Types of passive income on the Internet: TOP 6 options

Types of passive income: what is passive income + 4 categories of passive income + 6 sources of income on the Internet + 3 rules that will help to achieve financial independence.

Who does not dream to sit at home, not working physically or mentally, and at the same time receive money into the account? With the advent of the world wide web, it has become not a dream, but a reality. Moreover, the only income for many people.

Today we will describe for you the most popular and proven types of passive income on the Internet.

What does "passive income"mean?

Residual or passive income is a stable source of income, in which physical activity is absent, and mental activity is minimized.

Let's look at one of the examples.

You have a hobby, for example, creating new clothes from old things. You have recorded a video compilation of the best ways to sew a new dress from an old husband's shirt, a skirt from a t-shirt, etc. Next, download this video on YouTube, it becomes popular, and you begin to receive passive income from the placement in the video advertising on YouTube affiliate program.

It turns out that passive income can bring not only money, but also a lot of fun. After all, you will do your favorite thing, and get paid for it. As the saying goes, " he who loves his job will never work."

4 categories of passive income
All passive income options can be divided into 4 groups:

An intellectual person creates an intellectual product, receives a fee or monthly dividends for it. 

For example, a writer has issued a popular book, and for many years he can profit from the sales of his work. The same source of income can be attributed to the invention, songwriting and music, creating music videos, movies, etc.
Investment needs start-up capital, and the amount to invest should be as large as possible. This money we invest, for example, in the purchase of an apartment with subsequent lease, put on Deposit in the Bank or buy shares to receive dividends.
Legal Source of income, which is put to a certain circle of people under the legislation of the Russian Federation. 

For example, this includes old-age or disability pensions, maternity capital at birth and other social guarantees. 

This source of income is passive, but it will not bring much income. As a rule, funds are enough only for food and utilities.
Marketing you create your website, blog, video channel-any platform where you can post and gather your target audience. Next, you get money for advertising, which is placed on your page.
Please note: in order to start earning passively, you need to invest a large amount of money or use your intelligence. If you read somewhere or hear that you can make money, and at the same time do nothing at all, in front of you is a clear fraudulent scheme.

Any millionaire at first worked very hard, slept for several hours a day, made investments, took risks, thought a lot, studied. The organization of this type of activity, which brings a significant passive income, will take at least 1-2 years – you need to be ready for this.

So do not rush to quit your job and sit at home in search of a simple form of earnings in the network. First, decide how you can earn money, do it after work and in other free time.

There are 3 basic rules to follow to earn passive income:

In the idea you need to invest.
Do not spare personal time.
Engage in self-education.
Success and income will come if at the very beginning you apply to the organization of the source of income strength and energy.

Types of passive income on the Internet: 6 options

To find a job on the Internet just today. Many not only live on the money, but still was able to buy an apartment, a car began to travel, etc. Completely passive such income is difficult to call, because you need a lot of work at the beginning of development your online business (as a rule, not only in the beginning).

Where to invest money: ideas + analysis + rules

In the future, if your initiative will be a successful project, you can afford to simply manage the process. But then it is necessary to look for in the team of people and to pay them a fee.

Consider the most popular methods of passive income in the network.

Option 1. Creating your own website
The first step is to choose an idea, a theme for the future site. Think: maybe you dreamed of doing something all your life, you have a hobby and you are looking for like-minded people.

For example, you studied to be a lawyer, but by coincidence, a job in the profession and have not found. Create a legal website, publish thematic articles that will be of interest to your potential visitors.

In the list of the most profitable options for the site lead:

If you really put all your energy into the project, promote the portal using certain methods of SEO-optimization, it will be in the Top search engines and quickly interest advertisers.

The more popular will be the portal, the more orders for advertising, and higher income.

There are 3 ways to get income from the sale of advertising on your own resource:

Selling links.

As soon as the service gains popularity, you can think about selling links on its pages. How it works?

You place an ad on the Internet that you sell links to advertise on your site. An interested person can order a guest article (unique and maximally SEO-optimized) on your portal, in which some hyperlink will be placed.

