New top 15 business ideas for Christmas 2019 - how to make money in Germany

Business idea # 1. New year bouquets of fruit on the basis of vegetable shop
Minimum investment-5000 euros.

The essence of the project — the production of non-standard delicious bouquets of fruit, decorated in the new year theme. Such original and healthy desserts will perfectly decorate the table for the New year with your family or colleagues, will be a real gift for children's party. Having a business selling fruit, you can get a good income during the new year holidays.

To implement such a project, you will need to undergo preliminary training in carving courses and purchase a small set of special tools for cutting. Having developed several options for such delicious products, you can offer your services:

owners of cafes and restaurants organizing new year corporate events;
private clients for family gala dinner;
entrepreneurs who want to congratulate their team outside the box.
Beautiful bouquets of fruit and chocolate in the form of Christmas trees, baskets or wreaths are in great demand in the price range from 1500 to 4500 euros. One trained employee produces 3-4 such products per shift. With a 100% mark-up, the daily profit on new year's days can be 5,000 euros.

Business idea # 2. Sale of hot drinks in places of folk festivals
Minimum investment-20 000 euros.

The essence of the business project-the organization of a mobile outlet offering hot soft drinks to everyone during the new year festivities. Very popular are small tents or vans that offer aromatic coffee, several types of tea in a beautiful convenient container and simple ready-made snacks. Relevant such business will be in the days of new year holidays and festivals at fairs.

To implement the project, you will need to rent a compact van with fully ready-to-use equipment. Take care of finding a place for future sales is necessary in advance. The most popular will be:

city squares, where festive Christmas trees are installed;
parks and squares with winter entertainment;
Christmas markets and Nativity scenes.
A new kind of such business is the sale of drinks from a special portable backpack on the go, which requires minimal costs.

Part of the costs must be invested in the festive decoration of the place of trade to attract customers with a special atmosphere. Given the low cost of one Cup with a prepared drink, we can talk about the daily turnover of up to 30 000 euros during the new year events.

Business idea # 3. Manufacture of clothing and accessories with a Christmas theme
Minimum investment-5000 euros.

The essence of the idea is to create clothes or warm accessories with the help of sewing or knitting, to offer customers beautiful and cozy products made of yarn or fabric. In the New year a good gift for loved ones can be a hat, scarf or mittens, decorated with a pattern of snowflakes, Christmas trees or cheerful drawings on the theme of the holiday. Among young people, boots with thematic embroidery are gaining popularity, and for a gift to a housewife practical potholders and aprons are offered.

To implement the project requires a small amount of materials at hand and advertising their products. Additional income can be obtained from putting on the sale of their hats or mittens in hand-made shops or Souvenirs, participating in holiday fairs.

Masters need to prepare in advance for the new year holidays in order to have goods for sale in the days of excitement. The price of the offered products consists of the spent materials and working time, which reaches 100% to the cost of thread or fabric. Offering mittens worth 500 euros per pair, we can talk about a net income of 250 euros with only one pair. The number of sales depends on the originality of Christmas things and advertising their services.

Business idea # 4. Christmas gift shop and accessories
Christmas gift shop

Minimum investment — EUR 100 000.

The essence of the business project is the opening of a store offering a wide range of products and accessories related to the new year theme. On the eve of the New year, most of the population is happy to go camping for new toys, Souvenirs and gifts. The relevance of this project is due to the great demand for such products designed for decoration and home decoration.

There are two ways to implement a project:

online store offering delivery to any convenient place;
standard sales Department in a large supermarket or market.
Its range should be developed taking into account the tastes and wishes of customers. It can include artificial Christmas trees and all the decorations to them, Souvenirs, dishes and table decor in the holiday theme. Necessary goods can be purchased in advance at wholesale bases or Chinese factories of similar products. The main amount of costs falls on the lease of the place of trade and its equipment, the salary of the seller and the purchase of lots for sale. The trade margin for most Christmas products reaches 100%, so such a project can be profitable and profitable.

Business idea # 5. New year photographer services
Minimum investment - 10 000 euros.

The essence of the idea — rent of premises, arrangement of it under the photo booth and decoration of the Christmas decor to conduct themed photo shoots. Increasingly popular are family or children's staged photos taken professionally. Some companies order such a service for the staff to support the corporate culture or to make an advertising calendar of the company.

To organize the project, it is necessary to rent a residential or specially equipped room in advance, buy or make original decorations with new year accents. Do not skimp on advertising their services, which can be placed on the Internet, handing out leaflets near entertainment or shopping centers.

Additional income can be special photobooks, which are made from the photos. This is a great gift to family and a souvenir with a beautiful design.

The cost of the new year photo session starts from 700 euros per hour. Spending daily 8 such events, we can talk about the minimum profit for the holidays in the amount of 5000-6000 euros per day.

