Home business ideas: 10 options in Germany

We are now in an era of rapid progress. Each subsequent generation finds new ways to make their lives more comfortable, as well as innovative ideas of communication and earnings.

If ten years ago only people with solid capital were engaged in business, now any poor startup from the village can start its own successful project.

The business world has started to blur the lines and become available for everyone. But where to start and what ideas for home business can be taken as a basis?

Ideas for home business: 5 projects from freelancing to your own company

No. 1. Freelance as a starting point for business.
Initially, the idea of freelancing was treated with skepticism. The idea that sitting at home it is impossible to earn money, and the computer – means for entertainments, instead of business was put in our heads.

But the situation has changed dramatically. The main value of freelancing-a specialist and his skills. In this business come regardless of age, nationality, location. The main thing is the desire to work.

Anyone can create a freelance business. It is possible to start without material investments, but gradually it will be necessary to invest time (often money) in own training and professional development. Competition in the market is high, so you need to engage in professional growth constantly.

How to start implementing the idea of building a home-based business in freelancing? The easiest option is to leave the office and get a similar position online.

To make it easier for you, estimate what ideas of home business in freelancing are now in the top:


Such employment requires diligence, high speed of work and compliance with agreements. In return, you will receive important skills and, most importantly, potential ideas for implementation in the future home business.

Later, a successful startup can be formed, and this is a much more reliable social Elevator than a career in the traditional sense.

Some remain freelancers all their lives, getting a good salary and home employment, which brings pleasure. And this, you see, is also a good idea and a great alternative to vegetating in the office.

No. 2. Tutoring is a great home business idea for women.
Today, Tutors have reached a new level in terms of demand, training facilities and the average cost of such services on the market. The student can be supported every hour through the messenger, and the usual idea was to conduct lessons on Skype.

But the traditional home schooling also has not been canceled. Than not idea for business? Transfer of knowledge can be in any part of the apartment or in a specially equipped training room. The main thing is not the entourage, but the learning process itself.

To organize a home-based business on tutoring, you need real practical skills and experience with people (diploma is optional). Your age and gender are not important. Even at age 13, you can teach your peers or older children English, as in 80 to teach the basics of algebra.

To start, register on the exchange Tutors, start taking orders there. You can also promote your idea of home employment by telling your friends about it, posting ads in your area of residence.

You can find the first orders for your home business idea here
The advantage of this idea lies in full control over the situation. You decide how many classes to take during the week, how seriously you will be engaged in this business, and how many students are able to teach qualitatively.

Tip: don't give up charity and the idea of working for barter. Spend a few free lessons for advertising or a master class in secondary education / private school. So you will notice, appreciate the potential and may offer cooperation

No. 3. Business on direct deliveries (drop shipping).
Dropshipping is one of the types of entrepreneurship. The business owner acts as an intermediary between the client and the manufacturer.


Direct delivery operations are often carried out online, so you can earn money at home without getting up from the couch.

Manufacturers involve intermediaries (you) to conduct a dialogue with the buyer and send to the production of applications for purchase and delivery. He gets the demand, and you – the idea for earnings.

Your main income on business in this case is the difference between the wholesale and retail price of the goods. At wholesale price, the intermediary buys the goods from the company, and at retail sells it to the buyer.

From the intermediary is not required warehouse or participation in the delivery, its main purpose – to sell the goods. That is why dropshipping is an ideal idea for home business.

The main advantage of direct deliveries is the freedom of the intermediary-he can cooperate with several firms and increase his income.

Interested in the idea of dropshipping? You can start a home business with such popular suppliers:
ApiShops (apishops.com)
AliExpress (aliexpress.com)
No. 4. Repair of equipment as "home idea".
With the repair business is as simple as possible. The main thing is to have a real skill of repairing equipment and extensive knowledge in the field. Dilettantes better not to provide such services – you can easily be dragged through the courts and sue a large fine for damage to property.

Where to start your home business on this idea? Place your vacancy on the stock exchange (website ad in the local media, offer your friends repair services at a special discount.

What direction to choose for the organization of home business, if you are a Jack of all trades? This statistics will help to determine the idea:

Prove your level of professionalism in practice and do not be afraid to take any job that just appears. Over time, you will develop a client base, the idea can grow into your own business, but this is a completely new level of business.

No. 5. Health life.
The last few years, humanity is particularly scrupulously worried about health – there is a real boom in the idea of "health life". We are ready to overpay for the marking "eco" or "organic", because we believe in salvation from obesity, thrombosis and liver diseases.

Nutrition additionally add fuel to the fire and give the entire sheet with the allowable and prohibited products. The sphere of food will never lose its importance and it will always be possible to make a profitable business.

Therefore, it is quite a promising idea to arrange your own mini-farm on the balcony or, if you have a private house, start a small household. Grow Basil, mint, parsley, dill, fruit, vegetables or something more exotic.

You can sell fresh herbs, dried spices and other products both independently and through the online store (you can even develop it for free, for example, on the "engine"). wix.com). If the business goes up, you will be interested in eco-shops and conventional chain supermarkets.


The idea of a household necessarily requires investment. This, at least, seeds and means for tillage. Adjust sales and output gradually-focusing on demand, market and the benefits of your business that you can get.

Tip: become a member of the city / regional food market, exhibit home-made products in conventional markets. This will help you run your ads in the environment where potential customers of your business are located.

Home business ideas for women: 5 successful options
There is no clear gender division in business. The same idea can be implemented by both men and women – equally qualitatively and successfully. However, the society is still dominated by established images of a strong masculine miner and a fragile feminist Keeper of the family hearth.

It is believed that a man is engaged in a more aggressive and serious business, and a woman is prone to more creative ideas. Of course, the roles may be reversed depending on your desire.

