Business ideas-production: 3 profitable options

Business ideas-production: 7 indicators taken into account when choosing + possible directions depending on the scale and type of activity + essential goods + 3 options of activity.

In Germany to start production continues to threaten only true daredevils. Although entrepreneurs with experience say that now is the right time for this. In addition, there are many areas, the implementation of which does not require large investments.

Because of this, in the material we will consider the business ideas of production. Since the volume of one article does not allow to analyze each idea in detail, we will briefly go through the most popular options.

How to determine the business idea for the organization of production?

Each person, having a certain amount of capital and entrepreneurial flair, wants to open a business that would bring him a good and stable income.

Over the past few years, the number of people engaged in production in a particular industry has increased by almost 7%. Increased by 5.3% the number of individuals whose business is already operating in the market for over 3 years.

This figure is considered a record for the entire period of research (since 2006). Of these, entrepreneurs who choose relevant business ideas (production of products, for example, which is always in demand) achieve successful results. Also a mandatory component of the triumph is the ability to sell, because the number of sales will depend on the income of the enterprise.

So which option of the many presented to choose?

To determine one or another idea to start production, you should pay attention to:

market saturation, which is calculated for each product separately, the level of demand;

competitive environment;
the population density in the city to open a business;
regional characteristics of the market;
the needs of potential buyers;
available and required factors of production;
payback period, etc.
The price mechanism is also important to consider, because the cost of production of any of the products should pay off and generate income.

Before finally choosing a business idea, determine for yourself what goals you are going to adhere to. You need to identify the scale of your business model.

Determine the target audience, i.e. for whom you will be engaged in production. If you focus on consumers with high incomes, you can choose a business idea that is designed to create elite products. Otherwise, it is advisable to consider ideas related to the production of goods from the middle price or budget segment.

Think about where it is better to open a company, what will be the sales region. If you want the organization of production was not in vain, look for suitable trade niches.

For example, in large cities to sell products, on the one hand, easier, because there are a large number of consumers. On the other hand, there is a barrier in the form of high competition. In a rural area or a small town it is recommended to choose an unoccupied business area, be sure to study in advance the needs of local residents.

Business ideas of production and popular directions

Of great importance is the scope of activities and the area of production, which the entrepreneur plans to deal with.

It can be such business ideas: production in the field of agriculture (forestry, livestock breeding, beekeeping, etc.), in the industrial field (processing of raw materials), defense (manufacture of protective equipment).

We must not forget that there are still various areas of small business, which consist in the production of intangible benefits.

These include:

services, including banking;
spiritual and scientific production (discoveries, inventions, art).
You can consider business ideas about home production. It will be profitable if it does not require expensive materials, and the process is labor-intensive.

Women may be interested in ideas for business at home, such as the production of jewelry, candles, handmade soap, knitting. Men will approach the production of tiles, manufacturer of custom-made furniture, engraved glass.

The business ideas of seasonal production as a kind of additional earnings deserve attention.

Among them are:

production of mini-ponds, artificial ponds;
resort business;
production of holiday Souvenirs, etc.
Recall that the choice of an idea affects the type of production:

Business ideas: production, what is profitable today?

If a budding entrepreneur wants to minimize risks, it is necessary to look at the options that will be in demand in any political situation and economic environment.

These include:

Manufacture of essential goods. Thus, food products are in demand. Therefore, to engage in the production of dumplings and other semi-finished products will always be a profitable business.
It is advisable to consider meat production.
Business on production and sale of sunflower oil, tea, bakery and confectionery products, juices and drinks will also be profitable.

If you take the non-food segment, you can produce hygiene products, synthetic detergents, office, underwear (for both women and men), lamps and candles, children's shoes, toys, packaging and more.
Commercial interest are such ideas for business: production of building materials, household goods, clothing, etc.
Next, we'll look at a few production ideas more specifically.

No. 1. Food business: the idea of organizing the production of dumplings.

Production of dumplings is quite an interesting idea for business. Despite the high competition and saturation of the market, a purposeful entrepreneur can still take its positions.

