Which business to open in a crisis - 15 topical business ideas of 2019

Hello dear readers. Today we will talk about business in the crisis of 2019 and share a small selection of topical business ideas in unstable crisis times. If you have your own ideas, wait for them in the comments under the article.

TOP - 15 business ideas in a crisis

Below we have collected 15 small business ideas in a crisis. This is not all that can be opened in an unstable economic situation, so we will try to complement the article. Including your ideas that you leave in the comments!

Also, useful information you can learn from the article about business ideas with minimal investment.

Business idea number 1 - Opening an online store

Preliminary expenses - from 200 000 dollars.

The general essence of the proposed idea is the development and organization of an online store, the sale of goods through the site, delivery to customers via courier service or regular mail. The relevance of this project is confirmed by numerous economic analysis of the market. The service is increasingly in demand among customers of the middle age category, and the monthly market growth indicates its prospects.

When planning to open an online store for women's or children's clothing, the owner faces the following costs:
  • expenses for the development and technical support of the smooth operation of the site;
  • salary of the administrator, courier;
  • if necessary, rent a warehouse;
  • shipping costs for the purchase of goods.
The rent for the stationary store is replaced by the content of the site, the purchase of software, the cost of advertising.

The average percentage of profitability of knitwear and clothing stores is at the level of 20-25%. When investing in the purchase of goods more than 200 000 dollars, the monthly net profit can be from 40 000 dollars. By actively promoting the online store, analyzing the assortment and costs, you can recoup such a project in 4-6 months.

Business idea number 2 - Opening street fast food

Preliminary cost of the project - 275 000 dollars.

The essence of the idea is the opening of a small outlet for the manufacture and sale to the consumer of a certain type of snacks and drinks. Unlike the usual shawarma and hot dogs, the project proposes to develop an assortment based on sandwiches with nutritious and tasty stuffing, classic or closed sandwiches. The relevance of the idea is the constant demand for products of the fast-food system. In a crisis, people go to a restaurant less often and more often prefer fast-cooking and inexpensive street food.

It is better to open such a stationary point in places with a large flow of people: near metro stations or stops, shopping malls, and higher educational institutions. Basic costs:
  • rental of a place of trade;
  • the purchase of a stall, tent or trailer;
  • purchase of heat and refrigerated display cases, equipment for work.
If you lay the basis for the calculation of the approximate income daily turnover in the region of $ 8,000, then we can talk about the average revenue for the month at $ 240,000. With a 30% return on profitability, such street fast food will pay for itself in 5 months. You can increase the flow of customers by adding dishes with non-standard ingredients, suggestions for vegetarians or connoisseurs of healthy eating, who have difficulty finding a decent catering point.

Business idea number 3 - Opening a cafe-pancake on wheels

The initial investment is 400,000 dollars.

At the core of the business idea is the equipment for baking pancakes, the organization of the production of special fillings, the realization of this original fast food by the buyer. There are quite a few companies on the market that offer a delicious product, so the competition in the sector is great. Making a bet on non-standard products for fillings, beautiful presentation, excellent taste, you can get a steady income and regular customers.

To organize the process, it is better to choose a mobile point, which can be moved when changing the place of trade, to be transported to participate in events and public holidays. Its equipment will be the main cost item for opening a pancake-cafe.

Successful development of production, possibly in the case of:
  • a large assortment of interesting fillings;
  • staff professionalism;
  • correct choice of location.
In most of these enterprises, the level of margin is 80-100%, which fully covers utility payments, all costs and gives a steady income. One can talk about full self-sufficiency only in a few months due to the initially low cost of this product, great competition.

Business Idea No. 4 - Bakery

The approximate amount of investments is 1,000,000 dollars.

It should be noted that people will always want to eat, in connection with this, opening a catering business in a crisis period becomes relevant, even when the country is not doing well with the economy. Small firms combining the functions of a bakery and a store are gaining popularity in large cities. An interesting assortment and a pleasant homely atmosphere can attract buyers with different incomes. The essence of this idea is the design and opening of a fully equipped enterprise that is engaged in baking and selling bread and confectionery to the consumer.

To accommodate the bakery and pastry you must carefully select a place with good traffic. Ideally, if there is a shopping center, bus stop or office block nearby. You can develop the project in two directions:
  • a simple bakery with a sales area;
  • bakery with a small cafeteria for visitors.
The first option is more economical on investments and requires less time spent on the organization. With a good location bakery can serve 300 - 800 visitors per day, each of whom will make a purchase in the amount of 200 - 400 dollars. The approximate profitability of a small business without a cafeteria is 20%. With such volumes of trade, the costs of opening a bakery and pastry shop will pay off in less than 10 to 12 months.

