30 Real Ideas For Small Business In Germany 2019 years

What types of businesses should open in 2019? In this compilation, we have combined ideas that have been popular with small businesses lately and have the greatest prospects in the coming year.

30 ready ideas for your business 2019.

Every month, hundreds of new business ideas appear around the world, but most of them in Germany are either completely incompatible or only suitable for Berlin and Hamburg, which absorb new trends much faster. In this compilation, we have brought 30 real business ideas that have been popular with entrepreneurs lately, are feasible in other cities of Germany and are likely to be in demand in 2019.
* In calculations, average German data are used.

Salt Room
Salt rooms or salt caves began to appear en masse in the cities of the country a few years ago and the process of their “reproduction” has not yet died down. On average, for every 100-120 thousand population of large cities there are two salt caves. The reasons for the popularity of this business are very simple: it does not require much experience, any special knowledge, permits from the government and serious investments. The essence is simple: with the help of a specialized company, you make repairs in a small room in which a design is created in the form of a cave consisting of salt. Visitors come to take a breath of salt-rich air, which allows them to improve their health and calm their nerves. Of course, in order for the guests to come to you and with peace of mind give you money for the air, the cave must be beautifully decorated. Learn more about starting this business in our guide.

Manicure Studio
The fashion for professional manicure is becoming increasingly firmly established among the female population of the country and is becoming the daily norm. As a result of this trend, a number of specialized nail salons are growing, which allow you to do a manicure quickly, efficiently and with any budget. You can find out about investments in opening a nail studio or a manicure cabinet, as well as assess the costs and profitability of this business in this guide.

Stickershop: can I make money on stickers?
Stickers are a popular topic today among teenagers and young people and a good business format. Heroes of the stickers can be well-known cartoon characters, movie characters, singers and various famous personalities. In major cities of the country even specialized retail outlets began to appear - stickershakes, which, besides stickers, sell various unusual souvenirs for fans of various heroes. More information about this business and its profitability can be found in the sticker opening guide.

Bakery is one of the most popular types of small business today. The number of bakeries and bakeries in the cities of Germany is growing by leaps and bounds. Two things are most attractive in this business: this is high demand (about 74% of German consumers consume bread and bakery products daily) and the opportunity to get along with a large number of competitors. Due to the small format, bakeries are easier to adapt to the tastes of local residents and offer customers something more delicious and fresh than bakery products, supplying the same set of rolls to stores around the house. A complete guide to the opening of bakeries in Germany can be found here.

It would seem today to surprise anyone with pizza, but the number of pizzerias is still growing, signaling that the market is not yet saturated. About 400 slices of pizza are eaten in Germany every minute. Customers love pizza for an infinite number of combinations of tastes, entrepreneurs - for low cost and ease of preparation. The general theoretical aspects of pizza business and calculations for a typical pizza restaurant are given in this guide.

How to implement the idea: vending business
If in Japan and the USA one vending machine falls on 20 and 40 people, respectively, then in our country the buyer is still not used to shopping through vending. In Germany, one machine accounts for 1,000 people. However, given the speed with which the population learns to use cashless payment cards, it is possible to hope that it will start to get used to the machine gun more quickly. How to implement a business idea in the field of vending can be found in this guide.

Instagram business
Today, there are many ways of doing business through Instagram, ranging from selling ready-made goods or services to making money on the social network itself, namely, promoting and administering accounts, selling instagram photos or completing tasks. The uniqueness of the site is that it allows you to find options for easy money, and for business for the soul like blogging on a favorite topic. With the growth of popularity, many instagram bloggers start earning money by selling advertising posts. In this article, we presented 9 basic ways to make money on Instagram.

Fresh Bars / Smoothie Bars

Fresh bars are called stationary or mobile catering facilities that specialize in selling freshly squeezed juices (fresh juices) or other beverages based on them. They may be called Juice Bars or Smoothie Bars. PRINCIPLES of the fashion for the freshes of the population - the love of new products and the fashion for a healthy lifestyle. Judging by the statistics of the 2GIS service, fresh bars are now in trend: since 2017, the number of such establishments in cities with a population of over 1 million has increased by 48%, reaching a mark of 2,084 institutions. It can be assumed that in 2019 the number of fresh bars will grow. Usually, to open fresh bars, the amount of 350-500 thousand euros is enough, while you need only a few squares of space. Although a high mark-up is made on drinks, on average, fresh-bars make no more than 100-200 thousand euros net. You can read the general theoretical article on fresh bars here, and you can familiarize yourself with the calculations of the smoothie bar in the format of an island in a shopping center in this business plan.

Psychological Salon
There are many areas for trainings for business and the number of them is constantly growing, however, an entrepreneur who has got involved in this business is constantly pursuing two problems: how to ensure a steady stream of customers to their trainings and what program to offer them to come to the training more than once, and would go to them all the time. An interesting format that solves these two problems is a psychological salon, which has parallels with literary and political salons of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The owner of a psychological salon is usually a woman who plays the role of leading courses, psychological games and trainings. Thanks to this club format and the use of modern techniques for the rapid development of trainings, it is possible to build an exciting and stable business that is ideal for women who are in search of “work for the soul”.