And yet, "native female" business ideas are considered to be the opening of flower shops, beauty salons or the launch of the production of chocolate cupcakes. Women can indeed combine household chores, child care and their own Hobbies with such employment. Want to know?

No. 1. Launch of "children's" projects.
Waiting for the baby is shrouded in a veil of pleasant worries. The expectant mother buys clothes, albums or perhaps makes them her own, gushing ideas and energy. If there is a desire, resources and skills, then why not build a home-based business on this idea?

You can open a store for children's products for newborns or older children, create the first handmade albums, write books for kids or make educational/ordinary soft toys for them.

If you approach the implementation of this idea responsibly, you are doomed to success. Start small: show your work to friends and ask for comments. If everyone in awe of your poems about boy traveler, woolen beanie cause tenderness – move on.

Send a few of the famous moms-to bloggers for advertising.

For example, send Irene make — believe (instagram [email protected]) free hand-made set or give Catherine Mukhina (@mukhins) one of the best works. If the blogger and the child will like the idea, then you are sure to advertise and present your business to a million audience.

Tell everyone about your idea and gradually move towards the goal. If everything is successful, then over time the business will cease to be home – the number of orders will increase, there will be a need for assistants, an increase in sales volumes.

At the same time, you can always keep the usual pace of production, giving their products exclusivity and special warmth. Most importantly, do not be afraid of competitors, and follow the quality and idea that carries the product of your business.

No. 2. Home beauty salon.
Women's desire for beauty is a great idea for home business. Not everyone can afford to go to expensive salons for manicure, styling because of high prices or inconvenient geographical location.
If your hands are perfectly smooth, eyebrows as natural as possible, and manicure is not worse than that of Hollywood divas – open a home beauty salon.

It is best to take a separate room for beauty practices, so as not to embarrass clients and give them the feeling of going to a real salon, and not for tea to a girlfriend. The first time work for free to create a portfolio.

Paint friends, models for filming or yourself. Be sure to take pictures of the work, follow their quality and aesthetics.

Next, lay out these images with a price on the message boards. It's also a good idea to have a business account on Instagram.

Give advertising (if the resource where you place the ad has such features) and enter special discounts before graduation or new year holidays.

Support modern trends and be interested in what is happening in the fashion world. Gradually, you will gain credibility and will be able to translate even the most daring ideas into reality.

No. 3. Mini pastry shop or business on healthy eating.
If you have finished cooking courses or are responsible for family desserts from the age of 10, use this as an idea of "business of all life" and a source of impressive earnings. A niche of healthy desserts is in great demand.

Skill is considered to create a sweet dessert without sugar, which will satisfy the taste buds and will not affect the figure.

The center of business will be home cooking. Start with family-prepare for them, experiment.

Then, if approved, give sweets to relatives / friends, visit the local gastronomic markets (at the same time there you can find a couple of good ideas) and create a page in the social network, where you will take orders.

For sweets, customers can come directly to your home, which will make the production circle as narrow and convenient for you.

Tip: keep an eye on the quality of products and take responsibility for your own home business. Customers can shower you with gratitude and money, and can drag on the courts for poisoning, so be careful.

No. 4. Business in sewing clothes and linen.
Home business ideas for women are inexhaustible, but one of the oldest and proven schemes is tailoring. The modern generation does not want to wear the same gray t-shirts and awkward chinos from the mass market.

The market is won by eccentric Russian designers who know the measure and do not ask millions for things (but some ask, so every woman who knows how to manage a needle can compete with their business).

Start home sewing that something is missing in the stores. Lace underwear without cups and bones, loose silk shirts, linen dresses or denim overalls are rarely found in the nearest market.

These are things that emphasize individuality, look beautiful and indecently long retain marketable appearance. Demand-a great springboard for business!

The beauty of the idea of a home Studio is that you can let your imagination run wild and independently regulate how much time to devote to business. You can create 1 thing a week to order or daily to break the top ten at home kits.

Like any women's business, tailoring should be started small. Put on your own clothes, pay attention to your friends, notify in all social networks that from now on you are a creative designer.

Where to look for customers if the idea of home business is ready for implementation:

thematic forums / groups in social networks;
friends and social circles;
fashion events.
Don't expect orders to float. To build an impressive customer base, it will take time and most importantly – unique things. It is best to choose a specific niche for your collections.

Whether it's lingerie, sportswear or a luxurious ball gowns – each product will find its consumer.

Be guided by the market, own preferences and wishes of clients not just to organize house business on tailoring, and by means of the ideas to make the Russian fashion the most various.

No. 5. Creation and sale of florariums as a perspective idea of home business for women.

The popularity of succulents has not subsided for more than a year. They are easy to grow and even easier to sell. Unpretentious flowers are sold complete with glass or wooden florarium, which does not look like a pot, but as a unique idea of home decor.

All you have to do to implement the idea of business – to make or buy florariums, take a picture of them, send to instagram/other social networks, to the sites of flower shops in your city and wait.

If the business you're not going to diversify your home interior and stock up on gifts for friends for the coming holidays.

In fact, any idea or hobby can be turned into a profitable business. Breeding thoroughbred animals? Start selling them. Can't find the perfect sugar-free snacks on the market? Make them yourself and start selling.

Proceed from the 3 main questions before creating a startup: how, why and for whom?

Decide on a problem that excites many consumers and solve it. All ideas for home business will find both approval and a wave of opponents. Accept this and aim for the result.

What kind of business can be opened at home?

In this video you will be presented with 8 ideas:

Positive feedback is needed for inspiration and daily work, and negative feedback will open the way for improvement, which should move forward.
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