Business Idea No. 5 - Opening an Outsourcing Company

Minimum investment - $ 550,000.

The essence of such a project is the creation of an outsourcing company that provides various services to third parties for a fee. As a major specialization, you can choose accounting or legal support for your business, solving financial or IT issues, creating an external call center to work with orders. The market for such outsourcing firms is only emerging, making the business project relevant. In a crisis, many companies reduce their staff and it is more profitable for them to outsource tasks.

To organize and start work, it is necessary to solve two specific tasks:
  • rent a convenient office space in the central part of the city;
  • recruitment of true professionals in the chosen field.
In addition to the initial costs for the rental and design of the office, it is necessary to invest part of the funds in advertising and maintaining life in the first months of its formation. Work with clients is carried out on the basis of a special contract. The cost of services is calculated individually for each work situation. Great attention must be paid to the quality and completeness of the work. This will help to attract loyal customers and increase the profitability of an outsourcing company.

Business Idea No. 6 - Opening a Dining Room

Minimum investment - 1 million dollars.

The essence of the project is the opening of a small catering in the format of a city canteen. Her services will be in demand among people with different incomes: students, pensioners, travelers. Such budget canteens have a stable demand and show low competition even in large cities.

After selecting the format of the work should determine the room. It must fully meet certain technical requirements. The best option would be to rent a former catering establishment or a spacious hall near the station, higher educational institutions, and shopping complexes.

The main cost items can be:
  • re-equipment of the premises for visitors;
  • purchase of kitchen and commercial equipment;
  • training and content of the team.
The most suitable accommodation is up to 50 visitors. Load changes depending on the time of the working day. The average is a passability of 50-60% with a check for 200-300 dollars. The daily income of the dining room with such a volume starts from $ 25,000. With all the overhead costs and the cost of renting the premises, such a “tasty” business project can pay off after just a year of stable work.

Business idea number 7 - Business in the production of frame houses

The minimum investment is 500,000 dollars.

The essence of such a project is the development and implementation of business ideas for the turnkey construction of frame houses. The acquisition of small wooden houses is in demand among the middle class, which is seeking to move closer to nature outside the city limits. Construction work from the foundation to the turnkey delivery does not exceed several months. The available amount of material costs makes the frame houses a good investment.

To implement the project, it will be necessary to open several offices in various districts that will accept orders and conclude contracts for the sale of finished objects. At the first stage, the main investments will be:
  • training and wages of construction teams;
  • the maintenance of staff in the office;
  • advertising costs;
  • purchase the necessary tool kits.
The level of profitability is calculated based on the cost of materials spent on the object. On average, one meter of living space costs 30–40 thousand rubles. You can implement it at a price of 70 thousand rubles, having received a net profit after selling a cottage or townhouse in the amount of up to 2 million dollars. Such a business can become profitable and bring a steady income, having paid off after two realized projects.

Business idea number 8 - Opening an economy class hair salon

The amount of capital investments is over 300,000 dollars.

The essence of the business idea - the opening of a small barber shop, providing a full range of necessary services at affordable prices. Such a project will be relevant in large and medium cities due to the constant demand of people of different ages and wealth. By providing quality service at affordable prices for most customers, you can make a project with a stable income.

The main amount of expenses falls on the purchase of specialized furniture, working equipment and cosmetics, decoration and equipping of a hairdressing salon. Good cross provides its opening in a densely populated area near the bus stop, shopping centers. For more profit you can:
  • use instead of hired staff transfer jobs to rent;
  • to invite to the sublease representatives of related professions to increase the flow of clients (manicurists, makeup artists).
With an average check for the service of $ 250 and servicing at least 16 visitors per shift, the payback period for investments is planned to be up to 18 months. Expansion of the list of services, promotions and self-advertisement will help to improve the result, ensuring profitability at the level of 29%.

Business idea number 9 - Opening a pharmacy

Preliminary costs - from 500 000 dollars.

The essence of the idea is the wholesale purchase of a wide range of drugs and the organization of a stationary pharmacy for the sale of these medicines to the population at retail. Given the high demand for this type of product, even with the existing level of competition, a project can be a very profitable financial idea.

Good and stable profit in this area of ​​business depends on the pricing policy, the choice of the most stable suppliers and location. A small pharmacy working as a discounter will be in steady demand among the population of the sleeping area. Its opening is optimal near metro stations, bus stops or a grocery supermarket.