In addition, the implementation of the idea for the production of dumplings will bring a good profit. It does not depend on seasonal fluctuations, because semi-finished products are bought and consumed all year round.

Even in this business are simple technology and production base.

The products can be produced for various consumer segments: budget, medium, premium. But almost half of the market is occupied by dumplings, which can afford to buy citizens with low and middle income.

Depending on this classification and weight, prices from 40 to 550 euros are set for the packaging of frozen semi-finished products

In production of production quality raw materials are used:

minced meat (pork, beef, chicken, pork-beef, Turkey);
high-grade flour;
clean water, salt, seasonings.
To start the production of dumplings, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur or LLC, to obtain certificates of conformity, 2 declarations of OKP. Also, appropriate permits from the fire Service, Rospotrebnadzor, SES are required.

You need to have at your disposal a room of 200 sq.m., it is allocated for the process, storage of finished products and separately for the staff.

In a large workshop employs about 15 people in a small enterprise enough and 4. among them directly workers, technologist, accountant, sales Manager, storekeeper, driver, handymen, etc.

Production takes place in 5 stages:

We will not dwell on them in detail.

To conduct such business requires a set of equipment:

flour sifter,
dough mixer,
dough rolling unit,
the mixers and stuff.
When buying pay attention to the configuration, cost and power. Popular technique is JGL-120, JGL-135 and analogues.

The most difficult task in the implementation of the idea for the production of dumplings is the sale of goods. Since there are many competitors in the market, you will have to have significant advantages, offer more reasonable prices, hold promotions, discounts.

An advertising campaign should be carried out on a regular basis, which will carry out informational, comparative/persuasive, reminiscent functions.

Regarding financial indicators, we can observe approximately the following picture:

Start-up investments will amount to about 2 622 000 euros, and profit - from 319 422 euros with good sales, the cost of doing business will pay off within 8-12 months. A margin of 12-20%.

No. 2. Ideas small business: manufacture of concrete blocks.

From consideration of the business idea of production of dumplings we will pass to production of building materials. Here is an example of the production of arbolite blocks, since this direction is cost-effective.

Business on release and sale of wooden blocks at the small budget can be opened at home at first. Raw materials are relatively cheap, so the cost of production will be small.

This idea is attractive, and the low level of competition. Arbolite blocks, especially in the construction season, buy for insulation of load-bearing walls, sound insulation. This is an environmentally friendly product that has many advantages.

In order to avoid unprofitable production, it is necessary to buy good equipment, hire skilled workers, comply with all technological rules. Prices should match the quality, but a large margin is out of the question.

With proper marketing and sales policies, the production of wood blocks in accordance with the state standard and construction standards, the business owner will succeed.

Blocks are made of two types (structural and thermal insulation type), of different sizes. The weight of one block can be from 16 to 60 kg. Only robust products will bring the company revenue.

At least 3 raw materials are used for the production of building materials:

wood chips,
various additives.
The wood take to dry either by itself to prepare it for use, then the risk of fungus and rot is greatly reduced.

Sawdust or chips are purchased from logging companies. It is made from aspen, maple, ash, etc. Also use larch, straw, kenaf. Cement is desirable to use in the production of the highest brand, M400, for example. The exact proportions of the recipe sets the technologist.

In a certain sequence the technology is observed and quality control is organized:

Business idea for the production of arbolite blocks can not be realized without technical equipment:

wood cutting machines,
hammer mill,
wood chips,
vibrating table,
of the machine and other.
Powerful equipment will allow you to achieve significant production volumes – 300-500 sq. m. More expensive, but convenient is an automatic line.

The premises for manufacturing should have a large area (400 sq m). This is a working area, a place for storage and storage of products. In the territory it is necessary to observe a certain temperature regime-15-20°C.

Separately, you should take care of the site for the procurement of raw materials. If you find a suitable room near the sawmill, you can reduce the cost of transportation.

The staff usually consists of 3-5 people depending on the automation of production.