In this article, advertising of another thematic portal occurs most often. The service of selling links is used to increase the attendance of another resource and raise its rating in search engines.

Place an ad for the sale of links can be on German resources

If the portal is very popular, the cost of placing one link can exceed tens of thousands of rubles.

Contextual advertising.

Every Internet user has seen contextual advertising. Its focus depends on the requests you entered in the search engines Google and Yandex, the company informed.

For example, a person was looking for where it is more profitable to buy a refrigerator. Then when you visit the site, where there are blocks of contextual advertising, the visitor will see advertising store refrigerators.

How does contextual advertising on the site look like:


The amount of earnings depends on the theme of the portal, the place where the ad unit will be placed, and many other factors.

The following services will help to organize a passive type of income from contextual advertising:


Sale of banners.

You can also develop by placing banner advertising on your website. It works on the same principle as earnings on contextual advertising.

For example, your website is legal. In this case, any lawyer who needs advertising can buy a banner on your website. On it will be placed his data-name, phone, city reception, etc.Visitor who needs legal advice, be sure to click on this advertisement.

It is worth knowing that, unlike contextual, this type of advertising does not adapt to recent visitor requests. Visitors page will show those banners that you place.

There are special services through which you can sell space for banner advertising:

Option 2. Investment

If we are talking about the passive type of earnings, more suitable to call it will be difficult. Its only "minus" - will be able to receive income only those who already have start-up capital.

The simplest type of investment is investing in a Bank at a favorable interest rate. In some cases, these percentages can live and do not deny yourself anything. To do this, of course, the amount of initial investment should be large – the only way the percentage of the Deposit will be able to cover all your expenses.

You can choose the best type of Deposit here:

You can also invest your capital in shares (choose, in which, you can here -, someone's business (your offer you can place)

If you want to earn money on investing, you must take into account several subtleties:

Before you give money to the Bank, you need to know the interest rate, withdrawal conditions, and most importantly – to study the reputation of the financial institution. It is not uncommon for depositors to lose their savings due to the fact that they were" bought " by a higher percentage, and did not read reviews about the Bank. As a result, the financial institution was closed, and depositors lost their savings.
If you want to invest in business, you need to study the business plan for the implementation of the chosen idea, and then control the costs and revenues, so that you are not deceived.
Shares should be bought only by the company that has a profit, and consistently brings income to shareholders. If the company goes bankrupt, the securities you do not sell, but simply lose your money.
Option 3. Earnings on dropshipping

It is difficult to call this type of income generation completely passive. Nevertheless, you can organize an online store that will work under the dropshipping scheme, hire 1-2 managers, and take the role of a business Manager.

How it works? You are looking for a partner (warehouse or online store) who is ready to work with you. They send a price with photos, description of the goods. Your task is to create a page in a social network or make a website, place information about products on it and bring customers.

Of course, to earn money on the online store, you need to add a small margin to the price of the supplier. For example, if the crockery in the warehouse originally cost 1,5 thousand rubles, that on your website maybe 2 thousand. The difference between the price of the warehouse and the price on the page (500 rubles) and will be your income from the sale of one unit.

To find out about your online store, you need to advertise it yourself or delegate this work to other people who know how to "fill" the audience with shopping pages.

This type of passive income generation will take you no more than an hour or two a day, and it can be easily combined with other types of earnings.

In a similar way you can make money on services. For example, you know about design. Offer your services through the website or social networks. If you like as nothing to share with subscribers, take to your partners an expert in a particular area. Share responsibilities: one will be engaged in promotion for promotion, and the second will provide services to customers. Divide the income equally.

You can also create a video course, such as playing guitar, and sell it. Note that today such a difficult way to earn, because a lot of video tutorials free. People can get them for free, because they are not willing to pay.

But if you approach the issue of advertising correctly, you can find your audience, while passively receiving income from your hobby.

Option 4. YouTube channel

To start earning passive income with a YouTube channel, you need to create your own unique channel that will be interesting to a certain audience or a wide range of people.