Self-service car wash
Every year, the German fleet grows by about 1.5 million units. In 2018 in Germany there are about 43-45 million cars. Along with the growing number of cars, there is an increase in the need for car washes. It is estimated that annually requires about 110 new car washes. The highest throughput capacity today is provided by self-service car washes. Their productivity is 3-4 times higher than that of conveyor car washes and ten times higher than that of manual car washes. A car wash for 4 posts will cost approximately 5.5 million euros. If the car wash works for a quarter of the capacity, the investment will pay off by the end of the second year of operation. Statistics of the density of competition in the cities of Germany suggests that on the territory of 100 thousand of the population, on average, three self-service car washes get along. Approximate calculations for a car wash at 4 posts we resulted in a self-service car wash business plan.

Automotive Shop
Business plan store automotive goods
Business for the sale of automotive products and auto parts does not lose its relevance for a simple reason: the number of cars in Germany is still growing. Despite the fact that the number of online stores is rapidly growing, the majority of customers also need traditional stationary points where you can buy inexpensive consumables and parts. An example of a business plan operating in the “economy” and “standard” price categories can be found here.

Children's development club
The more the wave of negative reviews about the quality of public education grows, the more the population’s need for additional education grows. One of the most promising niches is children's education, namely, children's developmental clubs. We described in detail in this business plan how to open a children's developmental club. The key issue in this business is the development of an educational program. In the event that you do not want or can not create it yourself, you can purchase one of the franchises. The latter often offer ready-made techniques with lesson plans for classes.

Children's Art Studios in the shopping center
The number of shopping centers in Germany continues to grow, and with the growth of their number, the culture of family shopping trips has spread. Studio of children's creativity in the format of islands - this is an opportunity for parents with a calm soul to leave their eternal whining child in an interesting place for him, where you can sculpt from plasticine or polymer clay and play educational games. You can open such a mini-studio with investments of about 500 thousand euros. We talked more about this business in this business plan.

Phytosten as a business
Thanks to the trend for eco-design, business on phyto walls has great prospects. Designs with live plants have become popular in shopping centers, restaurants, clubs, offices of large companies, in the buildings of state organizations. The approximate cost of 1 square meter of phyto walls, taking into account the work of the master, will be about 3.5 thousand euros, while it may be sold for 6-15 thousand euros per square, depending on the plants used. The average cost of one order is 30 thousand euros, and in addition you can earn on maintenance. To start a business requires about 230 thousand euros. You can learn more about this business in our business guide.

Creativity shop
Surveys on the topic of leisure show that most Germans spend their free time at home, preferring to go to the cinema, café, walking and so on. The assortment of creative stores is precisely aimed at such “couch potatoes” who can take their hands in sewing, knitting, decoupage, modeling and so on. The greatest prospects for the stores of goods for creativity are in big cities. In the business plan, we made calculations for the creation of a hobby store in the format of a mini-market with a wide range of goods.

Tire fitting
Above, we have already said that due to the growth of the German fleet (today there are already more than 300 cars per 1000 people), many types of auto business, including tire workshops, can be considered a promising direction. This business is attractive minimum investment (you can start with 300 thousand euros), ease of organization and quick payback. However, due to the growing competition, more civilized workshop formats are replacing garage tire fittings. They provide a wide range of services, they can be combined with automotive products stores or even mini-cafes where the owner of the car can drink coffee while waiting for work to finish. You can get acquainted with the nuances of this business in our guide to opening a tire workshop.

Yoga studio
The popularity of yoga in the country has recently grown. Under the data of the 2GIS service, for three years the number of yoga studios in the cities with a population of over a million has almost doubled: from 881 studios in 2015 to 1617 in 2018. Despite the fact that some experts claim that the market is about to become saturated, there is still room for a successful business from scratch: weak players leave the market, leaving room for other entrepreneurs. The profitable part of the business is based on the sale of subscriptions for several classes or months in advance, so the owner of the studio can feel quite confident after recruiting a group. Equipping a studio from scratch does not require major investments, unlike opening, for example, a fitness club. To reduce investments to a minimum, you can find a suitable room that does not require major repairs. The business plan for opening a yoga studio can be found here. You can also borrow some fresh business ideas in the field of fitness from abroad.

Cleaning company
In recent years, many large companies began to devote those areas of activity that are not directly related to making a profit to outsourcing. This area includes cleaning, and in Russian - cleaning. Specialized companies appear on the market, which take on not only cleaning, but also comprehensively serve the premises. The most monetary niche is servicing the corporate segment: shopping centers, office buildings, premises of large organizations and enterprises. As a rule, this business opens up for a ready-made client, for the needs of which cleaning equipment is purchased and the staff is hired. The main points that you need to know before starting a cleaning company, we outlined in this business guide.