Business idea # 6. Santa Claus and snow maiden on the house
Minimum investment-15 000 euros.

The essence of the idea is to provide costumed services to provide festive new year greetings at home or in the office of the customer. A simple and interesting form of entertainment and gift to the child enjoys a stable popularity during the holidays and winter holidays.

For the organization need only purchase colorful costumes and script writing custom letter. Office rent is not required for the period of work. Considerable time should be given to self-promotion. To do this, use posts in social networks, ads and leaflets. Start activity should be long before the New year to provide a customer base for all holidays.

Increase profits and make the idea of winning against the background of great competition can be due to:

interesting non-standard program;
attentive attitude to customers;
work with all family members.
The minimum cost of such a visit of fairy-tale characters in a couple to the house starts from 1000 euros depending on the region and the entertainment program. Having your own car, you can make at least 10 orders a day and save on transportation costs. Creative and responsible approach to each visit, creating a festive mood will help to find more customers thanks to the recommendations of satisfied customers.

Business idea # 7. Sale of live trees
Minimum investment - from 100 000 euros.

The essence of the idea is the wholesale purchase of live trees in forestry, the organization of a special place of trade and the sale of trees in the pre-holiday period. We already have a detailed article about the sale of Christmas trees for the New year. Despite the large range of artificial, natural Christmas trees with the smell of pine needles are in great demand as the main attribute of the New year. The relevance of such a project is possible even in high competition with the right choice of price range.

Start preparing for the implementation process should be long before the New year and choose the best economy, offering high-quality and inexpensive green goods. The main stages of the organization of such a new year process:

to documentation to trade and to rent a place;
to equip the point for implementation according to the legislation;
sign a preliminary contract with the forestry.
The main attention is paid to the selection of trees to offer a quality product to its customers. On new year's eve, the level of trade margins can reach more than 100%. Analysis of such projects shows the minimum amount of net profit of over 120 000 euros for a couple of weeks of active new year's sale.

Business idea № 8. Sale of artificial Christmas trees
Minimum investment - up to 100 000 euros.
The essence of this project is the wholesale purchase of artificial Christmas trees for their subsequent sale to buyers at retail. Such a business can be an ideal option for beginners. The great demand for beautiful and irreplaceable attributes of a favorite holiday makes it profitable even with a sufficiently high competition in the market.

It is better to make purchase of goods long before the beginning of a season or at the end of the previous. This will help to buy decent copies at the lowest price, especially for their storage does not require special conditions and a large area. A good range of offer manufacturers in China, further helping with delivery.

You can offer goods through the online store, or by organizing a full-fledged outlet in supermarkets, near bus stops and children's institutions during the new year holidays. Artificial Christmas trees can be offered for sale in toy stores, Souvenirs for a certain percentage, to ensure delivery to your home or office to the client.

The optimal level of mark-up is the range of 25-75%. With the initial cost of the simplest copies of 60 euros, the estimated amount of profit can be 180 000 euros, which is the real result of two weeks of work.

Business idea # 9. Sale of Christmas toys
Minimum investment - from 100 000 euros.

The essence of this project is the wholesale purchase of original Christmas tree toys at the bases or from suppliers for the purpose of their retail sale to buyers. This product is in great demand before the new year holidays and is an integral part of the decor. In addition to home decoration, products can be offered to owners of cafes, entertainment venues or developing children's centers.

Wholesale Christmas decorations are made from the beginning of September, allowing you to select low-cost and high-quality items. The lowest cost of different toys Chinese production, and the highest quality product can be found in domestic manufacturers.

To implement the project on new year's eve should:

rent a Department or a few meters of retail space in a place with good traffic;
to equip the layout with a simple shelving;
find the staff.
Given the high competition in this sales sector, you can offer customers exclusive handmade products, edible surprises, profitable promotions. The trade margin can be made up to 100%, which will allow you to get a good profit for 2-3 weeks of sales.

Business idea # 10. Christmas hand-made: postcards, candles, toys, champagne
Minimum investment - up to 100 000 euros.

The essence of the business project is the production of original and non-standard products, Christmas decorations and holiday decorations for sale to interested customers. Handmade products made by hand, are very popular as gifts for friends or colleagues, as well as home interior decoration. The relevance of the project depends on the combination of affordable price and practicality of such a product.

An economical option for the project is to open an online store or transfer their products for resale for a certain percentage of toy stores and Souvenirs. This is the best option for artists who do not have sales skills and want to engage only in the creative process. Its products should be made in advance to the new year holidays to have a decent range.

The main part of the costs will be spent on the purchase of materials for hand-made and rental of the place of trade. The sales value should include production costs for components, payment for the work of the artist. Participation in new year's fairs or holiday sales will give a good financial effect.

