How to open A business in a crisis without risk and win 2019

Useful recommendations on how to open a business in a crisis, as well as a list of ideas for entrepreneurship in this economic situation.

Everyone knows the word crisis.

The risk of depreciation of all accumulated scares ordinary people.

It would seem that then we can say about entrepreneurs.

The danger to invest in a period when not today or tomorrow everything can collapse stops many.

And this is a rational fear, rather even caution.

But success, as you know, reach only those who are not afraid to take risks.

Therefore, it is necessary to discard the prejudice that business in a crisis is something that should not be considered.

Contrary to this popular belief, even a beginner can implement some business ideas that will successfully exist in a crisis.

The main thing is to bet on popular and accessible to the population (the pocket of which is much leaky) services and goods.

A selection of the best ideas you can learn below, after deepening into the theory in which the business operates in a crisis.

Many firms really have a "moderate appetite," or suspend operations, lay off employees, sell off the assets.

At the same time, especially favorable conditions are unfolding for others, which allow them to successfully start and gain momentum.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that in modern Russian realities we can say that the crisis has become something completely familiar.

Now entrepreneurs are not just thinking about a plan of action in the event of a crisis, many start from such an economic situation!

In any case, the business sector is fraught with many risks.

It is better to get to know the enemy "in person" to minimize losses.

Business during a crisis: the 4 rules of success

Profitable business in a crisis is the absence of losses.

The entrepreneur must do everything possible to push the business away from the brink of bankruptcy.

The main key to success is a careful and calm approach, as well as reducing any third – party spending.

There are still some ideas that will keep profitability at the level.

1) anti-Crisis business: only forward!
Business will exist as long as it develops.

The crisis, of course, spoils many plans.

But it should not interfere with the development of the company.

Management should just show flexibility and be able to adapt to new circumstances.

Then we can talk about such an important factor as liquidity.

2) the Importance of liquidity in times of crisis

The indicator of liquidity of the company in times of crisis is as relevant as ever.

Remember those troubled times when construction was frozen during the 2008-09 crisis due to lack of funding for these projects.

The absence of the required level of liquidity is the highest risk that affects the existence and functioning of the enterprise in the changed conditions.

To maintain the desired indicator, it is important not to stop the development of the enterprise.

Let the slightest steps be taken, but still in the direction of new ideas, methods, experiments.

3) start experimenting
The types of business are different, but business as a system remains the same, regardless of its scale and structure, products, technologies, and markets.
Peter Drucker

For many it will sound absolutely unexpected.

How to make experiments, when from-for crisis even calm daily existence of the business is under threat?

However, times of crisis are a great opportunity to bring new ideas to life.

If you do not want to change the direction of movement radically, you can look at the adjacent directions.

For example, a mini coffee shop can also start selling cool drinks in the summer or sweets.

4) ability to "shrink»

The combination of factors such as low liquidity and reduced purchasing power due to the crisis, has become a sentence for many businesses.

To reduce the risk and somewhat level it will help the ability to"shrink".

The firm should not enter into such a period of long-term obligations, all costs should only be reasonable and important.

In addition, the employment of new people and the indexation of wages are stopped.

You need to take into account that a business in crisis was the best?

Profitable business in the crisis will be possible if you have calculated all the indicators when creating a business plan.

His writing is a separate science.

But particularly in detail is to highlight such items:

in-depth and detailed analysis of the current situation in the market, which should also include the forecast of development of the sphere;
it is also necessary to assess all possible risks and to provide ways to minimize them, which will add confidence and become a "guide" in case of difficult circumstances;
potential development options and how much they will require funds, also need to be evaluated at the time of creating a business plan.
Those funds that you could start the development of the enterprise in normal circumstances, can be used in the event of a crisis as a powerful launch pad.

But it is important to carefully calculate the potential profit and payback.

After all, if the idea is obviously unprofitable, it is better to declare the company bankrupt and avoid wasting money and time.

9 business ideas in crisis for beginners in business

What business to do in the crisis, if you do not have experience in the field of entrepreneurship?

It is believed that to keep the company afloat at such a time is difficult and experienced workers, and open – at all stupid. But there are certain areas that are either independent of changing conditions, or, on the contrary, operate in such conditions more profitable.

1. Financial advisor.
In a crisis, when investment becomes too risky, and Finance is leaking through the fingers, many require expert advice, which will help to regain control of the situation.

If you have financial education and experience, the business of providing advice to the population will be particularly in demand.