To implement the project will require:
  • specially converted non-residential premises;
  • personnel with appropriate education;
  • the conclusion of contracts with proven suppliers.
The profitability of the pharmacy is directly proportional to the turnover of medicines. Taking into account the peculiarities of the legislation, entrepreneurs set high margins for certain groups of drugs. Additional income comes from the sale of medical equipment, hygiene items, baby food.

Business idea number 10 - Opening a children's commission shop

Estimated investment - 300 000 dollars.

The general essence of the idea is the organization of a small store for accepting goods for sale from customers for the purpose of resale, taking into account a certain commission to the seller. This field of activity is rapidly increasing momentum. High-quality children's products are in high demand, especially in conditions of austerity in many young families.

The main amount of expenses comes from renting a small room, its repair and equipping with commercial equipment, furniture and stands. The project does not require the purchase of things at wholesale warehouses, but an important component is the constant advertising to attract potential buyers and sellers.

The store is better to open in a densely populated area, near grocery supermarkets or children's clinics. Small investments will require:
  • colorful design of the facade;
  • the content of the site or groups in social networks;
  • salary to staff.
For such a project, economists consider the level of profitability to be 12-15%. With a daily turnover of 15,000 dollars, the monthly net profit after deducting all expenses can be 30,000 dollars. Savings can be achieved by making such an enterprise a family business and not hiring third-party employees.

Business Idea No. 11 - Opening Training Courses

The relevance of this idea lies in the fact that parents will not save on children, even during a recession. Private schools for learning foreign languages ​​or preparing children for the EGE may not be affordable for some parents during a crisis, but private budget courses (individual or not in a small group) are quite real.

Estimated investments depend on the size of the business. You can purchase all the necessary interactive tools for learning and organize training courses at home or rent office space by the hour. The remaining costs will go to advertising: in the social. networks, on bulletin boards, newspaper, etc.

Business Idea No. 12 - Farm Products

In times of crisis, many products in large supermarkets are rising in price. During this period, the implementation of farm products directly from the farmer becomes particularly relevant. Having received all the necessary documents, you can organize a stationary point on the market or mobile sales: milk, eggs, cottage cheese, pork, beef, poultry, etc.

Initial costs will depend on the scale of the business organization. You may need to purchase a special tank for the transportation of milk, rent a trade pavilion or hire a seller and driver. In addition, you can develop an individual design for your company, including the cost of branded stickers for cars and products.

Business idea number 13 - Shop "all at the same price"

Estimated investment - 700,000 dollars.
It is worth noting that all the stores on the market in this area “rose” during the crisis. In pursuit of a bargain price, people tend to save as much as possible, increasingly visiting stores with a fixed price. The range will depend on your preferences ranging from low-cost products to household supplies.

You can purchase a franchise or open a store yourself. In any case, the essence will be similar. The costs will go to:
  • rental of premises;
  • purchase of commercial equipment;
  • the first batch of goods;
  • hiring employees.
As in any business, do not forget about the good location of the outlet: a busy street, passable area.

As a supplier, you can consider the option of purchasing goods from China.

Business Idea No. 14 - Production business or import substitution

Import substitution is a key moment in the organization of a business during an economic downturn. In addition, state policy is entirely directed in this direction. There are many grants and third-party investments in the organization of production in our country. For some, it may be new, but goods can be transported not only from China, but also to China! Many food products there have a high price and if you properly organize the supply, but you can talk about promising business.

In addition, during the crisis, imported products are increasing in price due to jumps in currencies. In connection with this, the demand for domestic goods with stable reasonable prices is rising. This is the basis of the organization of the manufacturing business.

This could also include agricultural products (honey, nuts, meat, milk, cheeses, etc.), textile production, preservation (fish, cereals, vegetables, etc.), fresh vegetables and fruits, and much more.

Business idea number 15 - Beauty at home

Estimated investment - 30 000.

Popularization of masters who will come to your home and prepare for important events received its relevance during the crisis. Beauty salons do not reduce the prices of their services, but private hairdressers, make-up artists, and manicure masters take much less money, besides, they do not need to share with the owner and pay the rent.

All initial costs will be spent on the passage of special courses, the purchase of necessary equipment and advertising. For the preparation of the portfolio, you can try your skills on close relatives, girlfriends.

Advertising in wedding magazines, social networks and simply on recommendations works well in this area.

Also read about other home business ideas.


Now you know how to open a business in a crisis. These are not step-by-step instructions, but only ideas. We will be glad to discuss with you in the comments questions of small business during the crisis time and look forward to hearing from you ideas that you think you can start in America during the crisis.

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