Business idea № 11. Sale and rental of Christmas costumes
Minimum investment - up to 100 000 euros.

The essence of the business idea-the purchase of a variety of costumes, accessories and jewelry to them, followed by the offer of rent and sale for entertainment. New year holidays are characterized by a great desire of adults and children to plunge into a fairy tale, trying on the role of a favorite character. This project makes the increase in the popularity of thematic corporate parties, new year's parties and festive photo shoots relevant.

For the organization and implementation of the project should take care of the purchase of a variety of costumes, which can be divided into categories:

children under 3 years;
children up to 10 years;
youth and adults.
The most popular costumes are popular characters, so a preliminary study of the preferences and interests of each price category can give a good result and significantly increase profits. All products should be divided into sales and rental. The cost of rental of the latter should include subsequent processing in the dry cleaning and the price of possible repairs. Offer your product should be in the rented Department of the shopping center, in the market. The amount of profit depends on the value of the margin, which is recommended at the level of up to 100% for suits and over 100% for jewelry to them.

Business idea № 12. Organization of new year children's holidays
Minimum investment-100 000 euros.

The essence of this project is the purchase or rent of special costumes, equipment and organization of festive events for children on the territory of the customer. New year holidays significantly increase the demand for such matinees and themed holidays. This business project makes non-standard and interesting scenario, individual approach to each child and affordable price for parents competitive.

The best option would be to organize such matinees on the road. Its services can be offered to educational institutions, kindergartens, shopping malls. Good income can be obtained from cooperation with cafes and restaurants, actively introducing the practice of festive events for children. On-site productions will require investments in costumes and equipment, writing scripts and transportation costs to move to the workplace.

With an average cost of a matinee of 300 euros and the number of children 20 people one hour holiday can bring 6000 euros of income. After deducting the costs of the organization and rental of premises, it can be assumed that during 4-5 matinees a day you can get a minimum net income of more than 250 000 euros for the holidays.

Business idea № 13. Organization of new year corporate events for companies
Minimum investment-50 000 euros.

The essence of this project — the organization of "turnkey" new year's event for employees of the organization of the customer, including entertainment. Increasingly, company executives want to encourage their employees, making them an interesting new year's eve in the office or restaurant. The relevance of this idea depends on the pricing policy and the ability to offer an original holiday for a reasonable amount.

For the implementation of such a project does not require large costs. The main costs are carnival costumes and the purchase of materials to create attributes. If possible, take these costumes for rent, so the expenditure part is reduced by half. The work sites are cafes and restaurants, the owners of which should offer their services. And you can rent a room for events on certain days.

For the success of the project, you should look for customers in advance, offering video or photo reports about your work, creating a website or a group in social networks. Cooperation with a particular restaurant will help you to find a Banquet with the organization of the menus and show programs. Profits will vary from the number of guests and can be a minimum of 20 000 euros per event.

Business idea № 14. Christmas taxi on your car
The minimum investment EUR 5 000.

The essence of the business idea is to provide taxi services on your car during the new year holidays, delivery of passengers on a festive night to their destination. Among the passengers is increasingly in demand service "sober driver", which is relevant on new year's eve and throughout the holidays. Many taxi companies can not boast of the quality of their drivers, guarantee their fresh and pleasant appearance.

To organize such a project, you will need a personal car, a lot of free personal time and small investments in advertising. To offer their services in advance, providing information and phone number in the ads. In paper form, you can place these leaflets in places of high cross-country, where the driver plans to work on new year's eve: shopping and entertainment.

Despite the competition, passengers prefer and choose:

comfortable and clean machines without the smell of nicotine;
sober courteous driver;
fast machine feed.
The average cost of the trip depends on the route, the city of work and during the new year holidays increases to 50%. Therefore, the daily profit can start from 5,000 euros with the proper elaboration of advertising and the supply of quality services to passengers.

Business idea № 15. Letters to children from Santa Claus
Minimum investment - 10 000 euros.

The essence of this project is the production of individual greeting letters in special envelopes for children. This service is becoming increasingly popular on the eve of new year holidays among loving parents who want to surprise their children with original gifts and surprises. Competition in this sector is quite low due to the reluctance of many entrepreneurs to engage in such hard work.

To work you will need a quality printer with color printing and imagination, which will help to make beautiful and colorful templates, funny greetings for children of all ages. You can offer your services through social networks by placing ads on parent forums. Good profit can be obtained from cooperation with employees of preschool institutions, toy stores and Souvenirs. You can send such letters by registered mail, working with customers from any city.
With established production, such a greeting can have a cost of 15-20 euros, and the price for sale is offered in 100 euros. With careful and painstaking work to find customers, you can make a profit for the holidays in the amount of 100 000 euros.
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