2. Home-staging.
Under these unfamiliar for many word lurks quite a simple explanation.

Experts in this field - these are the people who contribute to giving a favorable image of the property for its successful sale, which will be the most profitable.

If you have ever rented an apartment, you know that many realtors for photos exhibit some decor or household items to make the footage more attractive.

Home-staging is something similar, but on a much more impressive scale.

Experts carry out furniture rearrangement, design planning, engaged in landscape works of all kinds.

This is an actual business in the crisis, because it is the sale of real estate suffers greatly from a lack of customers in such conditions. It is possible to attract people in this way than many actively use.

3. Repair of machinery and vehicles.

Another potentially successful business in the crisis is the repair of household appliances or cars.

When people have financial difficulties, the purchase of new equipment and transport is rarely possible. But without these items comfortable life is simply impossible.

Because in the event of a breakdown path is more likely to be the repair service and not an appliance store or car dealership.

Thanks to this, you can open a business that will be in demand.

Attract new customers can not be the most expensive ways-advertising via the Internet, social networks, Newspapers.

As for the automotive sector, there is an interesting idea for future entrepreneurs.

You can buy one of the ruined car shops (and in times of crisis a lot of them).

And on this" base " to open a workshop, sell available spare parts and provide maintenance services.

Open your car service from scratch

4. Cosmetic sphere.
But the idea to open a business in the field of beauty will be particularly happily accepted by the girls.

Even in the darkest times, the fair sex continues to take care of themselves, to indulge in small gifts, to become more and more beautiful. And all thanks to the purchased cosmetic, care, perfumes.

Thanks to this, you can find a job even without start-up capital and in times of crisis.

For example, thanks to sales of products of network marketing companies (Oriflame, Avon).

From a small part-time job with due diligence, everything can turn into a serious matter.

5. Commission shop.

What business to open in the crisis, if we take into account that the money of the population has become much less?

It is worth considering the idea of how to open a store with very low prices.

Since the emergence of various "second" and the network "Fix price" their popularity is only growing. And even more so in a crisis.

Because this business option will definitely be in demand.

6. Grocery mini-store.
There are two categories that are independent of fluctuations in the economic sphere during the crisis – medicines and products.

Whatever the external factors, people will always need these products.

And if the pharmaceutical sector is an idea exclusively for entrepreneurs with large capital, then a new entrepreneur can open a grocery store.

The only factor that should be taken into account when implementing this business idea in a crisis is a decrease in purchasing power.

People cannot afford to buy expensive products.

But it is not always want to buy only low quality products.

It is necessary to bet on it, and to focus mainly on pensioners and families.

7. Profitable business in the crisis - work on the state order.
If you decide to look for ideas for business in the crisis of 98-99 years, you will notice that the enterprises working under the state order were particularly resistant. This trend has remained relevant today.

Road repair and construction, geological exploration, housing sector-all this is worthy of attention and has great potential for development.

But not everyone has the opportunity to invest the necessary funds in this direction.

In this case, it is worth considering the purchase of shares of various state-owned enterprises.

It is also possible to implement the idea of buying a business in related sectors (building materials, machinery, various equipment).

8. The best business in crisis – security companies and safes.
People are obsessed not only with how to earn and save. But also the question of the safety of their capital during the crisis.

This makes it particularly relevant business direction for security systems and the production of safes. After all, trust in banks falls, so the bulk prefers to keep their money at home.

This sphere of business is not just kept in crisis, but even gained momentum.

To allow yourself to start a business for the production of security equipment for a beginner or an average entrepreneur is often not feasible.

But the corresponding direction in trade is available and promising.

It is difficult to predict the further development of the industry.

According to experts, in the worst case, revenue will continue to stay at the same level.

9. Actual business in crisis-lawyers and collectors.

Another option, what business to start in a crisis - is the organization of services for" knocking out " debts.

Not all companies stop paying their debts because they have no money.

Many simply use the crisis as an excuse not to pay.

This makes the services of collection and legal agencies particularly popular in times of crisis.

Sometimes even "dirty" methods of debt collection can be used.

But in this area, you can achieve great success and profit with legitimate activities.

Another interesting idea for business in crisis

The above options are just a few of the ideas of what business to open in a crisis.

Everything is possible if to keep clarity of mind, not to succumb to General panic, to be able to turn the existing conditions to their advantage.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the costs should become more accurate.

Analyze all planned costs to the extent of their importance and be more attentive to hiring.

Many experts from-for crisis have lost work, because their standards have dropped significantly.

If you take the necessary care, the business will hold, and even will develop.
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