Burger Bar
The fast food market adds 5–8% annually and is not going to slow down. According to geoservices, fast food establishments in large cities of the country increased by 14.3%. One of the most popular dishes is the burger, which with its popularity has even formed a new format of catering - the burger one. The advantages of opening a burger can be called low costs for ingredients, a small kitchen and a small staff. Details of this business can be found in the business guide on the opening of the burger.

Coffee To Go
Germans are increasingly drinking coffee. If in 2001, one citizen of the country accounted for 400 grams of coffee per year, now this figure is 1.35 kg. At the same time, in European countries per person up to 12 kg of coffee per year, so the market has room to grow. The most popular and low-cost options for the business of selling coffee is the “coffee with you” format: mobile coffee houses, coffee islands in shopping centers, coffee trade through vending machines and so on.

Hotel for animals
Just a few years ago, nobody knew the word “zoogostinitsa”. There was the word “shelter” and “overexposure”, but the zoo hotels are already something else. The format implies some kind of service: you can not only leave the animal to a caring owner, but also be sure that it will be well treated, properly fed, cared for and nurtured. The largest number of hotels (there are already more than 300 of them in one million people) has opened in the largest cities of Germany, whose residents face the problem of a shortage of places for animals. In this article we presented a business plan for the opening of the zoo hotel.

Wind tunnel business plan
Man has always dreamed of learning to fly. Aerotube is an attraction that allows you to realize the dream of many people and make good money on it. In fact, the entire business on flights in an aerotube is built around equipment. It is expensive, but the process of doing business is extremely simple and straightforward. Due to the high cost of tickets, according to Openbusiness calculations, it is possible to recoup the investment on the windmill in about 10 months of work.

According to geoservices, the number of bars in 2017-2018. grew not as fast as the number of fast foods, but nevertheless, did not decrease. Usually, the bar format refers to a fairly wide range of establishments, but the unifying elements are three components: a bar, alcohol and a bartender. In the menu of bars, in addition to alcohol, you can also find snacks and purchased goods. On the openbusiness.ru website, you can find step-by-step instructions for opening a bar, as well as familiarize yourself with the business plan for opening a sport bar.

Language school
General education schools in Germany today are not able to meet the demand for quality foreign language teaching, so the need is being closed by private language schools. According to the calculations of the portal openbusiness.ru, to open a language school on an area of 100 square meters. meters will need about 635 thousand euros, which will pay off after six months of work. Net profit will be about 140 thousand euros per month. Read the guide to open a language school here.

Figure Chocolate Shop
According to Nielsen, the growth rate of chocolate consumption in Germany is almost four times higher than the world total - 9.2% versus 2.5%, respectively. Naturally, selling ordinary chocolate bars for a budding entrepreneur is stupid, but organizing a small gift chocolate shop is a very promising idea. In this guide, we calculated the cost of opening a 12-square chocolate shop.

Cat Cafe / Dog Cafe / Raccoon Cafe
Ordinary antikafe now no one is surprised: the last two or three years in the Russian cities began to open all sorts of formats "zverokafe", in which visitors are allowed to talk either with cats, or puppies, or raccoons. Most often, guests pay for the time spent in the institution, but for an additional fee you can order a photo session with animals, or even purchase one of the pets for yourself. Of course, there should be several pets in such an anti-cafe, otherwise the whole point of the format will disappear. In this material, we made calculations for the discovery of the kota-cafe.

The educational center
Training centers are a popular business area, the potential of which in Germany is only revealed and where you can find free and profitable niches. Training centers can be online and offline formats, and topics range from teaching manicure techniques to working in the cryptocurrency market. It is no secret that in many fields the teaching of any business turns out to be much more profitable than the organization of the business itself. Read more about the organization of the training center here.
Cosmetics store

Cosmetics store
According to opinion polls, women are willing to spend 15% of their income on cosmetics every month. Due to the fact that there are many types of cosmetics, small businesses always have where to turn. Cosmetics can be elite and professional, natural and decorative, brand and handmade, medical and homemade, oriental and Arabic, and it can be sold in various formats from sales through catalogs, online stores and islets in shopping centers to large stores. All the key points on the opening of cosmetics stores can be found in this business guide.

Street food
One of the best areas for small businesses in terms of the “low investment / high return” ratio is street food. Moreover, the entrepreneur has many opportunities to choose directions: cakes and pies, donuts and donuts, shaurma, tacos and fajitos, hot dogs and root dogs, pizza and kono-pizza, waffle fast food, noodles, pancakes and so on. For example, about 270 thousand euros and two employees are enough to open your own shawarma business. When choosing a good place a small outlet will be able to bring 100 thousand euros of net profit.

In Germany, outreach activities are growing in popularity, but there are not so many catering companies that organize their service and provide restaurant-type catering. For a long time, such services were intended only for a narrow category of clients of large companies and organizations, but now the number of those who wish to organize an on-site event has increased: it can be weddings in nature, various festivals and youth gatherings, corporate events and so on. A catering company can have several sources of income, ranging from the provision of rental equipment to the full support of events with table setting. How to open a catering company, you can learn from the business plan.
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