Customers in the sale of finished products will be:

construction bases and firms;
private trader;
Contracting organization;
large retail outlets, etc.
It is better to find wholesale customers and conclude supply contracts with them. Advertising your business, the entrepreneur needs to use all available methods, including the Internet. If you organize an exhibition hall to demonstrate samples of products, you can increase the customer base.

Such ideas of small business (production of building materials), as a rule, require large start-up investments. And with concrete blocks.

No. 3. Sewing children's clothing is an idea for business in the light industry.

The popular idea of the business is tailoring, as the final results of production are necessary and available to the average population. Sewing production is considered a material-intensive industry and ranks second in terms of gross output in the light industry.

Many people are interested in this idea today, because there are trends to the individual nature of the finished product. Now the production of clothing is present in every economic region of Russia, but most of all falls on the northwestern Federal district and Central Federal district.

Therefore, in other districts where there is a lack of production, you can open a small or medium-sized enterprise, Studio.

That's interesting! In the XX century, factory production, as such,was not. Basically products were made under the order in city workshops or at home. Only 3% of all things were made by large factories.

For sewing production are characteristic:

most of the expenses are spent on consumables, especially raw materials;
the deficit in the domestic raw material base, so there is a dependence on imports;
the use of mainly female labour;
the ability to create unique products, personal collections;
variety of business forms;
a wide range of consumers, etc.
We want to draw your attention to such idea for business as tailoring of children's clothes. This is a win-win option if the products are of high quality and in accordance with the expectations of the customer.

Why children? Statistics show that adults under the influence of fashion trends relatively often update the wardrobe, but even more often it is done by young parents for their children.

This state of Affairs is due to the fact that children are constantly growing up, wear out faster and make their outfits unusable. The demographic situation in the country is improving, and the government only contributes to this.

Therefore, the production of clothing for children is relevant and profitable. Business is promising. It can be started with minimal cost, if you create a small Studio at home.

It is worth noting that before the entrepreneur opens a variety of options range. It is possible to be engaged in production of pajamas, underwear, t-shirts, to sew outerwear.

In addition, babies need sliders, socks, bodysuits, overalls, envelopes, caps, etc., boys and girls — in school uniform, blouses, skirts, Blues, seasonal clothing.

Organizational aspects of children's clothing production

The entrepreneur in the course of marketing research needs to find out what assortment the population of his region needs, and to focus on it. After market analysis, registration and certification, it will be necessary to search for premises, purchase equipment, establish links with suppliers and purchase raw materials.

If you implement the business idea of sewing children's clothing, it is necessary to focus on urban centers, because its range is not as stable as, for example, the working form.

For the realization of ideas in the format of the Studio will approach 30-40 sq. m, the sewing shop takes about 70 sq. m. location must be considered. It is better to open a business near kindergartens, schools, hospitals, shopping centers.

After carrying out repairs and equipping the room with all the necessary engineering networks, it's time to contact the relevant authorities for obtaining permits and approvals for doing business.

Fabric should be chosen natural and high quality in different colors:

If the production is home, all the work will fall on the entrepreneur. To implement the business idea on the scale of the shop, you will need to hire from 6-9 people. Three of them are seamstresses.

Also, the company needs a designer, fashion designer, accountant, sales Manager.

It is recommended to use different channels in the advertising campaign:

Before you implement the idea of sewing children's clothing, the entrepreneur must carry out financial calculations and reflect them in the business plan.

On the average figures out:

Top 8 business ideas of production.

How to develop your business? Real business projects.

9 tips for choosing a business idea for production
Before plunging headlong into a particular business idea, it would be correct to take into account such fundamental factors:

Financial capabilities of the entrepreneur and the amount of capital investment, fixed costs required for business organization.
The presence of experience and knowledge of the industry.
Preferences of consumers concerning production which is planned to be engaged in.
The amount of tax deductions.
The complexity of the process.
Free niche.
Exchange rate, cost of production.
Business stability, its dependence on seasonality.
Mobility of production, its prospects and long-term.
Business ideas of production are together with the sphere of services almost the most profitable direction. Each sphere has a lot of its distinctive nuances. So first study them and choose the right approach. Knowing all the nuances and having the amount necessary for the initial investment, you are sure to go for a good income.

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