questionable profitability.

6. Where not to invest money so as not to burn out-the main mistakes of investing
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Despite many warnings and a huge amount of information on the Internet, people who want to invest their own money, make a number of mistakes that lead to undesirable results.

The first and most important point is that beginners give their finances at random, agreeing with the arguments of friends, relatives and even third-party representatives of the world wide web. Of course, the probability of getting income still remains, but it is reduced to a minimum.

The second mistake can be called emotional state. It is not uncommon when inspired by the example of a friend, a person tries to imitate his behavior, repeating every step of investment, but without a clear calculation and pre-thought prospects instead of multiplying the funds we get their loss.

Another right thing to do is hurry. People are in a hurry in choosing an investment tool, as well as in the desire to pick up the first results. As everyone knows, profits don't grow on trees. That is why it must be expected. Give yourself time to understand the intricacies and objects, learn to act systematically.

to invest money to earn
Real examples of investing money for profit-ways to invest 100000, 500000, 1000000 euros to earn
7. Where to invest 100000 — 500000 - 1000000 Euro to earn-real ways + examples of investing a small amount of money to make a profit
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Even the smallest earned capital is already becoming the object of further reflection. It is like a small door that opens the way to the world of big investment.

So, consider where to invest money profitably, starting with a small amount of 5 000 euros and ending with 1 million.

Example of investing money №1 (from 5000 euros)
So, having a small amount of money, such as 5,000 euros, you can try to risk them by investing for the first time in a binary option, PAMM account or mutual Fund, but even such actions should be considered.

On the one hand, the fact of a negative result will not be as sad as if it were another more significant sum.

But, on the other hand, even such money can be successfully invested in the purchase of currency or Bank account replenishment.

By the way, you can puzzle yourself with the promotion of your own website or leave as the initial capital to choose another tool for investing money.

Example of investing money №2 (from 10,000 euros)
The sum of 10 000 euros, gives a more interesting perspective. It also allows you to work with the banking structure, though the expectation of a profitable result can be delayed for a long time.

They will be enough to buy a low-cost website that really promote on their own, and then sell to the future owner. By the way, making the site popular, you can attract advertisers there, making your passive income.

Example of investment No. 3 (25,000 — 30,000 euros)
Having on hand 25000-30000 euros pay attention to the mutual Funds and PAMM accounts, where the level of earnings will be significant. It would be nice to buy shares of the company. Perhaps now they are not so attractive, but after 5-7 years they will definitely rise in price.

You can already become a co-investor or even an owner of a small business on the Internet.

Example of investing money №4 (from 50,000 euros)
The amount of 50,000 euros is much more difficult to invest. Most likely the first time not everything will turn out well. But an important rule for you to follow is diversification, that is, the distribution of money in different directions.

Be prepared for the fact that most likely 25% of this money will remain in the high-risk zone and not return back. You can put part of the amount on a Bank Deposit or purchase securities.

It is also not difficult to entrust their management to a specialist who will determine the best directions with the help of his knowledge. Best if it's a PAMM account.
Example # 5 (where you can invest 100000 — 500000 Euro to earn)
Received 100-500 thousand euros is already convenient to place on the Bank account. This will give a significant result, because the percentage of the Deposit offered by the Bank is much higher. You can target the purchase of precious metals, foreign currency or invest in a business.

In any case, do not forget to divide a lot of money into small components. It should be understood that the storage of their capital in a box on the Cabinet gradually devalues it, but even the simplest Bank account can protect against inflation and other losses.

Before you invest 100000, 200000, 300000 or 500 thousand euros you need to allocate areas for investment.

For example, 100 thousand is invested in a Bank Deposit, the remaining amount is invested in the purchase of the property during the construction phase, etc. More in detail where to invest a large sum of money, see below.

Example № 6 (where you can invest 1000000 euros to earn)
One million euros is a significant amount of money to invest. Here you can consider any of the above methods for investing your money. The greater the amount to invest, the greater the income or loss, even the smallest fluctuation in the value of the asset (in which the money is invested) significantly affects the amount of profit and loss. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in reliable financial instruments.

What can you buy in a million or where to invest it?

In a million euros you can buy an apartment under construction or a small Studio apartment (room), you can give it to the trust management, etc.

Consider in more detail where you can invest large amounts of money:

1. Trust management
In this case, you entrust your money to specialists who are experts in the field of investment, earning and multiplying money. At this stage, your activity and role is terminated by signing the relevant documents.

You will need to regularly monitor the results of your money managers. Before transferring funds to trust management, pay attention to the experience and experience of the Manager (management company) and, of course, the profitability statistics for the last time.

It is recommended to choose those who show good results for a long time, for example, 20 %.

Important! Do not trust companies whose profitability is "leaps", that is, 1 year yield of 50 percent, the other — 30 %.

2. Real estate (land)
Buying land, apartments and other real estate has always been considered a reliable and successful investment in order to increase the capital invested. Naturally, in the economy there are periods when the cost of housing falls, but, as a rule, these are temporary phenomena. And a great opportunity to buy another asset in the form of real estate.

Buying a property, you invest money in real tangible assets, which are not afraid of financial disasters (inflation, defaults, etc.).)

For this amount you can buy a room (a small Studio apartment), and apartments under construction

3. Business
You can also invest in your own business or enter the capital of another business project, receiving a share of the business.

Choose a business idea, calculate all the costs and possible profitability (make a business plan) and start a business.

4. Purchase of shares (securities) of a foreign company
A private investor can buy securities (shares, bonds, etc.) on the stock exchange through investment companies that provide brokerage services.

Enter into a contract with the company (broker), which has a license to operate and a positive history in the provision of brokerage services. You can start trading shares through the broker "Olymp Trade", which is a member of the international Financial Commission.

We offer you to get acquainted with reliable ways of investing, where a large amount is required:

8. Conclusion
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A well-known expression that money should always work is relevant at all times, so even the smallest free funds try to invest so that it brings you a return.

Dear readers of the journal "job-law.org", we would be grateful if you share your knowledge, opinions and experience on the topic of publication in the comments below. Good luck and profitable investment!

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