Love to play on the computer? Shoot videos about how you can complete a level in the popular game, unlock the secrets of leveling your character, etc weave braids? The way you do hair-is also a great theme for movies! Many moms just make videos about their children – and these videos are also their audience.

In General, your work on this type of passive income will be quite active:

How can a YouTube channel become a passive source of income? Become a member of the affiliate program,and your commercials will be broadcast. The money will be charged depending on the number of clicks on the link.

Option 5. Social networks as a type of passive income

VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Instagram and Twitter are not only places where you can post photos and chat with friends. For some, it is also a form of passive income.

If you also want to make a profit through social networks, think about what kind of interest group you would like to create. Fashion, style, cooking, auto-any option with the right approach can make a profit.

Once you have decided on the idea, you will need to fill the group or page with interesting news, photos, choose thematic articles, etc.

Next you need to engage the audience. Unfortunately, in our time to promote the group for free is almost impossible. But you can take additional steps, such as inviting your friends to join the community.

Remember that there is a limit to the number of people you can add to a group. For example, in Vkontakte for the day you can invite no more than 20 people.

To grow your audience at a serious pace, use these 4 types of activities:

So, you've gathered a significant audience. What's next? And now you can get a passive form of income! Find a content Manager who will make posts, specify your contacts and wait for advertisers. The process can be significantly accelerated if you yourself will write to those who may want to place your advertising posts.

Also, through the promoted group, for example, you can sell goods or services. And when you are tired – it really does sell!

Option 6. Affiliate programs

Another type of passive income – earnings on affiliate programs. What is it? In simple words: you bring people to the site – you get a reward for them (a fixed amount or a percentage of their spending/earnings).

To attract a person was counted to you, he must make the transition to your personal referral link.

A referral link is a unique referral link (a person who distributes links and attracts new people) to a certain Internet portal.

The site gets new people, and you get a nice cash bonus.


To organize a significant passive income, you need to build a whole system. You attract several referrals-this is the first level. They, in turn, also attract new people for whom they will receive an award.

As a result, the income you will go both from referrals of the 1st level, and from other participants of your pyramid.

The more people under you, the higher the income. At the same time, you will always get the highest percentage for level 1 referrals.

How to find referrals and receive passive income?

You can place your referral link in social networks (you can on your promoted page, or you can leave comments in other people's popular groups). For each click on the link and the desired action (registration, subscription, purchase), your account will receive a bonus.
You can place a referral link on your own website or even create a one-page website for this type of activity.
You can distribute the link through your personal YouTube channel, leaving it in the description below the video. In this case, it is important that the service you are referring to be at least partially close to your video.
Affiliate program for cooperation

First you need to work hard, but gradually the income will be passive. It will be enough to attract a dozen referrals and motivate them to create their own teams – and, consider, a stable profit you provided.

Passive income on the Internet. Sources of passive income.

How to earn real money?

How to achieve financial independence?

The main advantage of passive income is the absence of bosses, as well as time limits – you do business when you want. However, you need to understand that to start you will need to invest a lot of money or a lot of effort. And more often-and that, and another.

To make any kind of passive income bring enough profit, listen to these tips:


Earnings on the Internet is very peculiar. On the one hand, it is simple and does not require specialized education from a beginner freelancer. On the other hand – some knowledge is still necessary to have. For example, about the algorithms of website promotion in the TOP.

Listen to online courses, sign up for training (they are held in all major cities), read more thematic materials and develop every day.

Do something that brings pleasure.

Any employment, if it is a burden to you, will eventually become a burden for you, even if it brings passive income. Add more mindfulness to the kind of activity you do – choose only those activities that are close to your heart.

Not stop.

If you have already reached a certain level of passive income, you do not need to stop. Look for new options where to apply your skills and knowledge, where you can invest your first major earnings.

We have described only the most popular types of passive income on the Internet. Every day the number of options only increases, because it is necessary to follow the trends and not be afraid to try something new.

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